The Crater

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A map of the Crater in the single-player campaign, Return of the Mammalians.

The Crater is a location in the Splatlands and the tutorial world of Return of the Mammalians in Splatoon 3. It consists of 4 Kettles, Camp Cuttle, a manhole to return to Splatsville and a large structure leading to Alterna. It additionally hosts a spot where the player can change the look of the New Squidbeak Splatoon's Captain.

Splatoon 3

The Crater being infested with Fuzzy Ooze.

The Crater is a massive crater located in the Splatlands that has an upside-down structure similar to the Eiffel Tower. It also contains the first four levels of the single-player campaign, Return of the Mammalians. When the player finds themself in the Crater, they meet a retired Craig Cuttlefish. He believes that the sudden disappearance of the Great Zapfish is caused by the Octarians yet again. He recruits the player and calls them the new Agent 3. For the first four levels of the campaign, he will help them out like in Splatoon and the Octo Expansion. After a sudden fight with DJ Octavio, who seeks answers for the sudden disappearance of his troops, the ground falls and Smallfry, Cuttlefish and Agent 3 fall into Alterna, where they become separated afterwards.

Agent 3 can relive their adventure in the Crater by interacting with the Zapfish doll behind the Squid Sisters. Upon returning, they will have 1300 power eggs. They will have their Hero Suit and Hero Shot. However, they will not have the bombs from upgrading their Hero Suit, only Smallfry. All the kettles will be cleared, as well as all the Fuzzy Ooze except for the last one. Agent 3 can rematch DJ Octavio there by removing the last of the Fuzzy Ooze. To return to Alterna, the player can open the menu and select the "Return to Alterna" icon or defeat DJ Octavio again. When opening the menu in the Crater, they can only access the first tab and the last one.


Customizing the Captain

The player interacting with the drawing in Camp Cuttle.

If the player interacts with the portrait sitting on a chair in Camp Cuttle, Cuttlefish will ask the player if they ever heard of the New Squidbeak Splatoon's Captain. After a short conversation, he will ask the player if the portrait looks good or not. This is the part where the player can customize their hairstyle, skin tone, and eye color, with the same limited options from the first game. Since the customization is optional, their default appearance is their Octo Expansion appearance if imported from Splatoon 2, otherwise appearing with the feminine style, third-lightest skin tone, and green eyes by default.


Loot anchor

The first loot anchor.

There are two loot anchors hidden on the map. The first, which is close to the first kettle contains a Zapfish doll which can be used in the locker room to decorate the player's locker, while the other is close to the third kettle and hides a pack of cards which can be used to play Tableturf Battle.

The second loot anchor.


S3 Icon Cuttlefish.png Cuttlefish's Quotes

Th-th-the... Oc-Oc-Oct... The Octarians are coming! AGAINNNNNNNNNNNN! Oh, uh, hi... Did we do this once before? The ol' noggin ain't what it used to be. Anyhow, the name's Cuttlefish. Senior advisor to the New Squidbeak Splatoon, at your service!

That look in your eye... It's the look I've been lookin' for! The Great Zapfish that powers Splatsville has been squidnapped! It's the Octarians again. You can bet your bottom sand dollar on it! See, the Great Zapfish has gone missing before. Twice, in fact! And those Octojerks were behind it both times. I've been keepin' an eye on 'em even though I'm technically retired. And with eyes like these, there ain't much that escapes me! But they still made off with the Great Zapfish. And now WE'VE got to get it back. Right?

So, uh... ... ... ... ... ... ...That was a job offer, kid. The pay you might just save the world. You're in, right? RIGHT?! Course you are! Starting today, you are Agent 3 of the New Squidbreak Splatoon! This is your brand-new Hero Suit! It'll help you fight the Octarians. Huh. Is there a such thing as something GROWING in the wash? It's a little baggy on ya... (Funny, I don't remember ever washin' it...Bah! That last Agent 3 was clean as a catfish!)

Now, let's go get those Octoclowns! I'm countin' on you, buck-OH! You've already got another agent there with ya, huh? Well, I'm fresh outta Hero Suits, unfortunately... Ah, but it's a salty li'l scamp, ain't it? It'll do fine. Now where was I... Oh, right! Let's go get those Octojerks! I'm countin' on you, bucko!

Customizing the Captain:
Take a gander at that—it's a portrait of the New Squidbeak Splatoon's Captain. Not a bad likeness, eh? The Captain was Agent 3 before you were Agent 3, Agent 3. Nothin' complicated about it. You... you know about the Captain, right?
"Um... what?"
Well, I s'pose we were a secret squad... doin' our hero-ing outside the public eye. How could you know?
"Of course!"
I knew it! The Captain's a real celebrity. ...You know I used to be Captain, right? Ah, never mind that. But how's that likeness lookin'?
"Looks great!"
It's a masterpiece! Thanks for your input, kiddo. Lemme know when you want me to immortalize YOU!
"It's not quite right..."
No? Well, that's no good! How'd the Captain look to your eye?
After choosing a hairstyle:
Gotcha, gotcha... Anything else?
After choosing a skin tone:
I think you're onto somethin' here! Got any more details for me?
After choosing an eye color:
Voilà! How are we lookin'?
"We're good!"
I knew the look in your eye would help me settle the look in MY eye when it comes to this. Thanks, kiddo!
Reaching the first mission:
Alright, let's look for a way into the Octarian base... And keep your ears open for my nuggets of wisdom!
Mind the Fuzzy Ooze that's all over the place. Touch that stuff, and who knows what'll happen. Oh, right. I know what'll happen. FLOOF! Instant full-body beard... whether you want it or not!
OK, now that is one big pile of Fuzzy Ooze. That big ol' bubble on top is probably the Fuzzball. I bet if you could POP that, the whole thing would BOOF! Disappear! But I doubt your ink'll do the trick. Eh... let's worry about that later. For now, keep lookin' for a way into the Octarians' base!
Oof. This whole place could use a shave.. or a shower... or whatever cleans up Fuzzy Ooze!
There! That kettle oughta take us right to 'em. Shoot the lid with and blow it open!
Reaching the second mission:
Oh, right. I plumb forgot about all this Fuzzy Ooze. And that blasted Fuzzball is just wobblin' back and forth, taunting us... Is that your Smallfry buddy chirpin' about something? You know... that species is rumored to have a BIG reaction to Power Eggs... Anything's worth a shot, right? Try pressing to power up your little buddy with some Power Eggs!
Whoa! That did something! Try throwing it at the Fuzzball!
Look at that—it gobbled up the ooze like it was nothin'. That little monster has quite an appetite! Anyway, it cleared the path for you. Go on!
Reaching the third mission:
Hey, looks like you found a loot anchor! Anytime you find one of those, splat it up for a fun surprise.
Careful here! It's a looong way down, and one false step could send you over the edge.
You gonna jump down there? Make sure you got a safe place to land!
Reaching the fourth mission:
A loot anchor. There? You've got a good eye. Those things could be hidden anywhere!
That Smallfry might be a goofball, but I'd follow its nose if I were you...
Whew! I was gettin' a little nervous there.
Reaching the boss:
Fuzzball ahoy! Confirmed with my own bulgin' eyes, dead center of the Crater.
After removing Fuzzy Ooze:
Much obliged, little buddy!
After touching Fuzzy Ooze:
Told you that stuff was trouble! Stick to the ink if you wanna avoid another close shave...
You eatin' well these days? Don't go into battle hungry, y'hear?
It's nice that you got your li'l buddy with you throughout all... this.
Y'know, that Hero Suit fits you just fine. Kids these days like things a little baggy, don't they?
Those kettles lead to the Octarian bases—blast 'em with ink to open 'em. Don't try it on your home kettle.
Don't let steel grates and fences ruin your day. Press and squidaddle right through 'em!
Go on, now. Give those Octarians a fresh coat of ink for me!
(Ugh, my achin' back...)
(Yesterday's lunch was mighty tasty. Maybe I shoulda brushed my teeth a bit more carefully...)
(What I wouldn't give for a fresh crabby cake now...)
How can I help you, Agent 3? Need another pearl of wisdom?



  • Craig Cuttlefish's dialogue upon entering the Crater mirrors his introductory dialogue in Splatoon's Octo Valley.
  • After entering Alterna, the player can return to the Crater at any time by interacting with the Zapfish doll at the Squid Sisters Camp in Future Utopia Island.
  • The Captain's portrait in Camp Cuttlefish is the same one that Craig drew in the Octo Expansion.
  • It is suggested by the map of Inkadia and the Splatlands that the Crater is located where Mount Fuji once was.
  • The tent in Camp Cuttle has the Sorella logo on it, the same brand that made the Tenta Brella — which is based off of a dome tent — alongside the other Brellas.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese クレーター
Netherlands Dutch De krater The crater
Canada and France French Le Cratère The Crater
Germany German Der Krater The Crater
Italy Italian Il Cratere
Russia Russian Кратер
Spain Spanish El Cráter The Crater
China Chinese (Simplified) 荒界
Huāng jiè
The Wasteland
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 荒界
Huāng jiè (Mandarin)
fong1 gaai3 (Cantonese)
The Wasteland
South Korea Korean 크레이터
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