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Z+F is a gear brand in Splatoon 3 and the first collaboration of two brands in the Splatoon series. It is formed by a merger between Zekko and Firefin.[1][2] Z+F gear is 5× chance to roll Special Saver as a secondary ability, and has 0.5× chance of rolling Ink Recovery Up.

It was introduced in Fresh Season 2023.


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SRL Fashion Desk taking over from Ballistics with big news... If you like Zekko and Firefin, you're going to love Z+F, a fresh new brand formed when the two joined forces! Drawing inspiration from hip-hop and skater roots, Z+F offers a vibrant lineup of street-savvy gear.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[2]


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Reaching a cumulative amount of stars on Z+F gear will reward the player with badges.

Z+F Badges
S3 Badge Z+F 30.png Combined Z+F Gear at 30+ Stars
S3 Badge Z+F 100.png Combined Z+F Gear at 100+ Stars




  • It is possible to attain the first Z+F badge just by completing the Fresh Season 2023 catalog, due to the gear items already totaling 30 stars.
  • Z+F is the first gear brand in Splatoon 3 to appear after its launch.
  • The common and uncommon abilities of Z+F are a combination of those of Zekko and Firefin. The common ability, Special Saver, is the same as that of Zekko. Likewise, the uncommon ability, Ink Recovery Up, is the same as that of Firefin.


The English name is derived from the initials of Zekko and Firefin.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese エゾッコリー
From エゾッコ Ezokko ("Zekko") and ホッコリー Hokkorī ("Firefin")
Netherlands Dutch Zekkofin From Zekko and Firefin
Canada French (NOA) E+A From Ezko ("Zekko"), + and Arki ("Firefin")
France French (NOE) E+F From Ezko ("Zekko"), + and Friture ("Firefin")
Germany German Zekkori From Zekko and Rilax ("Firefin")
Italy Italian E+T From Ezko ("Zekko"), + and Torryd ("Firefin")
Russia Russian ЙожкоТюр
From Йожко Yozhko ("Zekko") and Фритюр Frityur ("Firefin")
Mexico Spanish (NOA) ZyS From Zekko, y ("and") and Shachi (Firefin)
Spain Spanish (NOE) Ezkkor From Ezko ("Zekko") and Chokkor ("Firefin")
China Chinese (Simplified) 泽酷暖流
zékù nuǎnliú (Mandarin)
From 泽酷 zékù ("Zekko") and 暖流 nuǎnliú ("Firefin")
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 澤酷暖流
zékù nuǎnliú (Mandarin)
From 澤酷 zékù ("Zekko") and 暖流 nuǎnliú ("Firefin")
South Korea Korean 제코핀
From 제코 jeko ("Zekko") and 파이어 paieopin ("Firefin")
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese チゴフグ
fry of fugu
Netherlands Dutch Zekkie From Zekko and diminutive-forming suffix -ie
CanadaFrance French Frizko
Germany German Zeki From the German name for Z+F ("Zekkori") without the extra k and the or
Italy Italian EzTor
Russia Russian Тюшка
A combination of Фритюр Frityur (the Russian name of Firefin) and Йожко Yozhko (the Russian name of Zekko) in diminutive form
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Zofrito Comes from sofrito (seasoning used in Latin American cooking), which comes from the verb sofreír (to stir-fry or sautée)
Spain Spanish (NOE) Oskkar
China Chinese 幼河豚 fry of hétún
South Korea Korean 복어키드
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