Deadly Dance Hall—Jump, Jump!

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01-09: The String's the Thing
Return of the Mammalians missions
02-01: Twirling, Swirling, Whirling

Deadly Dance Hall—Jump, Jump!
Survive for one minute.
Site Future Utopia Island
Fee Power Egg Alternas 10
Lives 1
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 2000
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 600
Music Don't Flinch
This mission will test your stress-management skills. Please try to survive for 60 seconds.
O.R.C.A. describing the level

Deadly Dance Hall—Jump, Jump! is the 15th level in Splatoon 3's story mode, Return of the Mammalians.


The level has multiple Amped Octostamps that are trapped behind fences which limits their form of attack to their shockwaves. The player must survive for an entire minute.


The player has to backtrack to get to this level from Relic Restoration. The player also has to clear Fuzzy Ooze to get there.


Checkpoint 1

The player must hop onto the launchpad to start the countdown. There are a total of 8 Amped Octostamps in this mission, alternating spawning from the furthest available position right to the left. An Amped Octostamp will begin spawning as soon as the player superjumps to the platform, then more will begin spawning at the 54, 47, 41, 34, 27, 21, and 14 second marks.

Power Egg cans will begin to spawn after 30 seconds have passed. Collecting all power eggs will spawn another set. The positions the cans will spawn are:

  • One can at the front, near the enemies.
  • Two cans at the left and right ends.
  • Three cans at the front, center, and back of the platform.

Enemies and Mechanics

First Introduced

Previously Introduced


USA English (North America)

Agent 1's Quotes

Halfway there! You got this!
— When the player is at the 30 second mark

Agent 2's Quotes

Here it comes! Press to dodge!
— When the player starts the countdown



  • This mission is similar to Move It Move It Station from the Octo Expansion, as both missions require the player to dodge incoming attacks without a weapon. However, Move It Move It station requires you not to take damage; this one simply prompts you to survive.

Names in other languages

Translation needed
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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 夜景に包まれ響き合う、レジデンス協奏曲。

Yakei ni tsutsumare hibikiau, rejidensu kyōsōkyoku.
Jikan ippai ikinobimasyō
A residential concerto surrounded by the nightscape and echoing.
Survive until the time is up.
Netherlands Dutch Dansvloer des doods
Overleef een minuut lang!
Dance floor of death
Survive one minute long!
Canada French (NOA) Le plancher de danse de la mort
Survis pendant une minute!
France French (NOE) Le dance floor de la mort
Survis pendant une minute !
The dance floor of death
Survive for one minute!
Germany German Tanzfläche des Todes
Überlebe eine volle Minute.
Dance floor of death
Survive for a whole minute.
Italy Italian Pista da ballo mortale
Sopravvivi per 1 minuto.
Mortal dance floor
Survive for 1 minute.
Russia Russian Боевой танцпол для прыгунов
Продержитесь в течение одной минуты.

Boyevoy tantspol dlya prygunov
Proderzhites' v techeniye odnoy minuty.
Battle dance floor for jumpers
Hold on for one minute.
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Baile fuera de onda
Aguanta el mayor tiempo posible.
Dance out of the wave
Hold on for the longest time possible.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Baile fuera de onda
Aguanta el máximo tiempo posible.
Dance out of the wave
Hold on for the maximum time possible.
China Chinese (Simplified) 在夜景下共鸣的住宅协奏曲。

Zài yèjǐng xià gòngmíng de zhùzhái xiézòuqǔ.
Zài shíxiànnèi cúnhuó xiàqù.
Residential concerto resonating in the nightscapes.
Keep surviving in the time limit.
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 在夜景環繞下迴響的住宅協奏曲
Zài yèjǐng huánrào xià huíxiǎng de zhùzhái xiézòuqǔ
An Echoing Residential Concerto Surrounded by the Nightscape
South Korea Korean 야경에 감싸여 울려 퍼지는 레지더스 협주곡.
yagyeong-e gamssayeo ullyeo peojineun lejideoseu hyeobjugog.
An Echoing Residential Concerto Surrounded by the Nightscape
 Internal shock [1]

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