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S3 Harmony Render.png
Species Sea anemone
Hair color Pink / Green / Yellow
Eye color
Gender Female
Location Splatsville
Shop Hotlantis (de facto manager)
I don't really work here, but you can shop around, and I'll sell you stuff.
— Harmony

Harmony is a character in the Splatoon series. She is a sea anemone who serves as the singer of the band Chirpy Chips in Splatoon and Splatoon 2 and runs the general store Hotlantis in Splatsville in Splatoon 3. Prior to Splatoon 3, she was unnamed in languages besides Japanese.

She is accompanied by an unnamed clownfish in her hair. According to HaikaraWalker, it is dying from neglect.[1]


Harmony is a humanoid sea anemone with a skinny build. She has pale skin and long pink tentacles with green and yellow tips that serve as her hair. She wears a black T-shirt with neon green and pink patterns, a short light-green skirt with black shorts underneath, and a black and yellow striped hat with a red and green brim. She also wears multi-colored bracelets around her left hand and in her hair and blue boots with yellow straps and soles and red insides. She is accompanied by a black-and-white-striped clownfish that lives in her hair.

Personality and traits

Harmony has been described as a relaxed sea anemone that goes her own way.[2] She seems to be easily distracted, as she can be seen fidgeting with a device resembling an Ultra Hand when the player enters Hotlantis. Official promotional material for Splatoon 3 describes her as an artist, and it is mentioned she used to be a regular customer at Hotlantis. Due to the manager's frequent absence, she runs the store instead, selling its merchandise to its customers.

She also serves as the lead singer, synthesizer player, and frontwoman for Chirpy Chips. According to HaikaraWalker, she is in charge of the visuals of the band. She exhibits peculiar movements when singing and speaks in a loose manner between songs, which is popular with fans. Due to her voice being altered in the music, she usually lip syncs during live performances. She often lacks motivation, and shows up late to band practice. Additionally, she neglects to care for the clownfish that lives in her hair, and it is dying as a result.[1]


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Fortunately, cool stickers and other decorations can be obtained locally at Hotlantis. Nobody knows the store better than Harmony, who has spent so much time shopping there that the owner pretty much leaves her in charge. Check in daily for a rotating selection of goodies!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[3]
The lead singer of the Chirpy Chips goes her own way.
This relaxed sea anemone runs Hotlantis, the general store in Splatsville. She’s not the manager or anything—she’s a frequent customer who sort of took over the job. You can visit Harmony to pick up decorations for your in-game locker and other stuff like stickers and posters.
— Play Nintendo[4]

USA North America (English)

  • "...Oh, hey. Welcome to Hotlanti- Wait. I take it back. Not yet. You have to be level 4 to shop here. I don't make the rules. Just go to the lobby and do a few Turf War battles or whatever, OK?" - When a player below level 4 enters the shop.
  • "...Oh, hey. Welcome to Hotlantis. Ughhh, you're offline. I get it. Gonna need you to plug back in to the internet if you wanna buy stuff though. Try the lobby." - When entering the shop without an internet connection.
  • "...Oh, hey. Welcome to Hotlantis. I don't really work here, but you can shop around, and I'll sell you stuff." - When a player enters the shop.
  • "How many?" - When a player selects an item.
  • "Cool, thanks. I, uh, hope your locker is looking really fresh, or something." - After a player purchases an item.
  • "Oh, and I'm supposed to give you one of these. It's a catalog." - Said before a player obtains the Catalog.
  • "Oh. Hey. You've bought a lot of stuff from this place... Barry had a special message for that. He wanted me to thank you for being such a loyal customer. Then he had this whole bit where I'm supposed to give a "funny" speech and present you with a badge... I'm just gonna give this to you. Way to consume, consumer." - Upon spending 100,000 Cash at Hotlantis
  • "Tableturf Battle? Yeah, sure. I'm not busy. I mean, I am, but... it's fine." - Challenging Harmony to a Tableturf Battle
  • "...Oh. Guess I lost. Welp. Now I'm bored." - Defeating Harmony in Tableturf

Netherlands Dutch

  • "O, welkom in Aqua M- Wacht, dat neem ik terug. Je moet niveau 4 zijn om hier welkom te zijn en te winkelen. Vraag me niet waarom. Ga gewoon naar de lobby om wat Grondoorlogen te spelen. Oké?"
("Oh, welcome to Hotlanti- Wait, I take that back. You have to be level 4 to be welcome and shop here. Don't ask me why. Just go to the lobby to play some Turf War Battles. Okay?") - When a player below level 4 enters the shop.

Italy Italian

  • "...Oh, ciao. Ti trovi da Misto ma... No, aspetta. Ritiro tutto. Devi essere al livello 4 per comprare qui dentro. Non faccio io le regole. Vai alla lobby e partecipa alle mischie mollusche o come si chiamano, OK?"
("...Oh, hello. You're at Hotlantis but... No, wait. I collect everything. You have to be level 4 to buy in here. I don't make the rules. Go to the lobby and join the Turf War Battles or whatever they're called, OK?") - When a player below level 4 enters the shop.

Spain Spanish

  • "Ah, hola... Miscelánea Abisal te da la bienvenida. Para comprar aqui debes tener por lo menos nivel 4. Lo siento, pero las reglas no las hago yo. Ve al vestibulo y echate unos combates territoriales, vale?"
("Oh, hello... Hotlantis welcomes you. To buy here you must have at least level 4. I'm sorry, but the rules are not made by me. Go to the lobby and have some Turf War Battles, okay?") - When a player below level 4 enters the shop.

Japan Japanese

  • "いらっせーませー …あーまだダメー ロビーでナワバリバトルして ランクなってきてー"
("Welco-co ...Ah, you're not good yet, have a Turf War in the lobby and level up-.") - When a player below Level 4 enters the shop.
  • "んーナワバトラー?いーよヒマだし"
("Ah, Tableturf Battle? Okay, I have free time.") - Challenging Harmony to a Tableturf Battle
  • "あーまけたーま、いっか"
("Ah, I lost. Well, I'm going.") - Defeating Harmony in Tableturf


  • Harmony is the first character to make a physical in-game appearance after debuting as a minor band member.



"Harmony" is a musical term referring to the combination of notes in a chord, likely referencing her musical career. It is additionally phonetically similar to "anemone," possibly referencing her species.

"Paruko" may be derived from パルランド parurando, the Japanese transcription of the term parlando, which refers to singing in a speaking style, along with 子 ko, a common feminine suffix for names.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese パル子
From パルランド parurando (singing in a speaking style) and 子 ko (common feminine suffix)
Netherlands Dutch Mona Female given name, resembling part of anemoon ("anemone")
France French Monia From harmonie (harmony)
Germany German Harmony Same as the English name
Italy Italian Monia From armonia (harmony)
Russia Russian Актавия
From актиния aktiniya (anemone) and октава oktava (octave)
Spain Spanish Armonia From harmonía or armonía (harmony)
South Korea Korean 펄시
Portugal Portuguese Harmony Same as the English name