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Forge is a gear brand within the Splatoon series. In Splatoon, Forge gear has a 5× higher chance to roll Special Duration Up while in Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3, it has a 5× higher chance to roll Special Power Up and a 0.5× chance to roll Ink Saver (Sub). Forge also designed the Forge Splattershot Pro.

Though Forge's gear is quite varied in its appearance and style, their theme seems to be practical headgear. All of their headgear serves or is able to serve a particular function, such as a football helmet for protecting one's head, goggles for going swimming, and headphones for listening to music.

According to SplatoonJP, Forge produces military-style clothing and professional headphones.[1]

Logo in Splatoon

The Forge logo is a lettermark or letterform. It consists of a black circle, with an italicized F-shape inside, stylized to resemble a Splattershot. The F-shape is split into three parts - the bottom being the stem of the F, it is transparent and extends outside the edge of the circle, and has an attached shape that resembles the trigger guard of Splatoon's Splattershot. The middle and top portions are parallelograms that make up the middle bar and top arm of the F, with the middle being a transparent outline filled black, with an attached shape to resemble the barrel, and the top being solid yellow, representing the ink tank.

In Splatoon, there is bold and italicized black Inkling text below the logo, with the second letter ('o' shape) filled with the same yellow used in the logo. It is seemingly very stylized round script or bold script, mimicking the letters "Forリマ", which is similar to the brand's name in Japanese (フォーリマ Fōrima). This text does not appear on the main logo in the subsequent games, though it does still appear on some versions of it, and on some gear.


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Forge Headgear in Splatoon 2
Forge Shoes in Splatoon 2
Name Brand Availability Ability Star power Added in

Moist Ghillie Boots Moist Ghillie Boots Forge Forge Cash 8500 Object Shredder 2.0.0
Forge Headgear in Splatoon 3
Name Brand Availability Ability Star power Added in

Aux Boxes Aux Boxes Forge Forge Cash 3,000 Special Charge Up Drizzle Season 2023 (5.0.0)
Away-Team Catcher Away-Team Catcher Forge Forge Cash 7,700 Last-Ditch Effort Drizzle Season 2023 (5.0.0)
Barrelfish Headgear Barrelfish Headgear Forge Forge Cash 10,500 Run Speed Up Fresh Season 2024 (7.0.0)
Barrelfish Home Helmet Barrelfish Home Helmet Forge Forge Cash 3,500 Run Speed Up Sizzle Season 2023 (4.0.0)
Cephalo Pods Cephalo Pods Forge Forge Cash 1,980 Ink Recovery Up Drizzle Season 2022 (1.1.0)
Deca Tackle Visor Helmet Deca Tackle Visor Helmet Forge Forge Cash 10,100 Sub Power Up Fresh Season 2024 (7.0.0)
Designer Headphones Designer Headphones Forge Forge Cash 2,500 Ink Saver (Sub) Drizzle Season 2022 (1.1.0)
Digi-Camo Forge Mask Digi-Camo Forge Mask Forge Forge Cash 1,800 Swim Speed Up Fresh Season 2024 (7.0.0)
Forge Mask Forge Mask Forge Forge Cash 1,400 Intensify Action Drizzle Season 2022 (1.1.0)
Gas Mask Gas Mask Forge Forge Cash 11,000 Tenacity Fresh Season 2023 (3.0.0)
Hockey Helmet Hockey Helmet Forge Forge Cash 9,900 Intensify Action Drizzle Season 2022 (1.1.0)
Home-Team Catcher Home-Team Catcher Forge Forge Cash 1,960 Ink Resistance Up Drizzle Season 2022 (1.1.0)
Motocross Nose Guard Motocross Nose Guard Forge Forge Cash 7,600 Special Charge Up Fresh Season 2024 (7.0.0)
Noise Cancelers Noise Cancelers Forge Forge Cash 9,200 Quick Respawn Sizzle Season 2023 (4.0.0)
Ocho OctoPhones Ocho OctoPhones Forge Forge Cash 3,000 Opening Gambit Drizzle Season 2022 (1.1.0)
Ocho OctoPhones Blancos Ocho OctoPhones Blancos Forge Forge Cash 3,000 Ink Saver (Main) Chill Season 2022 (2.0.0)
Octo Tackle Helmet Deco Octo Tackle Helmet Deco Forge Forge Cash 8,888 Sub Resistance Up Chill Season 2022 (2.0.0)
Paintball Mask Paintball Mask Forge Forge Cash 10,000 Comeback Fresh Season 2023 (3.0.0)
Party Hard Hat Party Hard Hat Forge Forge Cash 12,000 Quick Super Jump Drizzle Season 2022 (1.1.0)
Pilot Goggles Pilot Goggles Forge Forge Cash 5,500 Sub Power Up Drizzle Season 2022 (1.1.0)
Safari Hat Safari Hat Forge Forge Cash 2,300 Last-Ditch Effort Fresh Season 2023 (3.0.0)
Scrum Cap Scrum Cap Forge Forge Cash 8,500 Special Saver Chill Season 2022 (2.0.0)
Skull Bandana Skull Bandana Forge Forge Cash 7,800 Special Saver Chill Season 2022 (2.0.0)
Snorkel Mask Snorkel Mask Forge Forge Cash 3,000 Ink Saver (Sub) Fresh Season 2023 (3.0.0)
Special-Forces Beret Special-Forces Beret Forge Forge Cash 9,700 Opening Gambit Fresh Season 2023 (3.0.0)
Splash Goggles Splash Goggles Forge Forge Cash 2,800 Sub Resistance Up Drizzle Season 2022 (1.1.0)
Squidfin Hook Cans Squidfin Hook Cans Forge Forge Cash 3,800 Ink Resistance Up Fresh Season 2024 (7.0.0)
Squidlife Headphones Squidlife Headphones Forge Forge Cash 7,070 Ink Recovery Up Drizzle Season 2022 (1.1.0)
Stealth Goggles Stealth Goggles Forge Forge Cash 9,800 Swim Speed Up Fresh Season 2023 (3.0.0)
Studio Headphones Studio Headphones Forge Forge Cash 2,800 Ink Saver (Main) Drizzle Season 2022 (1.1.0)
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter Forge Forge Cash 3,000 Ink Recovery Up Fresh Season 2023 (3.0.0)



Forge has gear with the label 'Deca'.



Forge has blazed a path as one of the first fashion gear brands in Inkopolis to blend utilitarian military looks with high fashion! Fans of the brand often hang out with one another in gatherings informally known as a Military School of Fish.

Splatoon 2

Forge is a brand that makes a variety of gear, all of which inspires a shocking degree of loyalty from their fans. They produce everything from authentic military fashion to high-tech headphones. One theory on why their line is so diverse is that their president has a lot of interests, and he designs and develops products that match his eclectic tastes. That particular vision has earned the brand a lot of support from their fans.

Splatoon 3

Another report, fresh from the Squid Research Lab Fashion Desk! (OK, it's my regular desk with a funny hat on it.) We're testing the new Airflow & Hustle Jacket from Forge with built-in ventilation! Perfect for heated battles in the Splatlands and staying cool at all times.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[4]


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Reaching a cumulative amount of stars on Forge gear will reward the player with badges.

Forge Badges
Combined Forge Gear at 30+ Stars
Combined Forge Gear at 100+ Stars



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese フォーリマ
Netherlands Dutch Forge -
Canada French (NOA) Fosia
France French (NOE) Focus -
Germany German Focus -
Italy Italian Fortia Latin for "strength"
Russia Russian Блиц
SpainMexico Spanish Forima From Japanese name
China Chinese (Simplified) 锻品
duàn pǐn (Mandarin)
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 鍛品
duàn pǐn (Mandarin)
South Korea Korean 포리마