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Octotune is the second original soundtrack for Splatoon 2, to accompany Splatune 2. It features two discs, the first of which includes music from version 3.0.0 and the Octo Expansion, as well as additional sound effects. The second includes a direct-feed recording of Haicalive at Tokaigi 2018. Also included are lyrics to Off the Hook's songs from the Octo Expansion, an interview with Pearl set in her mansion, notes from Cap'n Cuttlefish, and the dialogue between songs for the concert.[1]

A limited edition print, titled Octotune & Haicalive, includes a Blu-ray of the concert, Splatoon 2 Live in Makuhari -Haicalive-, which uses the same footage featured on Nintendo's YouTube channel in 1080i.[2] Both versions released in Japan on 18 July 2018.

It debuted at #7 on the Oricon Albums Chart and at #5 on the Billboard Japan Hot Albums chart.[3] It sold 19,210 copies during its launch week,[4] with an additional 1,803 copies sold during its third week.[5]

It was later followed by Splatoon 2 Live in Makuhari -Tentalive-.


Disc 1

English song titles in quotes are not official and serve as a translation.

Track no. English song title Japanese song title Romanization English artist name Japanese artist name Romanization
1 Introduction イントロダクション Introduction
2 Nasty Majesty ナスティ・マジェスティ Nasty Majesty Off the Hook テンタクルズ Tentacles
3 Cap'n Cuttlefish's Theme (Octo) ~ "Player Editor" アタリメのテーマ(Octo)~プレイヤーメイク Atarime no Tēma (Octo) ~ Player Make
4 #5 thirsty Dedf1sh
5 "Deepsea Metro Central Station" 深海メトロ中央駅 Shinkai Metro Chūō-eki
6 "Telephone's Theme" デンワのテーマ Denwa no Tēma
7 "Inside the Deepsea Metro Subway Car" 深海メトロ 車内 Shinkai Metro Shanai
8 #0 shell Dedf1sh
9 #1 progress
10 #6 frisk
11 #4 dunno
12 #2 ripped
13 #9 party
14 Shark Bytes ミッドナイト・ボルテージ Midnight Voltage Off the Hook テンタクルズ Tentacles
15 #8 regret Dedf1sh
16 #14 crush
17 #13 shade
18 #16 salty
19 #12 awake
20 #11 above
21 "TEST PASSED!" Challenge Clear!
22 #19 bless Dedf1sh
23 "Thang Obtained" Are Get
24 "Completion" 完成 Kansei
25 Splattack! (Octo) Dedf1sh
26 "Reaching the Surface" 登頂 Tōchō
27 "Actually It's Commander Tartar's Theme" 実はタルタル総帥のテーマ Jitsuwa Tarutaru Sōsui no Tēma
28 "The Plan" 作戦 Sakusen
29 "Last Battle Opening" ラストバトル オープニング Last Battle Opening Off the Hook テンタクルズ Tentacles
30 Fly Octo Fly フライ・オクト・フライ Fly Octo Fly
31 Ebb & Flow (Octo) フルスロットル・テンタクル(Octo) Full Throttle Tentacle (Octo)
32 "Conclusion" 決着 Ketchaku
33 "Grand Finale" 大団円 Daidan'en
34 Into the Light フレンド・フロム・ファラウェイ Friend from Faraway Off the Hook テンタクルズ Tentacles
35 #$@%* Dudes Be #$@%* Sleepin ※$%@れたヤツは※$%@して寝ろ(Live) ※$%@ Reta Yatsu wa※$%@ Shite Nero (Live)
36 Ebb & Flow (Demo) フルスロットル・テンタクル(Sketch) Full Throttle Tentacle (Sketch)
37 "SFX: Octoling Girl – Booyah!" SE: 声(タコガール)慶び SE: Koe (Octo Girl) Yorokobi
38 "SFX: Octoling Girl – This Way!" SE: 声(タコガール)カモン SE: Koe (Octo Girl) C'mon
39 "SFX: Octoling Girl – Super Jump" SE: 声(タコガール)スーパージャンプ SE: Koe (Octo Girl) Super Jump
40 "SFX: Octoling Boy – Booyah!" SE: 声(タコボーイ)慶び SE: Koe (Octo Boy) Yorokobi
41 "SFX: Octoling Boy – This Way!" SE: 声(タコボーイ)カモン SE: Koe (Octo Boy) C'mon
42 "SFX: Octoling Boy – Super Jump" SE: 声(タコボーイ)スーパージャンプ SE: Koe (Octo Boy) Super Jump
43 "SFX: Pearl – Incite" SE: 声(ヒメ)煽り SE: Koe (Hime) Aori
44 "SFX: Pearl – Provoke" SE: 声(ヒメ)挑発 SE: Koe (Hime) Chōhatsu
45 "SFX: Marina – Emotional" SE: 声(イイダ)感激 SE: Koe (Iida) Kangeki
46 "SFX: Marina – Greeting" SE: 声(イイダ)挨拶 SE: Koe (Iida) Aisatsu
47 "SFX: CQ-80 (on/off)" SE: NAMACO端末(on/off) SE: NAMACO Tanmatsu (on/off)
48 "SFX: CQ-80 (Selection)" SE: NAMACO端末(決定音) SE: NAMACO Tanmatsu (Kettei-on)
49 "SFX: CQ-80 (Test Passed)" SE: NAMACO端末(ステージクリア) SE: NAMACO Tanmatsu (Stage Clear)
50 Blitz It! Chip Damage Chirpy Chips ABXY
51 Wave Prism Battery Full
52 Bonus Track (After OCTO)

Disc 2

Track no. English song title Japanese song title Romanization English artist name Japanese artist name Romanization
1 Opening ~ MC1 (1st Concert) オープニング~MC1(1st live) Opening ~ MC1 (1st live) Off the Hook テンタクルズ Tentacles
2 Color Pulse (1st Concert) ウルトラ・カラーパルス(1st live) Ultra Color Pulse (1st live)
3 MC2 (1st Concert) MC2(1st live)
4 Acid Hues (1st Concert) リップル・リフレイン(1st live) Ripple Refrain (1st live)
5 Muck Warfare (1st Concert) レッド・ホット・エゴイスト(1st live) Red Hot Egoist (1st live)
6 MC3 (1st Concert) MC3(1st live)
7 Ebb & Flow (1st Concert) フルスロットル・テンタクル(1st live) Full Throttle Tentacle (1st live)
8 Fresh Start あさってColor(1st live) Asatte Color (1st live) Squid Sisters シオカラーズ Sea O' Colors
9 MC4 (1st Concert) MC4(1st live)
10 Spicy Calamari Inkantation (1st Concert) 濃口シオカラ節(1st live) Koikuchi Shiokara-Bushi (1st live)
11 MC5 (1st Concert) MC5(1st live) Off the Hook & Squid Sisters テンタクルズ&シオカラーズ Tentacles & Sea O' Colors
12 Now or Never! (1st Concert) イマ・ヌラネバー!(1st live) Ima Nuraneba! (1st live)
13 Color Pulse ウルトラ・カラーパルス Ultra Color Pulse Off the Hook テンタクルズ Tentacles
14 Acid Hues リップル・リフレイン Ripple Refrain
15 Muck Warfare レッド・ホット・エゴイスト Red Hot Egoist
16 Ebb & Flow フルスロットル・テンタクル Full Throttle Tentacle
17 Fresh Start あさってColor Asatte Color Squid Sisters シオカラーズ Sea O'Colors
18 Spicy Calamari Inkantation 濃口シオカラ節 Koikuchi Shiokara-Bushi
19 Now or Never! イマ・ヌラネバー! Ima Nuraneba! Off the Hook テンタクルズ Tentacles

The Limited Edition Blu-Ray shares the same tracklist as Disc 2.



From the booklet included with Octotune. They are all nonsensical; the Japanese hiragana and katakana simply give the pronunciation. According to a Famitsu interview,[6] the former is used to indicate Pearl's lyrics in Inkling language, whereas the latter is used to indicate Marina's lyrics in Octarian language.

ナスティ・マジェスティ (Nasty Majesty)

Localised version:

Na Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na

Prasti prasti
Jangasobyu fasti
Fasti yakrasmi
Winin dachufrai


Testya sharinhei
Gestina wastinmansei
Sotiki rupinsan
Waizana frorinjan
Endana prastifei
Fasti yakrasmi
Dubachusana haistei

Tekenas wikirasyutai
Mekewasteke prasti
Jizakyaskuna wichugai
Nigirigina bachuwa sekinafai

Tekenas wikirasyutaiseke
Bais baisradera chaisbaiteza
Waikaza heistana maijigi dorestin
Baispizakena prasti tai!

※ Na Na Na Na Na Na
Pikidas tekenaswiki rasyutai
Na Na Na Na Na Na
Mekewasteketuda prasti
Na Na Na Na Na Na
Jizakyaskuna winida
Watktsukdabai diwau

Ah Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

Wawawawa wannochai

※ Repeat

Oh Ho Ho Ho Ho

Kana version:

Na Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na
プラスティ プラスティ
ジャンガソブュ ファスティ
ファスティ ヤクラスミ
ウィニン ダチュフライ


てすとゃ しゃりんへい
げすてぃな わすてぃんまんせい
そてぃき るぴんさん
わいざな ふろりんじゃん
えんだな ぷらすてぃふぇい
ふぁすてぃ やくらすみ
どぅばちゅさな はいすてい

てけなす うぃきらすゅたい
めけわすてけ ぷらすてぃ
じざきゃすくな うぃちゅがい
にぎりぎな ばちゅわ せきなふぁい

てけなす うぃきらすゅたいせけ
ばいす ばいすらでら ちゃいすばいてざ
わいかざ へいすたな まいじぎ どれすてぃん
ばいすぴざけな ぷらすてぃ たい!

※ Na Na Na Na Na Na
ぴきだす てけなすうぃき らすゅたい
Na Na Na Na Na Na
めけわすてけとぅだ ぷらすてぃ
Na Na Na Na Na Na
じざきゃすくな うぃにだ
わとぅくつくだばい とぃわう!
Ah Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

わわわわ わんのちゃい

※ くりかえし

Oh Ho Ho Ho Ho

Romaji version:

Na Na Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na

Purasuti purasuti
Jangasobyu fasuti
Fasuti yakurasumi
Winin dachufurai


Tesutya sharinhei
Gesutina wasutinmansei
Sotiki rupinsan
Waizana furorinjan
Endana purasutifei
Fasuti yakurasumi
Dubachusana haisutei

Tekenasu wikirasyutai
Mekewasuteke purasuti
Jizakyasukuna wichugai
Nigirigina bachuwa sekinafai

Tekenasu wikirasyutaiseke
Baisu baisuradera chaisubaiteza
Waikaza heisutana maijigi doresutin
Baisupizakena purasuti tai!

※ Na Na Na Na Na Na
Pikidasu tekenasuwiki rasyutai
Na Na Na Na Na Na
Mekewasuteketuda purasuti
Na Na Na Na Na Na
Jizakyasukuna winida
Watukutsukudabai diwau
Ah Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

Wawawawa wannochai

※ Repeat

Oh Ho Ho Ho Ho

ミッドナイト・ボルテージ (Shark Bytes)

Localised version:

Bra! Fadisakshun
Sodyureijun sudawe
Kyu! Shastouderi mesyu
Rodobasta jaskanei

Bra! Fadisakshun
Myurineikyun adawa
Kyu! Pankureini mesyu...

Kenshontenshon bestoukenshon
Testatesto bastontein
Estanaishun rastaraishun
Dechabaiza tostinrein

Nijatacha nibasfroya
Soyabroza kurorobuyu
Wikentaimen suraizenryuho

Bra! Fadisakshun
Myurineikyun adawa
Kyu! Shastouderi mesyu...
Rodobasta jaskanei


※ Repeat

Bechudu bechunu
Bechugoindapa hitupei
Bechudu bechunu
Wakakakaka bestenshon'wei

Kana version:

ブラ! ファディサクシュン
ソデュレイジュン スダウェ
キュ! シャストゥデリ メスユ
ロドバスタ ジャスカネイ

ブラ! ファディサクシュン
ミュリネイキュン アダワ
キュ! パンクレイニ メスユ...

※ けんしょんてんしょん べすとぅけんしょん
てすたてすと ばすとんていん
えすたないしゅん らすたらいしゅん
でちゃばいざ とすてぃんれいん

にじゃたちゃ にばすふろや
そやぶろざ くろろぶゆ
うぃけんたいめん すらいぜんりゅほ

ブラ! ファディサクシュン
ミュリネイキュン アダワ
キュ! シャストゥデリ メスユ
ロドバスタ ジャスカネイ


※ くりかえし
べちゅどぅ べちゅぬ
べちゅごいんだぱ ひとぅペい
べちゅどぅ べちゅぬ
わかかかか べすてんしょんうぇい

Romaji version:

Bura! Fadisakushun
Sodyureijun sudawe
Kyu! Shasutuderi mesuyu
Rodobasuta jasukanei

Bura! Fadisakushun
Myurineikyun adawa
Kyu! Pankureini mesuyu...

※ Kenshontenshon besutukenshon
Tesutatesuto basutontein
Esutanaishun rasutaraishun
Dechabaiza tosutinrein

Nijatacha nibasufuroya
Soyaburoza kurorobuyu
Wikentaimen suraizenryuho

Bura! Fadisakushun
Myurineikyun adawa
Kyu! Shasutuderi mesuyu...
Rodobasuta jasukanei


※ Repeat

Bechudu bechunu
Bechugoindapa hitupei
Bechudu bechunu
Wakakakaka besutenshon'wei

フライ・オクト・フライ (Fly Octo Fly)

Localised version:

Sakiganareku mewanite
Didariwabachu niragatske
Orahaveora didizatse

Regaspradawatsa bidayukro
Rebaspradafuya bepapinno
Wenuhigamyuze nomarupa

Riaminawa nuenbonafi
Tayuzonasta moijuneni

Kenifigaboiso skidainsou
Kenihidabraden swegazensto
Hajuezamingo bibidappo WOW

Geswariza sripodonnago
Jastikina rukatan
Tatatatai prai shatou diskoumes!

Riaminawa (Witenta!)
Nuenbonafi (Zeazeta!)
Soanodapra (Noneno!)

Zenarichane (Friazo!)
Araganchume (Raikamo!)
Moijuneni wigawantuno WOW

Sakiganareku mewanite
Didariwabachu niragatske
Orahaveora didizatse WOW

Regaspradawatsa bidayukro
Rebaspradafuya bepapinno
Soamiribita karabaichu WOW


Kana version:

サキガナレク メワニテ
ディダリワバチュ ニラガツケ
オラハヴェオラ ディディザツェ WOW

れがすぷらだわつぁ びだゆくろ
ればすぷらだふや べぱぴんの
うぇぬひがみゅぜ のまるぱ WOW

リアミナワ ヌエンボナフィ
タユゾナスタ モイジュネニ

ケニフィガボイソ スキダインソウ
ケニヒダブラデン スウェガゼンスト
ハジュエザミンゴ ビビダッポ WOW

げすわりざ すりぽどんなご
じゃすてぃきな るかたん
たたたたい ぷらい しゃとう でぃすこうめす! WOW


モイジュネニ ウィガワントゥノ WOW

さきがなれく めわにて
ディダリワバチュ ニラガツケ
おらはヴぇおら でぃでぃざつぇ WOW

レガスプラダワツァ ビダユクロ
ればすぷらだふや べぱぴんの
ソアミリビタ カラバイチュ WOW


Romaji version:

Sakiganareku mewanite
Didariwabachu niragatsuke
Orahaveora didizatse WOW

Regasupuradawatsa bidayukuro
Rebasupuradafuya bepapinno
Wenuhigamyuze nomarupa WOW

Riaminawa nuenbonafi
Tayuzonasuta moijuneni

Kenifigaboiso sukidainsou
Kenihidaburaden suwegazensuto
Hajuezamingo bibidappo WOW

Gesuwariza suripodonnago
Jasutikina rukatan
Tatatatai purai shatou disukoumesu! WOW

Riaminawa (Witenta!)
Nuenbonafi (Zeazeta!)
Soanodapura (Noneno!)

Zenarichane (Furiazo!)
Araganchume (Raikamo!)
Moijuneni wigawantuno WOW

Sakiganareku mewanite
Didariwabachu niragatsuke
Orahaveora didizatse WOW

Regasupuradawatsa bidayukuro
Rebasupuradafuya bepapinno
Soamiribita karabaichu WOW


フルスロットル・テンタクル (Octo) (Ebb & Flow (Octo))

Localised version:

Dismisaidon gyaro gyaro

Kozozawaden joriruni

Forodaspa shijayoda
Meikiyahaze gyaro gyaro
Parineishun shuridaspratun
Tojyuranahabete zeriru bitinnu

Aideka! Yuota! Witenta!
Hideka! Shiota! Zeazeta!
Bitinnu WOW

Friazo! Raikamo! Noneno!
Baspinajaskinakakon! Yodontorize!
Bitinnu WOW

Kana version:

ディスミサイドン ギャロ ギャロ

コゾザワデン ジョリルニ

フォロダスパ シジャヨダ
メイキヤハゼ ギャロ ギャロ
パリネイシュン シュリダスプラトゥン
トジュラナハベテ ゼリル ビティンヌ WOW

あいでか! ゆおた! うぃてんた!
ひでか! しおた! ぜあぜた!
ビティンヌ WOW

ふりあぞ! らいかも! のねの!
ばすぴなじゃすきなかこん! よどんとりぜ!
ビティンヌ WOW

Romaji version:

Disumisaidon gyaro gyaro

Kozozawaden joriruni

Forodasupa shijayoda
Meikiyahaze gyaro gyaro
Parineishun shuridasupuratun
Tojuranahabete zeriru bitinnu WOW

Aideka! Yuota! Witenta!
Hideka! Shiota! Zeazeta!
Bitinnu WOW

Furiazo! Raikamo! Noneno!
Basupinajasukinakakon! Yodontorize!
Bitinnu WOW

フレンド・フロム・ファラウェイ (Into the Light)

Localised version:

Yauna minasta minaozontoriju
Funame neramijaromobuyu
Rizaro somewo soreyumeri
Komisurdamai hajufrodaskai


Tekasadenyu yoromoninju

Wezawanyua gruminaie
Minyamajuo stase
Soribafrairon naraoraion
Komisurdamai hajufrodaskai

※ Repeat

Narastafreyo meranirutsurumunenomiza
Jizafainensurua pijomigo
Naraspanas moranurifainen
Jiriyayudana nochanatsbai nonnonnegon

Sharayuma gizeyo sosokirechekani
Ganbiyasoza rugenosoie
Chachakinanzagou stakina pariyotokou
Narastafreyo taraktarascha reddan

Gruminaie stase naraoraion
Komisurdamai hajufrodaskai

※ Repeat

Komisurdamai hajufrodaskai
Tekasadenyu yoromoninju
Komisurdamai hajufrodaskai

Kana version:

やうな みなすた みなおぞんとりじゅ
ふなめ ねらみじゃろもぶゆ
りざろ そめうぉ それゆめり
こみするだまい はじゅふろだすかい


テカサデニュ ヨロモニンジュ

※ ウェザワニュア グルミナイェ
ミニャマジュオ スタセ
ソリバフライロン ナラオライオン
コミスルダマイ ハジュフロダスカイ

※ くりかえし

ならすたふれよ めらにるつるむねのみざ
じざふぁいねんするあ ぴじょみご
ならすぱなす もらぬりふぁいねん
じりやゆだな のちゃなつばい のんのんねごん

しゃらゆま ぎぜよ そそきれちぇかに
がんびやそざ るげのそいぇ
ちゃちゃきなんざごう すたきな ぱりよとこう
ならすたふれよ たらくたらすちゃ れっだん

グルミナイェ スタセ ナラオライオン
コミスルダマイ ハジュフロダスカイ

※ くりかえし

こみするだまい はじゅふろだすかい
テカサデニュ ヨロモニンジュ
コミスルダマイ ハジュフロダスカイ

Romaji version:

Yauna minasuta minaozontoriju
Funame neramijaromobuyu
Rizaro somewo soreyumeri
Komisurudamai hajufurodasukai


Tekasadenyu yoromoninju

※ Wezawanyua guruminaye
Minyamajuo sutase
Soribafurairon naraoraion
Komisurudamai hajufurodasukai

※ Repeat

Narasutafureyo meranirutsurumunenomiza
Jizafainensurua pijomigo
Narasupanasu moranurifainen
Jiriyayudana nochanatsubai nonnonnegon

Sharayuma gizeyo sosokirechekani
Ganbiyasoza rugenosoye
Chachakinanzagou sutakina pariyotokou
Narasutafureyo tarakutarasucha reddan

Guruminaye sutase naraoraion
Komisurudamai hajufurodasukai

※ Repeat

Komisurudamai hajufurodasukai
Tekasadenyu yoromoninju
Komisurudamai hajufurodasukai

Pearl interview

The album booklet contains an interview with Pearl in her mansion.





ヒメ:YO!I'mヒメ!a.k.a.MC princess レペゼンハイカラ!
















「わわわわ わんのちゃい」ってとこかな。







InkopoLife Magazine

20 Questionsー
Pearl Houzuki
Into a mansion in the suburbs of Inkopolis

Pearl Houzuki, from the idol duo Off the Hook currently rocking the charts,
tells us about what's most important, a passion for music, and her "dearest protégé" Marina...
A determined "dragon" in her own words,
what does she look like away from the spotlight?
ーStraight from [her] mansion, in the suburbs of Inkopolis.

Q1: We're super excited to talk to you today! Thank you for accepting to answer our questions.
Pearl: YO! Pearl here, a.k.a. MC.Princess, turning it up in Inkopolis!

Q2: What's so special about Inkopolis?
Pearl: The sunlight, for sure!

Q3: What is the one thing you can't live without?
Pearl: Stages way up high!

Q4: Will you tell us a secret?
Pearl: Well, you're gonna be digging those up now, aren't you? Ask away!

Pearl: Oh yeah, should we go inside?
Q: Thank you.

Q5: Wow! Is this the garage?
Pearl: That's just the shoe storage, man.[a]

Q6: What is one thing you want to tell Marina?
Pearl: I got Maguro Odyssey[b] yesterday, so let's play at my place!

Q7: What are you craving right now?
Pearl: The Toni Kensa Hi-Tops.
Eight has them, but they released a new color.
Oh, Eight is a friend of mine.

Q8: Is this the living room? The double height's so awesome.
Pearl: Nah, just another shoe storage room.

Q9: Are there any apps you're particularly into?
Pearl: I can't drop this one called KanColle[c]. I've been trying to get the golden stingray fin. It's specially Super Rare but I just can't get it!

Q10: Tell us something that annoys you.
Pearl: You know the automatic doors at The Shoal never open when it's just me? They dissing me?

Q11: What kind of food do you like?
Pearl: Strawberry shakes, cheeseburgers... oh, but gherk-OUT[d]!

Q12: If you were an animal, which one would you be?
Pearl: A dragon!! I can spit up a killer light beam as it is.

Q13: I thought dragons spit fire, though?
Pearl: Oh, right. I mean, who cares, same difference.

Q14: This is an amazing studio. Is this where you come up with new songs?
Pearl: This is just a soundproof shoe storage room.

Q15: What is your secret move?
Pearl: Speedy side steps, theeeeen backward running! Check it out!
Q: Be careful.

Q16: What are your favorite lyrics?
Pearl: The "Wawawawa Wannochai" from Nasty Majesty, probably.

Q17: What is the best gift you have ever received?
Pearl: The chance to meet Marina.

Q18: What do you do in your free time?
Pearl: Chat online. Another thing I can't drop lately.

Q19: Hit us with some slang.
Pearl: ××△♪⬜×♪◯××!
Q: Nailed it!

Q20: Last question. What is music to you?
Pearl: Myself.

Q: Thank you so much for having us today!
Pearl: Right back at ya! This was fun! See ya, then!
Oh, there's a shuttle bus you can take to the entrance, you can go back from there.

Translation notes

  1. The word used here and throughout the interview is ゲタばこ (getabako), which is a cupboard or a locker used to store shoes before entering the premises.
  2. Maguro is the Japanese word for "tuna", parodying Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch.
  3. Not to be confused with the same-sounding franchise 艦これ, lit. "Fleet Collection". This fictional app is written as 乾これ, lit. "Dried (Foods) Collection".
  4. Referencing the European Gherk-OUT vs. Gherk-IN Splatfest.

Cap'n Cuttlefish's notes

Also contained in the booklet is a report written by Cap'n Cuttlefish about the events of Haicalive at Tokaigi 2018.



アタリメ ヨシオ
New!カラストンビ部隊 司令

フォー!百年ぶりのデスコ[※ 1]じゃ!八号、お誘い感謝するぞィ!

ふむ、あの光の中から現れた二人がテンタクルズ...ヒメ嬢とイイダ嬢、ちぅんかの?ワシのみまもりケータイで調べたんじゃ。最近のメカはすごいのゥー!おぉ、曲が始まったぞィ!ほほぉ、これが祭の時に若者をノリにノせているウルトラ・カラーパルスちぅ曲が!ヒメ嬢の「カモン」からのイイダ嬢のデージェー[※ 2]ソロ!二人、凸凹なようで絶妙な相性で噛み合っておるな。曲想も、イカらしい陽気さの中にタコらしい緻密さもあり、奧深い味わいじゃ。テンタクルズ、のっけからあっぱれじゃ!

寄せては返す波のような節回...この曲はリップル・リフレインとな。こう、掌をヒラヒラさせる踊りが楽しいのう。ヒメ嬢のラップをきちんと聴いたのは今日が初めてじゃが、いや、かなりのものじゃな。タイミングがイナセ[※ 3]というか、胸躍るというか......。この調子で場数を踏んでいけば、やがて大成するであろう。

間髪入れずに始まった次の曲はレッド・ホット・エゴイストちぅんじゃな!何かこう、異国の礼拝のような旋律じゃのゥ。今のヒメ嬢の早口ラップ、実にまーべらす[※ 4]じゃ。若さとは素晴らしいのゥ!その後の絶唱は、こちらの身体もビリビリ震えるようじゃ!イイダ嬢の肩掛けピアノソロも、負けじとアグレッシブじゃな!


フォー!この曲は知っとるぞィ!フルスロットル・テンタクルじゃ!おヌシの奮闘中に爆音で流れたから、よーく憶えておる!それにしても、イイダ嬢は歌唱も圧巻じゃな。ワシの孫たちの民謡とはまたひと味違って、グルーヴィー[※ 5]でソウルフル[※ 6]じゃ!

あれは...ファッ?!噂をすれば孫の一号と二号じゃ!鮮やかなオベベ[※ 7]じゃのゥ...若いころのばあさんいよく似とるわィ。この曲はあさってColorと言うんかの?心に染み入るいい歌詞じゃな。...ヌ?二号が消えて、今度は一号が消えて...そうじゃな、ヒーローとは孤独な存在なんじゃ。ときに八号、ワシは以前、あの二人の曲にラップで参加したこともあるんじゃぞ。すごいじゃろ?


ふむ、テンタクルズが呼び戻されたようじゃ。ぴちぴちギャルがが四人並ぶと壮観じゃのゥ!お客さんのヴォルテージ[※ 8]も最高潮、みんなで大合唱じゃ!このイマ・ヌラネバー!はバトルの定番じゃから、誰でも歌えるんじゃな!ヌ、八号、まさかおヌシも歌えるんか?!...おヌシ、すっかりイカの世界になじんだのゥ。ワシはこの曲を聴くのは初めてじゃが、この疾走するビートに血沸き肉踊るようひゃ!...しかし、あのヒメ嬢は最後まで自由奔放じゃな。


......ときに、ワシは次にいつフィーチャリング[※ 9]されるんじゃろ?

アタリメ's notes

  1. デスコ(disco)
  2. デージェー(DJ)
  3. イナセ粋で威勢がよく、さっぱりとしているさま。
  4. まーべらす(marvelous)
  5. グルーヴィー(groovy)すごくすてきな。いかした。
  6. ソウルフル(soulful)感情や、魂のこもっているさま。
  7. オベベ 着物のこと。
  8. ヴォルテージ(voltage)熱気。
  9. フィーチャリング(featuring)客演。特定の人物を際立たせること。


See Haicalive

Captain Cuttlefish New! Commander of the Squidbeak Splatoon

Hoh! This is my first disco[* 1] in a century! Agent 8, thank you for the invite!

Hm, the two people who appeared out of that light are Off the Hook... Ms. Pearl and Ms. Marina, aren't they? When I was on my cell phone,[translation 1] I looked into them. Machines these days are incredible! Oh, the song started! Hoho, this is Color Pulse, the song that raises the mood for the youth during festivals![translation 2] Ms. Pearl's "Come on" is followed by Ms. Marina's DJ[* 2] solo! The mismatched manner of these two certainly gives them exquisite compatibility with each other. Inside the Inkling-like cheeriness is an Octoling-like precision, leading to an inner flavor of profoundness. From the very beginning, Off the Hook is wonderful!

A verse like the breaking of the waves... this song is called Acid Hues. Here, this hand-fluttering dance is absolutely wonderful. I heard Ms. Pearl's rap clearly for the first time today, and well, it's quite something. Her timing is lively[* 3], or rather, thrilling, maybe... If one can accomplish this tune, it wouldn't be long before they'd make it big, would it?

The next song, Muck Warfare, started in no time at all! What we have here sounds like the melody of a foreign country's prayer song. Ms. Pearl's fast-talking rap right now is indeed marvelous.[* 4] Youth is a wonderful thing! The singing after that is almost electrifying! And Ms. Marina's piano solo is just as aggressive!

Agent 8! While this duo is marvelous, make sure not to overlook the band in the back! As they hit it on the mark with their performance, they bring out the best in the duo! That's a boon of disciplined work! You should work hard, too!

Hoh! I know this song! This is Ebb & Flow! I've remembered it very well since they blasted it during your battle! With that said, Ms. Marina's singing is quite the best part. It's quite different from my grandchildren's popular song, but I think it's groovy[* 5] and soulful[* 6]!

That is... Huh!? Speak of that, those are my grandchildren, Agents 1 and 2! In their glittering outfits[* 7]... They remind me of their grandmother in her youth. Isn't this song called Fresh Start? Its lyrics are heart-etchingly good. ...Huh? Agent 2 disappeared, and now Agent 1's disappeared... Well, this is the loneliness of living as a hero. That reminds me, Agent 8, I once did a rap for a song those two made.[translation 3] Isn't that cool?

Alright! I've been waiting! That heavenly sound, that song of paradise, it's the Calamari Inkantation that everybody knows! I see you can't help but break out into dance either! Since we were young, we used to dance to the "Traditional Calamari Inkantation" at festivals. Oh, look at this! The duo's dance is a modernized version of the festival dance. What? This is a new version of the Calamari Inkantation... Is this the one named Spicy Calamari Inkantation? Huh!? They've added new lyrics to the second verse! The melody's changed... Naturally, with this perfection, this isn't a Calamari Inkantation that shames the "Spicy" in its name!

Hmm, it looks like Off the Hook is back on stage. All four of the energetic girls are lined up for a spectacle! The audience's voltage[* 8] is peaking, and everybody's singing! This is Now or Never, the song that's always in battles, so I guess everyone can sing it! Hey, Agent 8, of course, you can sing it!? ...You've adapted completely to the Inkling world. This is my first time hearing it, and the racing beat makes me feel like my blood is boiling and my flesh is dancing! ...But, even to the end, Ms. Pearl is uncontrollable.

Good gracious, the excitement overwhelmed me for so long, I got all sweaty. The four of them up on stage are loved by so many people, it really seems like a blessing. It makes me want to thank all these people and ask for their continued support for these girls.

...By the way, when will I get to feature[* 9] in something next?

Cuttlefish's notes

[Cuttlefish uses a lot of slang that is obscure in Japanese but are mostly commonplace in English. None of these really make sense to see after being translated, but despite that, here are the vocabulary footnotes he attached at the bottom.]

  1. Disco (disco)
  2. DJ (DJ)
  3. Lively (Chic and vigorous, neat.)
  4. Marvelous (marvelous)
  5. Groovy (groovy) Awesome and wonderful. Fresh.
  6. Soulful (soulful) With feelings, full of spirit.
  7. Outfits (a type of clothes)
  8. Voltage (voltage) Enthusiasm.
  9. Feature (featuring) A guest appearance. For a specific character to be prominent.

Translation notes

  1. The original text refers to Secom's Mimamori Phone, a feature phone designed for seniors. A similar phone exists in the United States called Jitterbug.
  2. The original Japanese text has a pun on nori ("seaweed") and the verb 乗る (or ノる, which in this context means "to be excited").
  3. References his appearance in Maritime Memory.


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Music by

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Recorded & ProTools operated by

Mixed & Protools operated by

Live Arrange & Direction

Live Musician

Live Recording Engineer

  • Kazuo Takei (as Kazuo Takei (public address))

Live Mixing Engineer

  • Takahiro Tezuka

Live Stage Direction

  • Tomoya Ueda


  • Melochin

Choreography Coordinator

  • Yuki Hashiguchi

Mastering Engineer


Album Booklet

Haicalive Blu-ray


  • In the album booklet, Callie and Marie's dialogue for MC5 are erroneously printed as if they were said by the other. It also lacks dialogue that was shown during Spicy Calamari Inkantation. However, the booklet includes extra dialogue that was not shown at the concert. This bonus dialogue would not be shown with any form of the "Haicalive" format until Nintendo of America's localization of Haicalive Kyoto Mix.
  • Although it is stated in-game that #$@%* Dudes Be #$@%* Sleepin and Ebb & Flow (Demo) are solo songs by Pearl and Marina respectively, the booklet lists them both as Off the Hook songs. The tracklistings on vendors' websites do correctly state that they are solo songs.