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A Balloon Fish.

Balloon Fish, written as balloon fish in Splatoon 3, are a gameplay mechanic in Octo Valley, Octo Canyon, the Octo Expansion, Return of the Mammalians, and Side Order.


The Balloon Fish are white balloons modeled after pufferfish. They have a round appearance, small fins, and ability to expand, much like real pufferfish. They have a small splatter of the player's current ink color on the top and a small, similarly colored Ammo Knights logo on the bottom. Two tiny white dots in the ink above the balloon's tie give the impression of eyes and a mouth.

Balloon Fish are found anchored in place on surfaces and can only be popped by ink matching the color painted on top of them. Upon being hit, the balloon will expand and explode in the player's ink, heavily damaging anything within range. They quickly and indefinitely regenerate for repeated use.


Octo Valley

Octo Canyon

Octo Expansion

Return of the Mammalians

Side Order

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Names in other languages

Translation needed
Complete Korean translation. edit
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ボム風船
Bomu Fūsen
Bomb Balloon
Netherlands Dutch Ballonvis Balloon fish
CanadaFrance French Fugu explosif Explosive fugu
Germany German Ballonfisch Balloon fish
Italy Italian Pesce bomba Fish bomb
Russia Russian Рыбошарик
Fish balloon
SpainMexico Spanish Pez bomba Fish bomb
China Chinese (Simplified) 炸弹气球
Zhàdàn qìqiú
Bomb balloon
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 炸彈氣球
Zhàdàn qìqiú
Bomb balloon
South Korea Korean 밤 풍선 Same as Japanese
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