Turquoise October

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Turquoise October
Album art turqocto.jpg
Album art
Species Octarian (assumed)
Location Inkopolis

Turquoise October(NA/EU/OC), or OCTOTOOL(JP), is a band in Splatoon. They are not seen or referred to in-game, only credited on Splatune for their music. They may be Octotroopers, as suggested in their album art.


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Turquoise October's songs make up the majority of music heard in Octo Valley missions:


  • Turquoise October's album art is unusual in that the text on it resembles their name in English localizations (looking like "TURQUIOZ OCTOBER"), rather than the original Japanese one.
  • They are the second band in Splatoon to have their name changed for localization, after Chirpy Chips.
  • Turquoise October's name may be a reference to Tom Clancy's The Hunt for Red October, a novel involving naval officers and a submarine, reminiscent of the Great Turf War.
    • It may also be a reference to American alternative rock band Blue October, simply changing the type of blue.
      • It may also be called Turquoise October because it has Octo in October.

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