Become One with Your Smallfry

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Return of the Mammalians missions
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Become One with Your Smallfry
Show off your skills and reach the goal.
RotM Become One with Your Smallfry Spawn.jpg
Site Future Utopia Island
Fee Power Egg Alternas 20
Lives 3
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 1200
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 500
Music Smoke and Mirrors
In this mission, you and your Smallfry companion will learn the importance of teamwork.
O.R.C.A. describing the level

Become One with Your Smallfry is the 12th level in Splatoon 3's story mode, Return of the Mammalians.


The level consists of the player only using Smallfry through the entirety of the level.


The kettle of this mission can be found on a heighted platform closely to the middle of Future Utopia Island.


Checkpoint 1

The level opens with a trail of ink leading to a launchpad that sends the player another platform. On this platform, they find a wall of several crates blocking the way that can be destroyed by throwing Smallfry onto the Balloon Fish in front of them. Afterwards, the player has to use Smallfry to activate an Ink Switch that takes them deeper into the level. This is repeated in the next area but with a wall in the way that needs to be avoided. The player can move to the the platform with the Ink Switch and then return to the outer platforms to move forward. Taking the dash track afterwards leads to the first checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2

In the next section the player has to grab a key in the middle of four rotating platforms connected to an Ink Switch. Opening the corresponding vault reveals another launchpad that takes the player to the second checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3

The following section requires the player to correctly line up platforms with Balloon Fish on them using two Ink Switches. When Smallfry is thrown at the first Balloon Fish, it causes a chain reaction that destroys four crates, one containing the key needed to progress and the other three revealing Power Egg cans. The vault at the end of the section reveals yet another launchpad, bringing the player to the final checkpoint.

Checkpoint 4

For the final checkpoint, the player needs to traverse an inked wall by activating ink switches to move the corresponding platforms to create paths between the walls. The dash track at the end of the section leads to the goal.

Enemies and Mechanics

Previously Introduced


USA English (North America)

RotM Icon Agent 1.png Agent 1's Quotes

Uh-oh. You don't have a weapon, do you, Agent 3?
Press to send your li'l Smallfry buddy frying! Uh. Flying. I meant flying.
You can do it, li'l Smallfry!
Wall! WALL! Look out!
Hm, I see that key...but how do we get to it?
Whoa! Nice find.
So many balloon fish and ink switches...
Alright, on to the next one!
This contraption's pretty big too, huh?
Hey, I can see the goal!
You made it!

RotM Icon Agent 2.png Agent 2's Quotes

Guess it's Smallfry's time to shine.
An ink switch? Hm...
After you toss your Smallfry, you can call it back to you with .
Sweet! You made it across.
Key status: nabbed! Let's take it to the vault.
Open for business! Aaand now we have a launchpad.
To call your Smallfry buddy back to you, shout, "This way!" with .
It's like a key and Power Egg party, and we're invited.
Looks like you're supposed to climb the wall.
NICE! You got it!
You and that li'l Smallfry make a great team.


Names in other languages

RotM clean room label 1.png
Translation needed
Add names in Chinese (Traditional) and Korean. Translate Italian. edit
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 大切なパートナーと心を通わす、快適空間。
Taisetsu na pātonā to kokoro o kayowasu, kaiteki kūkan.
A comfortable space to communicate with your important partner.
Netherlands Dutch Synergie met de Salmini
Werk samen met je Salmini om het doel te bereiken!
Synergy with the Smallfry
Work together with your Smallfry to reach the goal!
CanadaFrance French En symbiose avec le Salmioche
Coopère avec le Salmioche pour atteindre l'arrivée.
In symbiosis with the Smallfry
Cooperate with the Smallfry to reach the goal.
Germany German Eins mit dem Salmini!
Arbeite mit deinem Salmini zusammen und erreicht gemeinsam das Ziel!
One with the Smallfry!
Work together with your Smallfry and reach the goal together!
Italy Italian In simbiosi con Salmonello
Raggiungi il traguardo con l'aiuto di Salmonello
Russia Russian Симбиоз с малетчиком
Доберитесь до цели вместе с малетчиком.

Simbioz s malyotchikom
Doberites' do tseli vmeste s malyotchikom.
Symbiosis with Smallfry
Reach the goal together with Smallfry.
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Escamita y tú: inseparables
Alcanza la meta con ayuda de escamita.
Smallfry and you: inseparable
Reach the goal with the help of Smallfry.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Centurín y tú: uña y carne
Alcanza la meta con ayuda del centurín.
Smallfry and you: nail and flesh[note 1]
Reach the goal with the help of the Smallfry.
China Chinese (Simplified) 与重要搭档心灵相通的舒适空间。

Yú zhòngyào dādàng xīnlíng xiāngtōng de shūshì kōngjiān.
Yú xiǎo guīyú yīqǐ dǐdá zhōngdiǎn.
A comfortable space to empathize with your important partner.
Reach the goal with Smallfry.
Translate logo.svg Internal dendenSalmon [1]

Translation notes

  1. Uña y carne (fingernail and flesh) is a spanish expression that refers to two people that are inseparable, as fingernails are to the flesh.

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