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Species Sea anemone
Hair color Pink / Green / Yellow
Eye color
Age Likely 14 (Splatoon)
Likely 16 (Splatoon 2)
21 (Splatoon 3)[1]
Gender Female
Location Splatsville
Shop Hotlantis (de facto manager)
Maximum HP
Other forms
I don't really work here, but you can shop around, and I'll sell you stuff.
— Harmony

Harmony is a character in the Splatoon series. She is a sea anemone who serves as the singer and synthesizer player of the band Chirpy Chips in all three games and also runs the general store Hotlantis in Splatsville in Splatoon 3. Prior to Splatoon 3, she was unnamed in languages besides Japanese.

She is accompanied by an unnamed yellowtail clownfish in her hair. According to HaikaraWalker, it is dying from neglect.[2]


Harmony is a humanoid sea anemone with a skinny build. She has pale skin and long pink tentacles with green and yellow tips that serve as her hair. She wears a black T-shirt with neon green and pink patterns, a short light-green skirt with black shorts underneath, and a black and yellow striped hat with a red and aqua brim. She also wears multi-colored bracelets around her left hand and in her hair and blue boots with yellow straps and soles and red insides. She is accompanied by a black-and-white-striped clownfish that lives in her hair.

Personality and traits

Harmony has been described as a relaxed sea anemone that goes her own way.[3] She seems to be easily distracted, as she can be seen fidgeting with a device resembling an Ultra Hand when the player enters Hotlantis. Official promotional material for Splatoon 3 describes her as an artist, and it is mentioned she used to be a regular customer at Hotlantis. Due to the frequent absence of the manager Barry C., she runs the store instead, selling its merchandise to its customers. She owns a pink Sea-Cucumber Phone that she uses to communicate with remote shoppers in Inkopolis Plaza and Inkopolis Square.

Harmony also serves as the lead singer, synthesizer player, and frontwoman for Chirpy Chips. According to HaikaraWalker, she is in charge of the visuals of the band. She exhibits peculiar movements when singing and speaks in a loose manner between songs, which is popular with fans. Due to her voice being altered in the music, she usually lip syncs during live performances. Although busy running Hotlantis in Splatoon 3, Harmony continues to serve as a vocalist for Chirpy Chips, albeit less frequently.[4]

Harmony often lacks motivation and shows up late to band practice. Additionally, she neglects to care for the clownfish that lives in her hair, and it is dying as a result. [2]


Fortunately, cool stickers and other decorations can be obtained locally at Hotlantis. Nobody knows the store better than Harmony, who has spent so much time shopping there that the owner pretty much leaves her in charge. Check in daily for a rotating selection of goodies!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[5]
The lead singer of the Chirpy Chips goes her own way.
This relaxed sea anemone runs Hotlantis, the general store in Splatsville. She's not the manager or anything—she's a frequent customer who sort of took over the job. You can visit Harmony to pick up decorations for your in-game locker and other stuff like stickers and posters.
— Play Nintendo[6]

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USA North America (English)

  • "...Oh, hey. Welcome to Hotlanti- Wait. I take it back. Not yet. You have to be level 4 to shop here. I don't make the rules. Just go to the lobby and do a few Turf War battles or whatever, OK?" - When a player below level 4 enters the shop.
  • "...Oh, hey. Welcome to Hotlantis. Ughhh, you're offline. I get it. Gonna need you to plug back in to the internet if you wanna buy stuff though. Try the lobby." - When entering the shop without an internet connection.
  • "...Oh, hey. Welcome to Hotlantis. I don't really work here, but you can shop around, and I'll sell you stuff. Don't ask me what to do with any of it. Put it in your locker, I guess? It's all pretty random. You'll see. Uh, your locker is in the locker room. Duh. You can go look at it later. If there's anything in there, I guess it's yours by default. Oh, and I'm supposed to give you one of these. It's a catalog. Do you do battles and work shifts at Grizzco and stuff? I guess you get Catalog Points for doing things like that. And then every time your catalog level goes up, you get a prize. And I get to dig through all this stuff to find it and give it to you. Yay. Anyway, let's get the first one out of the way right now. Your very first prize. Cherish it. OK...I'll let you go back to shopping or whatever." - When a player enters the shop for the first time.
  • "How many?" - When a player selects an item.
  • "Cool, thanks. I, uh, hope your locker is looking really fresh, or something." - After a player purchases an item.
  • "Oh, and I'm supposed to give you one of these. It's a catalog." - Said before a player obtains the catalog.
  • "Oh. Your catalog level went up. Well, here's your reward. Keep up the good... work? Is it work? Whatever. Keep doing it." - Said when giving the player a catalog item.
  • "Oh. You got everything in that catalog? Uh, wow! Well, uh... here's a new one. Keep trucking. Ugh, you're definitely not trucking. Just keep after it." - Said after the player reaches the max level of their current catalog.
  • "Oh. Hey. You've bought a lot of stuff from this place... Barry had a special message for that. He wanted me to thank you for being such a loyal customer. Then he had this whole bit where I'm supposed to give a "funny" speech and present you with a badge... I'm just gonna give this to you. Way to consume, consumer." - Upon spending 100,000 cash at Hotlantis
  • "Oh. Hey. You've bought a LOOOT of stuff from this place... Barry had another message for this. He wanted me to get super sappy if a regular customer became a super-big spender here. Like you. So congrats on...buying a lot of stuff. You did it. Then he wanted me to do another badge ceremony with a handshake, publicity photos, singing a parody song that he wrote himself... So anyway...here. Badge. Ta-daaa." - Upon spending 1,000,000 cash at Hotlantis
  • "Uhhh, I guess Barry had something he wanted to say to you? He's the owner of this shop, obviously. Anyway, he said you were really fresh or something. Then he did, like, a weird dance that's supposed to mean something? I don't know. I think he's looking for more stuff to sell you." - Said after the player reaches level 15.
  • "Oh yeah, Barry the owner had another message for you. I am NOT going to make a heart symbol with my hands like he told me to, but...he said something to the effect of, "You're a great customer," and, "Please keep coming back." Then he said, "Yo," like, 30 times in a row, and I think he was doing a different dance. Not sure if I was supposed to tell you that part." - Said after the player reaches level 30.
  • "Uhhh, I think I had something else I wanted to say. Oh, right. Chirpy Chips have two new songs coming soon. That's it." - Said upon updating the game to Version 6.0.0.
  • "Uhhh, I think I had something else I wanted to say. Oh, right. I have a message for you. Um... I'm just gonna read it, OK? "Yo! Chirpy Chips coming at you with two new songs!" "The first one was something we only played live in the beginning. It's called Slopping Spree, and I hope you dig this new recording!" "Harmony, you better be reading this word for word, because I put a lot of time into it." Oh, maybe I wasn't supposed to read that part. "Be sure to tell 'em about your dope random humming. It's what we based the whole song on." "The next song is called No Quarters, and we really hope everyone will dance to it, because none of us in the band can dance at all." Ugh, that was a lot. Orion talks like they're playing bass—EXTRA. Anyway, I hope you like the songs, I guess." - Said upon the release of Chill Season 2023.

Japan Japanese

  • "いらっせーませー …あーまだダメー ロビーでナワバリバトルして ランクなってきてー"
("Welco-co ...Ah, you're not good yet, have a Turf War in the lobby and level up-.") - When a player below Level 4 enters the shop.
  • "んーナワバトラー?いーよヒマだし"
("Ah, Tableturf Battle? Okay, I have free time.") - Challenging Harmony to a Tableturf Battle
  • "あーまけたーま、いっか"
("Ah, I lost. Well, I'm going.") - Defeating Harmony in Tableturf
  • "いらっせーませー 竜宮城へよーこそー
    もーじきABXYのあたらしー曲 リリースされるんでおまちくだせー"
- Said upon updating the game to Version 6.0.0.
  • "いらっせーませー 竜宮城へよーこそー
    ボクらABXYの曲がリリースされたよ 今回は2曲同時リリースなんだ
    「Happy Sprite」は ABXYが むかしデビュー前に ライブだけでやってた曲だ
    パル子のテキトーな鼻歌に合わせて書いてみた ユルいけどアップテンポで、意外とアガるよ
    「Counter Stop」は たまには踊れる曲でも作ってみようかなって 思って、けっこう時間かけて仕上げたんだ
    でも、バンドのメンバーは だれも踊ってくれないんだよな~
    バトルにはげみながら きいてくだせー"
- Said upon the release of Chill Season 2023.

Netherlands Dutch

When a player below level 4 enters the shop:

  • "O, welkom in Aqua M- Wacht, dat neem ik terug. Je moet niveau 4 zijn om hier welkom te zijn en te winkelen. Vraag me niet waarom. Ga gewoon naar de lobby om wat Grondoorlogen te spelen. Oké?"
(Oh, welcome to Hotlanti- Wait, I take that back. You must be level 4 to be welcome and shop here. Don't ask me why. Just go to the lobby to play some Turf Wars. Okay?)

When a player of level 4 or up enters the shop for the first time:

  • "O, welkom. Moet je hier zijn in Aqua Morgana? Eigenlijk werk ik hier niet, maar als je iets wilt kopen, kan ik wel even uit de goedheid van mijn hart de kassa bedienen. Wat je met deze spullen kunt doen? In je kluisje stoppen of zo? Supervaag natuurlijk, maar leuk als je ervan houdt."
(Oh, welcome. Do you need to be here in Hotlantis? Actually, I don't work here, but if you want to buy something, I can briefly serve the cash register out of the goodness of my heart. What you can do with this stuff? Put it in your locker or something? Super vague, naturally, but fun if you like it.)
  • "De kluisjes staan in de lobby. Ga straks maar even kijken. Of niet. Maak mij niet uit. Misschien zit er nog iets van de vorige eigenaar in. Dan heb je mazzel, tenzij het klodders kauwgum zijn."
(The locker room is in the lobby. Go have a quick look later. Or don't. Doesn't matter to me. Maybe there is still something from the previous owner in it. Then you are in luck, unless it is blobs of gum.)

When a player of level 15 or up enters the shop for the first time:

  • "O, welkom in Aqua Morgana. Ik geloof dat Barry je wat wilde vertellen? Dat is de eigenaar van deze zaak. Hij zei dat je heel vers bent. En toen deed hij een raar dansje. Je had erbij moeten zijn. Of misschien beter van niet. Hij zal wel blij geweest zijn of zo en hij wil je nu nog meer verkopen."
(Oh, welcome to Hotlantis. I believe Barry wanted to tell you something? That is the owner of this place. He said you are very fresh. And then he did a weird little dance. You should have been there. Or maybe it is best you were not. He must have been happy or something and now he wants to sell you even more.)

When a player of level 30 or up enters the shop for the first time:

  • "O, welkom in Aqua Morgana. Hallo. De eigenaar, Barry, had een nieuwe boodschap voor je. Hij wilde dat ik er een hartsymbool bij zou maken met mijn handen, maar dat gaat dus echt niet gebeuren. Zijn boodschap was in wezen: "Jee! Koop meer zooi!" Toen zei hij dertig keer "Yo" en hij deed een nieuw dansje, waar je opnieuw niet bij had willen zijn. Misschien had ik dat niet moeten zeggen, maar boeiend..."
(Oh, welcome to Hotlantis. Hello. The owner, Barry, had a new message for you. He wanted me to make a heart symbol with my hands when delivering it, but that is so really not going to happen. His message was essentially: "Gee! Buy more junk!" Then he said "Yo" thirty times and he did a new little dance, which again you would not have wanted to be there. Maybe I should not have said that, but whatever...)

When spending at least 10.000 cash for the first time:

  • "Je hebt hier nu al best veel gekocht. Voor dat soort klanten heeft Barry een speciale boodschap. Hij bedankt je omdat je zo'n trouwe klant bent en zo. Vervolgens wil hij dat ik iets grappigs zeg, wat niet gaat gebeuren, en je deze badge geef. Dat lukt nog wel. Bedankt voor het veel in de winkel zijn. Tot ziens."
(You have bought quite a lot here by now. For customers like that, Barry has a special message. He thanks you because you are such a loyal customer and such. He then wants me to say something funny, which is not going to happen, and give you this badge. I can manage that. Thanks for being in the store a lot. See you.)

When spending at least 1.000.000 cash for the first time:

  • "O, je had al veel gekocht en nu nog meer... Daar had Barry ook een speciale boodschap voor. Ik kan het me niet meer precies herinneren. Hij was heel emotioneel, blablabla... Deze keer moet ik een zelfverzonnen gedicht opdragen. Hier komt het: "Er was eens een klant en die kreeg een badge." Einde gedicht. Alsjeblieft en bedankt voor het nog meer in de winkel zijn."
(Oh, you had already bought a lot and now even more... Barry had a special message for that, too. I can't remember exactly. He was very emotional, blah blah blah... This time I have to dedicate a self-made poem. Here it comes: "Once upon a time there was a customer and they got a badge." End of poem. Here you are and thanks for being in the store even more.)

When entering the shop without an internet connection:

  • "O, welkom in Aqua Morgana... Hallo. Wacht... je bent offline. Kun je internet zoeken in de lobby of zo? Verder kan ik, en wil ik, je niet helpen."
(Oh, welcome to Hotlantis... Hello. Wait... you are offline. Can you search internet in the lobby or something? Beyond that, I cannot, and will not, help you.)

When entering the shop:

  • "O, hallo."
(Oh, hello.)

Before receiving the catalog for the first time:

  • "O, wil je deze catalogus? Kan ik je net zo goed geven als we toch bezig zijn."
(Oh, you want this catalog? Might as well give it to you while we are at it.)

After receiving the catalog for the first time:

  • "Doe je weleens gevechten en klussen voor Beer & Co? Daar kun je cataloguspunten mee verdienen die je catalogusniveau verhogen. Iedere keer als je catalogusniveau omhoog gaat, krijg je een prijs, die je hier bij mij kunt ophalen. Of niet, mij een zorg. Maar je bent nu hier en ik heb een prijs voor je, dus neem hem maar mee zodat ik er niet meer mee hoef te zeulen. Oké, als je het niet erg vindt, ga ik nu weer verder in de winkel."
(Do you ever do battles and jobs for Grizzco? With that, you can earn Catalog Points that increase your catalog level. Every time your catalog level goes up, you get a prize, which you can collect from me here. Or not, I don't care. But you are here now and I have a prize for you, so just take it so I don't have to lug it around anymore. Okay, if you don't mind, I am going back to the store now.)

When receiving a catalog item:

  • "Is je catalogusniveau weer omhoog gegaan? Oké, hier is je prijs en tot ziens. Veel succes met je... alles."
(Has your catalog level gone up again? Okay, here is your prize and see you. Good luck with your... everything.)

'When completing a catalog:

  • "O, je hebt alles uit die catalogus al? Wat vermoeiend. Oké, hier heb je een nieuwe. Niet in één keer... opeten of zo. Ga zo door met... je best doen en zo."
(Oh, you already have everything from that catalog? How tiresome. Okay, here is a new one. Don't... eat it in one sitting or something. Just keep on... doing your best and such.)

When selecting an item of which multiple can be bought of:

  • "Hoeveel wil je er?"
(How many do you want?)

After purchasing an item:

  • "Nou veel plezier met je kluisje... inrichten en zo."
(Well, have fun with... decorating your locker and such.)

When trying to purchase a sold-out item:

  • "Dat is uitverkocht. Niets aan te doen."
(That's sold out. Can't be helped.)

When the player has not enough cash:

  • "Je hebt niet genoeg geld. Saai."
(You don't have enough money. Boring.)

Entering Hotlantis after updating the game to Version 6.0.0:

  • "O heej. Welkom in Aqua Morgana. Eh... Volgens mij wilde ik nog wat zeggen... O ja. De Chirpy Chips brengen binnenkort twee nieuwe nummers uit. Dat is wat ik wilde zeggen. Dus."
(Oh heey. Welcome to Hotlantis. Uh... I believe I wanted to say something... Oh yes. The Chirpy Chips will soon release two new songs. That is what I wanted to say. So.)

Entering Hotlantis after the beginning of Chill Season 2023:

  • "O heej. Welkom in Aqua Morgana. Eh... Volgens mij wilde ik nog wat zeggen... O ja, ik heb een bericht voor je. Dat, eh... Ga ik maar gewoon voorlezen, oké? "Yo, de Chirpy Chips brengen je twee nieuwe songs! Woehoe!" "Het eerste nummer was een echte liveknaller, maar nu hebben we het opgenomen. Het heet Slopping Spree!" "Mona, hopelijk lees je dit letterlijk voor, want ik heb er erg mijn best op gedaan". O, misschien moest ik dat stuk niet voorlezen. "Vertel ze vooral over hoe je altijd staat te neuriën, want daar hebben we de hele song op gebaseerd." "Het volgende nummer heet No Quarters, en we hopen dat het publiek daar heel wild op gaat dansen, want wij in de band kunnen dat voor geen meter." Jeetje, wat een lang verhaal. De teksten van Orion zijn net als diens basoptredens: altijd iets te veel van het goede. Nou, hopelijk vind je de songs wat. Of zo."
(Oh heey. Welcome to Hotlantis. Uh... I believe I wanted to say something... Oh yes, I have a message for you. Which, uh... I am just going to read out loud, okay? "Yo, the Chirpy Chips will bring you two new songs! Woohoo!" "The first song was a real live banger, but now we have it recorded. It is called Slopping Spree!" "Harmony, hopefully you read this word for word, because I put a lot of thought into it". Oh, maybe I should have not read that piece out loud. "Tell them above all about how you are always humming, because that is what we based the whole song on." "The next song is called No Quarters, and we hope the audience will dance very wildly to that, because we in the band can't do that for a second." Jeez, what a long story. The lyrics of Orion are like their bass performances: ever too much of a good thing. Well, hopefully you like the songs some. Or something.)

France French

Entering Hotlantis without an internet connection:

  • "Tiens, coucou. Enfin, bonjour. Bref. Pfff, t'es hors ligne. Je vois le genre. Désolée, mais va falloir songer à te connecter à Internet si tu veux m'acheter un truc. Commence par te pointer dans le hall."
("Oh, hi. I mean, hello. Whatever. Sighs, you're offline. I see how it is. Sorry, but you're gonna have to think about connecting to the internet if you wanna buy me stuff from me. Start by heading to the lobby.")

Entering Hotlantis before level 4:

  • "... 'lut. Bienvenue chez Coo... Euh, nan, j'ai rien dit. C'est pas encore le moment. Faut être au moins de niveau 4 pour poser les tentacules sur nos articles. Désolée, c'est pas moi qui ai pondu les règles. Va dans le hall et enquille quelques guerres de territoire, OK ?"
("...'ey. Welcome to Ho... Uh, nah, nevermind that. It's not time yet. Gotta be at least level 4 to lay a tentacle on our merch. Sorry, I didn't come up with the rules. Go to the lobby and down some Turf Wars, OK?")

Entering Hotlantis after level 4:

  • "... 'lut. Bienvenue chez Coolypso. Tu sais, je bosse pas vraiment ici, mais puisque je suis là, je peux te vendre une ou deux bricoles si tu veux. Par contre, faut pas me demander à quoi sert tout ce bazar. À remplir son casier, j'imagine ? En tout cas, y a de tout, tu verras. Alors, ton casier se trouve dans le vestiaire. Tu pourras y jeter un coup d'œil plus tard. Et s'il y a déjà des bricoles à l'intérieur, j'imagine qu'elles te reviennent de droit. C'est ton casier, après tout. Ah, au fait, je suis censée te refiler ça. C'est un catalogue. T'es du genre à enquiller les matchs et les missions chez M. Ours SA, je me trompe ? Du coup, tu peux accumuler une tripotée de points de catalogue. Et chaque fois que ton niveau de catalogue augmente, tu reçois une récompense. Et moi, il faut que je fouille dans ce fatras pour te la dénicher. Super. Et justement, voilà la première. Ta première récompense. C'est un grand jour. Bref, je vais te laisser faire ton shopping."
("... 'ey. Welcome to Hotlantis. You know, I don't really work here, but since I'm here, I can sell you a knickknack or two if you'd like. Don't ask me what all this stuff's for, though. For filling up your locker, I guess? Either way, there's a bit of everything, you'll see. So, your locker's located in the locker room. You can take a look at it later. And if there are already things in it, I guess they're rightfully yours. It's your locker, after all. Oh, by the way, I'm supposed to hand this to you. It's a catalog. You're the kind to down battles and Grizzco shifts, am I right? With that, you can earn a load of Catalog Points. And each time your catalog level goes up, you get a prize. As for me, I'll have to search this damn mess to unearth it. Great. Seems like the first one's here. Your first prize. It's a grand day. Anyway, I'll leave you to your shopping.")

Entering Hotlantis after level 15:

  • "... 'lut. Bienvenue chez Coolypso. Bon, j'imagine que m'sieur Cune voulait te parler ? C'est lui qui tient la boutique, comme tu le sais. Bref, il m'a dit que t'avais la classe, ou je sais pas quoi. Pis il s'est mis à se trémousser de façon chelou, j'ai pas tout pigé. Je crois qu'il cherche de nouveaux articles pour toi."
("... 'ey. Welcome to Hotlantis. Okay, I guess the bossman wanted to talk to you? He's the one in charge of the shop, as you know. Anyway, he told me you were fresh or something. Then he started shaking it in a strange way, I didn't get all of it. I think he's trying to find some new merch for you.")

Entering Hotlantis after level 30:

  • "... 'lut. Bienvenue chez Coolypso. Ah, m'sieur Cune, le proprio... Il m'a laissé un message pour toi. Il voulait que je le répète en faisant un cœur avec les doigts, mais je vais faire l'impasse là-dessus si tu veux bien. Bref, il m'a dit de te dire que tu fais partie des meilleurs clients et qu'il faut que tu reviennes souvent. Et il a ajouté une trentaine de « yo » en agitant les guibolles dans une choré bizarre. Je sais pas si ça faisait partie du message, ceci dit."
("... 'ey. Welcome to Hotlantis. Ah, Barry C., the bossman... He gave me a message for you. He wanted me to deliver it with my fingers in a heart shape, but I'll pass on that if you don't mind. Anyway, he told me to let you know that you were among one of our best customers and that you should come back regularly. Then he added about thirty "yos" while flailing his legs in a weird choreography. I don't know if that was part of the message, though.")

Selecting an item:

  • "T'en veux combien ?"
("How many do ya want?")

Successfully buying an item:

  • "Cool, merci. Et, euh... Bah, j'espère que t'auras le casier le plus classe du vestiaire."
("Cool, thanks. And, uh... Well, I hope you'll have the freshest locker in the room.")

Attempting to buy something too expensive:

  • "Euh, ça va pas faire le compte, là..."
("Uh, this won't be enough...")

Attempting to buy more than the maximum amount of an item:

  • "Ah, on est en rupture de stock. Désolée."
("Ah, we're out of stock. Sorry.")

Obtaining a new Catalog item:

  • "Tiens, ton niveau de catalogue a augmenté. Voilà ta récompense. Continue à... faire du bon boulot. Enfin, tu me diras... Le shopping, c'est pas vraiment du boulot. Bref, je sais pas au juste ce que c'est, mais continue, quoi."
("Here, your catalog level has gone up. Here's your reward. Keep up the... good work. I mean, you might say... Shopping isn't really work. Meh, I don't really know what it is, but just keep it up.")

Completing a Catalog:

  • "Oh, t'as obtenu tous les articles de ce catalogue ? Pas mal. Eh bien, euh... ça tombe bien, j'en ai un nouveau pour toi. Continue à... cataloguer dans la joie. C'est sûrement une bonne chose."
("Oh, you've obtained every item in this catalog? Not bad. Well uh, um... that's great, I've got a new one for you. Keep up the... happy cataloging. Surely that's a good thing.")

Receiving the 100K badge:

  • "Oh, t'as acheté pas mal de matos ici, au final... Du coup, m'sieur Cune voulait te transmettre un message spécial. Il m'a demandé de te remercier pour ta fidélité. Après ça, il s'est lancé dans un laïus infernal en m'expliquant que je devais te filer un badge tout en te faisant marrer avec un genre de sketch... Mais le stand-up et moi, ça fait trois, alors je vais me contenter de te donner le badge. Et encore merci pour toutes tes emplettes."
("Oh, you've bought quite some stuff here, in the end... So, the bossman wanted me to deliver a special message to you. He asked me to thank you for your loyalty. Afterwards, he had this hellish bit explaining to me that I needed to give you a badge, all the while cracking you up with some sort of skit... But stand-up comedy and I makes three, so I'll just give you the badge and call it quits. Thanks once again for all of your purchases.")

Receiving the 1M badge:

  • "Oh, dis donc, t'as acheté un sacré paquet de bricoles dans cette boutique... Du coup, m'sieur Cune a un nouveau message pour toi. Je suis censée passer en mode super gnan-gnan et t'expliquer que c'est trop formidable de te compter parmi nos clients privilégiés... Alors voilà : bravo pour avoir... acheté des trucs. Après ça, je dois enquiller sur une nouvelle cérémonie de remise de badge, avec la poignée de mains, la séance photos, et tout le tralala... Il voulait même que je pousse la chansonnette en guise de bouquet final... Chansonnette qu'il a écrite lui-même, ça va de soi. Enfin bref... Tiens, ton badge. Ta-daaa."
("Oh, wow, you've bought a whole lot of things in this shop... So, the bossman has a new message for you. I'm meant to act all sappy and explain that it's so awesome to count you among our most special customers... Here goes: congrats for... having bought things. Afterwards, I'm supposed to move on to another badge-awarding ceremony, with a handshake, photo shoot, and so on, and so forth... He even wanted me to break into a song, cherry on top. Song he wrote himself, that much is obvious. Oh well... Here, take your badge. Ta-daaa.")

Entering Hotlantis after updating the game to Version 6.0.0:

  • "... 'lut. Bienvenue chez Coolypso. Attends, c'était pas tout, je voulais te dire un autre truc... Ah ouais. Les Chirpy Chips vont sortir deux nouveaux morceaux. Cool, non ?"
("...'ey. Welcome to Hotlantis. Wait, that's not all, I wanted to tell you something else... Oh yeah. The Chirpy Chips are going to release two new singles. Cool, right?")

Entering Hotlantis after the beginning of Chill Season 2023:

  • "... 'lut. Bienvenue chez Coolypso. Attends, c'était pas tout, je voulais te dire un autre truc... Ah ouais, j'ai un message pour toi. Bouge pas, je te le lis : « Yo ! Les Chirpy Chips déboulent avec deux morceaux super cool ! D'abord, une chanson de nos débuts qu'on jouait seulement en live : elle s'appelle Slopping Spree et j'espère que ça vous plaira ! Monia, je compte sur toi pour lire exactement ce que j'ai écrit, parce que j'ai fignolé le texte à fond ! » Oups, il fallait pas le lire, ça... Bref. « Et oublie pas de mentionner la façon dont tu fredonnes de temps en temps. Toute la chanson est basée là-dessus. Deuxième morceau : No Quarters ! On espère de tout cœur que vous ferez chauffer le dancefloor sur ce titre, parce que nous... on sait pas danser. » Pff, c'était interminable, ce message. Orion a tendance à jacter encore plus qu'il joue de la basse... C'est-à-dire sans arrêt. Enfin, j'espère que les morceaux te plairont."
("...'ey. Welcome to Hotlantis. Wait, that's not all, I wanted to tell you something else... Oh yeah, I've got a message for you. Stay put, I'll read it for you: "Yo! The Chirpy Chips are back with two super cool tracks! First, a song from when we started out that we'd only play live: it's called Slopping Spree and I hope you'll enjoy it! Harmony, I'm counting on you to read exactly what I wrote, because I've totally polished this text!" Oops, that wasn't meant to be read... Whatever. "And don't forget to mention the way you're humming every now and then. The whole song is based on that. Second song: No Quarters! We hope from the bottom of our hearts that you'll fire up the dancefloor to this track, because... we don't know how to dance." Pff, this message was endless. Orion has the tendency to chatter more than he plays the bass... that is to say, without rest. Regardless, I hope you'll enjoy these tunes.")

Italy Italian

  • "...Oh, ciao. Ti trovi da Misto ma... No, aspetta. Ritiro tutto. Devi essere al livello 4 per comprare qui dentro. Non faccio io le regole. Vai alla lobby e partecipa alle mischie mollusche o come si chiamano, OK?"
("...Oh, hello. You're at Hotlantis but... No, wait. I collect everything. You have to be level 4 to buy in here. I don't make the rules. Go to the lobby and join the Turf War Battles or whatever they're called, OK?") - When a player below level 4 enters the shop.

Spain Spanish

  • "Ah, hola... Miscelánea Abisal te da la bienvenida. Para comprar aqui debes tener por lo menos nivel 4. Lo siento, pero las reglas no las hago yo. Ve al vestibulo y echate unos combates territoriales, vale?"
("Oh, hello... Hotlantis welcomes you. To buy here you must have at least level 4. I'm sorry, but the rules are not made by me. Go to the lobby and have some Turf War battles, okay?") - When a player below level 4 enters the shop.
  • ""Ah, hola... Miscelánea Abisal te da la bienvenida. Uy, no... veo que tu consola no está conectada a internet. Si quieres comprarme algo, tendrás que ir al vestíbulo y conectarte.""
("Oh, hello... Hotlantis welcomes you. Oh, no... I see that your console is not connected to internet. If you want to buy something off me, you will have to go to the lobby and connect yourself") - When entering the shop without an internet connection.
  • ""¿Qué cantidad?""
("What amount?") - When a player selects an item.
  • ""Gracias. Espero que tu casillero se vea chévere y eso.""
("Thanks. I hope your locker looks cool and such.") - After a player purchases an item.
  • ""Ah... hola. Estás en Miscelánea Abisal. Tenía un mensaje que darte. Ah, sí. Aqui lo tengo... Te lo leo, ¿sí?: "¡Qué onda! Chirpy Chips te trae un par de temas de lujo". "El primero es uno que solíamos tocar en nuestros inicios: 'Slopping Spree'. ¡Esperamos que les guste esta nueva versión!". "Armonia, más vale que estés leyendo esto al pie de la letra, por que le puse inspiración". Uy, a lo mejor tenía que saltarme esta parte... "Asegúrate de contarle a la gente lo de tus tarareos, que es en lo que basamos este tema". "Nuestro segundo tema se llama 'No Quarters', y esperamos que la gente baile a su ritmo, por que ninguno de nosotros sabe bailar...". Buf, qué cantidad de palabras. Orion se enrolla más que cuando toca el bajo. Bueno supongo que solo me queda decirte que espero que te gusten los temas, ¿sí?""
("Oh... Hello. You are in Hotlantis. I had a message to give you. Oh, yes. Here I have it... I am gonna read it to you, ok?: "What's up! Chirpy Chips is bringing you a couple of wonderfull songs". "The first one is one we used to play on our origins: 'Slopping Spree'. We hope you like this new version!". "Harmony, you better be reading this word by word, because I put inspiration on this". Oops, I probably had to skip this part... "Make sure to tell people about your hummings, since that is what we based our song on". "Our second song is called 'No Quarters', and we hope people dance to it's rhythm, because none of us knows how to dance...". Ughhh, what an amount of words. Orion gets caugh up more than when they play the bass. Well, the only thing that I have to tell you is that I hope you like the songs, ok?") - Said upon the release of Chill Season 2023.


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Spending enough money by buying items from Harmony at Hotlantis will reward the player with special Badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Harmony Badges
100K Hotlantis Club
1M Hotlantis Club

Tableturf Battle

Harmony's Deck


E-liter 4K


E-liter 4K
Heavy Splatling


Heavy Splatling
Toxic Mist


Toxic Mist
Angle Shooter


Angle Shooter
Ultra Stamp


Ultra Stamp





















  • Harmony is the first character to make a physical in-game appearance after debuting as a band member.
  • Harmony and Annie both have clownfish living in their hair, similar to how real clownfish shelter in sea anenomes' tentacles for protection from predators.
  • Despite HaikaraWalker establishing that her natural voice is altered digitally in Chirpy Chips' music, her Splatoon 3 speaking voice sounds similar to her processed singing, carrying a similar chiptune-esque compression effect.
  • Harmony's eye shape is slightly different between her dialogue icon and Splashtag badge art.
  • When entering the shop, Harmony can be seen toying with an Ultra Hand, a toy manufactured by Nintendo in the 1960s.


"Harmony" is a musical term referring to the combination of notes in a chord, likely referencing her musical career. It is additionally phonetically similar to "anemone," possibly referencing her species.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese パル子
From パルランド parurando (singing in a speaking style) or パルス ("pulse"), and 子 ko (common feminine suffix)
Netherlands Dutch Mona Female given name, resembling part of anemoon ("anemone")
CanadaFrance French Monia From harmonie ("harmony")
Germany German Harmony -
Italy Italian Monia From armonia ("harmony")
Russia Russian Актавия
SpainMexico Spanish Armonia From harmonía or armonía ("harmony")
China Chinese (Simplified) 脉子
màizi (Mandarin)
Likely from 脉冲 ("Pulse", パルス in Japanese name) and 子 ko (common Japanese feminine suffix)
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 脈子
màizi (Mandarin)
Likely from 脈冲 ("Pulse", パルス in Japanese name) and 子 ko (common Japanese feminine suffix)
South Korea Korean 펄시
Likely from 펄스 peolseu ("pulse", from パルス in her Japanese name)
Portugal Portuguese Harmony -

Translation notes

  1. From актиния aktiniya ("anemone") and октава oktava ("octave")