Hat-Trick Bell Hat

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The Hat-Trick Bell Hat is headgear in Splatoon 3.

It is a 2-star item produced by Z+F and comes with the primary ability Ink Resistance Up. It can be obtained through leveling up the Fresh Season 2023 Catalog to level 100.


The Hat-Trick Bell Hat is a trio of Blowfish Bell Hats stacked on top of each other. The bottom hat is black, the middle hat changes color to match the player's ink color, and the top hat is white with a Z+F logo on it.

Splatoon 3

Hat-Trick Bell Hat
Hat-Trick Bell Hat
Cash 9,333
Star power


The Hat-Trick Bell Hat comes with Ink Resistance Up as the primary ability when purchased from a shop or ordered from Murch. When purchased from SplatNet 3, it comes with any other primary ability normally available to Headgear. As a 2-star item, the Hat-Trick Bell Hat comes with three additional slots for secondary abilities. The star level may be increased with Super Sea Snails for 1 (first), 1 (second), 5 (third), 10 (fourth), or 20 (fifth) Super Sea Snails per star, or by purchasing additional copies of it from Naut Couture for 10,000 (first), 30,000 (second), 50,000 (third), 100,000 (fourth), or 200,000 (fifth) Cash per star. Increasing the star level beyond 2 stars will increase the gear experience gained by a cumulative 3.333…% up to 10% additional experience at 5-star level. Since it is made by the Z+F gear brand, it has a higher chance of rolling Special Saver and a lower chance of rolling Ink Recovery Up to fill its secondary ability slots.



A hat-trick is a sports term generally used for scoring three times for a team, and is a reference to the three hats stacked together to make this hat.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese フグベルベルベルハット
Fugu Beru Beru Beru Hatto
Blowfish Bell Bell Bell Hat
Netherlands Dutch Trioklokhoed Trio bell hat
Canada French (NOA) Triple cloche E+A Triple bell Z+F[a]
France French (NOE) Triple cloche Friture Triple bell Firefin[b]
Germany German Trio-Glockenhut Trio Bell Hat
Italy Italian Tricappello a campana Bell trihat
Russia Russian Клош-трио «Фугасик»
Klosh-trio «Fugasik»
Cloche trio «FishFry»
SpainMexico Spanish Sombrero tricampana Tribell hat
China Chinese (Simplified) 河豚铃铛三层圆边帽
hétún língdāng sāncéng yuán biān mào (Mandarin)
Blowfish Bell Three-Layer Hat
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 河豚鈴鐺三層圓邊帽
hétún língdāng sāncéng yuán biān mào (Mandarin)
Blowfish Bell Three-Layer Hat
South Korea Korean 복어 벨벨벨 해트
bogeo belbelbel haeteu
Blowfish Bell Bell Bell Hat

Translation notes

  1. From this language's respective name for Z+F
  2. From this language's respective name for Firefin

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