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Emberz is a brand in Splatoon 3. Emberz gear accessories have a 5× higher chance to roll Intensify Action, and a 1/2× chance of Special Charge Up.

According to the Live from Squid Research Lab, Emberz makes its gear from a mixture of materials due to believing in denial and destruction of order.[1]


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Emberz Headgear in Splatoon 3
Emberz Shoes in Splatoon 3


Squid Research Lab back with a scorching-hot report on a new brand: Emberz! The brand has a rebellious vibe and was developed to reflect the ethos of the chaotic city of Splatsville. We can only hope that tweeting about it like this doesn't ruin its street cred.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[2]


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Reaching a cumulative amount of stars on Emberz gear will reward the player with badges.

Emberz Badges
S3 Badge Emberz 30.png Combined Emberz Gear at 30+ Stars
S3 Badge Emberz 100.png Combined Emberz Gear at 100+ Stars



Emberz is a corruption of "embers", which is a small piece of coal or wood in a dying fire.

Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese シチリン
Shichirin[note 1]
Netherlands Dutch Emberz Same as English
Canada French (NOA) Tizonius from "Tison" (ember) and possibly the suffix "ius"
France French (NOE) Apex
Germany German Shichiryn Almost the same as Japanese
Italy Italian Car-bon Separation of "Carbon" (Coal)
Russia Russian Грильяни
From гриль gril' (grill) and possibly Армани Armani (Armani, a popular clothing brand)
Spain Spanish Ascuax From "Ascuas" (Embers)
China Chinese (Simplified) 七轮
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 七輪
South Korea Korean 니들워크

Translation notes

  1. Shichirin is a type of small charcoal grill.