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Marking is a negative status effect that allows the marked player to be seen by their opponents through walls.


Marked users are marked with a dark translucent squid shape that wraps around an opponent, with a line leading to each member of the team that marked them, though each member only sees the line that leads to themselves.


Similar abilities

There is a similar effect caused by the Haunt (Splatoon 2 onwards) and Thermal Ink main abilities, where the bearer can see an enemy's silhouette through walls, after the enemy splatted them (for Haunt) or was hit by ink from their main weapon (for Thermal Ink). The Sting Ray also allows the user to see their opponents through walls.

Also, Flooders and Grillers locate the player with a red laser that locks on to them. Grillers can track the player anywhere, but Flooders require the player to be within their line of sight.


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