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Applicable gear

Haunt is a gear primary ability in the Splatoon series.

Haunt helps the user track the opponent that splatted them. In Splatoon, Haunt also gives the user Damage Up, Defense Up, and Run Speed Up while certain conditions are met. In Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3, when the user splats an opponent they are currently tracking, that opponent gets the effects of Respawn Punisher for that splat.



The opponent who splats the user will be marked by a circling black squid for about 9 seconds by default or about 4.5 seconds with Cold-Blooded.

While the user is marked by an opposing Point Sensor, Echolocator, or by splatting another Haunt user, 20 AP[1] of Damage Up and Defense Up and an unknown amount of Run Speed Up is given to the user.


Haunt is useful for players who usually flank; and for back liners, since if they are splatted, their team is more likely to notice that an enemy may be coming up from behind.


Haunt is the primary ability of:

Clothing with Haunt in Splatoon
Name Brand Availability Ability Star power Added in

Forge Octarian Jacket Forge Octarian Jacket Forge Forge Cash 2700 Haunt 2.3.0
Ivory Peaks Tee Ivory Peaks Tee Inkline Inkline Cash 400 Haunt Initial Release (1.0.0)
Octo Tee Octo Tee Cuttlegear Cuttlegear Level 45 Haunt 2.0.0
Squidmark LS Squidmark LS SquidForce SquidForce Cash 600 Haunt Initial Release (1.0.0)
Vintage Check Shirt Vintage Check Shirt Rockenberg Rockenberg Cash 9000 Haunt Initial Release (1.0.0)
Yellow Urban Vest Yellow Urban Vest Firefin Firefin Cash 3000 Haunt Initial Release (1.0.0)

Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Haunt will now also increase attack power, defense, and Inkling movement speed while being marked by the enemy.
  • Duration reduced: 12s → 9s


Splatoon 2

Once you've respawned, reveals the position of the player who splatted you.
— In-game description


Haunt now tracks opponents who splatted the user with white silhouettes (like Thermal Ink and Sting Ray) that can be seen through opaque objects only to the user while at least a certain distance from the opponent (Bomb Defense Up DX increases this minimum distance) and while the opponent is not submerged in ink. Unlike the Thermal Ink, the Haunt effect lasts until the opponent is splatted.

If the Haunt user splats an opponent who they are currently tracking, the victim gets the effects of Respawn Punisher for that splat and the user's Haunt icon will be highlighted by a yellow ring on the victim's splat cam. The Respawn Punisher penalty does not apply if the tracked opponent gets splatted by any other means, but the tracking silhouette still disappears.

There is no limit on how many opponents a Haunt user can track. So even if all four opponents on the enemy team splat the Haunt user, the Haunt user will be tracking four players.


Haunt is the primary ability of:

Version history

Version Adjustments
Base game
  • Haunt now applies a white silhouette on the opponent who splatted the user instead of marking them with a circling black squid.
    • Haunt no longer signals the splatter when it gets activated.
    • The silhouette can only be seen by the Haunt user who gets splatted by the tracked opponent.
    • The silhouette is only visible if the tracked opponent is at least a certain distance from the Haunt user and not submerged in ink.
    • Removed the line connecting the user to the tracked opponent.
  • Base duration increased to 30 seconds.
  • No longer gives abilities when the user is marked by a Point Sensor or another Haunt user.
  • Opponents behind stage objects will be revealed when the Haunt's effective range is roughly 23% further away from them than it was previously.
  • Opposing players marked with Haunt will now incur the penalties of Respawn Punisher when splatted by the player that they splatted.
  • When an opponent splats the player, that activation will stand out clearly on the screen while waiting to respawn.
  • The duration has been increased from 30 seconds to infinite.
    • If the target afflicted with Haunt is splatted, the effect will disappear as normal.
  • Number of targets that can be afflicted with Haunt at once increased to four.
    • This means that if a second, third, or fourth player were to splat someone who has Haunt equipped, the previous players afflicted with Haunt's effects will continue to be affected.

Splatoon 3


Haunt is the primary ability of:

Additionally, Murch or Spyke can replace the primary ability on a piece of clothing with Haunt by using 15 of each of the following ability chunks:

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese リベンジ (Splatoon 2)
うらみ (Splatoon)

Ribenji (Splatoon 2)
Urami (
Netherlands Dutch Revanche Revenge
CanadaFrance French Revanche (Splatoon 2)
Vengeance (Splatoon)
Canada French (NOA) Vengeance (Splatoon and (Splatoon 2) Vengence
Germany German Vergeltung (Splatoon 2)
Rache (Splatoon)
Italy Italian Rappresaglia (Splatoon 2)
Vendetta (Splatoon)
Russia Russian Вендетта
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Resentimiento Resentment
Spain Spanish (NOE) Represalia (Splatoon 2)
Venganza (Splatoon)
China Chinese (Simplified) 复仇
fùchóu (Mandarin)
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 復仇
fùchóu (Mandarin)
South Korea Korean 리벤지

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