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Emberz is a brand in Splatoon 3. Emberz gear accessories have a 5× higher chance to roll Intensify Action, and a 1/2× chance of Special Charge Up.

According to the Live from Squid Research Lab, Emberz makes its gear from a mixture of materials due to believing in denial and destruction of order.[1]


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Emberz Headgear in Splatoon 3
Emberz Shoes in Splatoon 3


Squid Research Lab back with a scorching-hot report on a new brand: Emberz! The brand has a rebellious vibe and was developed to reflect the ethos of the chaotic city of Splatsville. We can only hope that tweeting about it like this doesn't ruin its street cred.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[2]


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Reaching a cumulative amount of stars on Emberz gear will reward the player with badges.

Emberz Badges
S3 Badge Emberz 30.png Combined Emberz Gear at 30+ Stars
S3 Badge Emberz 100.png Combined Emberz Gear at 100+ Stars



Emberz is a corruption of "embers", which is a small piece of coal or wood in a dying fire.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese シチリン
Shichirin[note 1]
Netherlands Dutch Emberz
Canada French (NOA) Tizonius
France French (NOE) Apex
Germany German Shichiryn
Italy Italian Car-bon Separation of "Carbon" (Coal)
Russia Russian Грильяни
From гриль gril' (grill) and possibly Армани Armani (Armani, a popular clothing brand)
Spain Spanish Ascuax From "Ascuas" (Embers)
China Chinese (Simplified) 七轮
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 七輪
South Korea Korean 니들워크

Translation notes

  1. Shichirin is a type of small charcoal grill.