Copy Machine

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The Copy Machine when turned on

The Copy Machine is a mechanic in Splatoon 3. It appears in the test range.


The Copy Machine resembles a gray robot of some sort. It appears to stand on one extremely wide leg, two arms and a head facing downwards with a white light in the center.

The Copy Machine may be of Octarian design, considering the shades resembling the Octoling Shades from Splatoon 2. Additionally, there are "ears" on each side of the robot, which are similar in shape to Octoling ears.

Approaching near the Copy Machine opens a dialogue box reading "Turn Copy Machine ON" or "Turn Copy Machine OFF" depending on if it is activated. When activated, the light turns red and a Splattershot appears in its hands, and it stands in an Inkling's idle pose, though it still does not move. When the player holds , the Copy Machine fires, and when the player presses , it throws a Splat Bomb, no matter what sub weapon the player is equipped with. The player still has normal health and can be splatted by the Copy Machine. If this happens, the camera focuses on where the player was splatted for roughly five seconds, before respawning them at the same place they were splatted.



  • The Copy Machine has a damage counter, similar to Squid Bumpers, with a maximum damage input of 999.9, similar to the larger bumpers.
    • Unlike the larger bumpers, however, it shows no sign of damage when fired at. It does not jiggle or get covered in the player's ink.
  • While the player has a limited ink supply, the Copy Machine does not, therefore it will throw Splat Bombs endlessly if the player presses the rapidly.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ダミイカ
Squidummy (Dummy squid)
Netherlands Dutch Inktrobot Ink robot
CanadaFrance French Mécamiroir Combination of "miroir", meaning mirror, and "meca", meaning mech.
Germany German Splatbot -
Italy Italian Splatbot -
Russia Russian Копир
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Copiador
Spain Spanish (NOE) Replicador
China Chinese (Simplified) 假鱿鱼
jiǎ yóuyú
Dummy Squid
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 假魷魚
jiǎ yóuyú (Mandarin)
gaa2 jau4 jyu2 (Cantonese)
Dummy Squid
South Korea Korean 더미 오징어 Same as Japanese
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