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The Swim Cap is headgear in Splatoon 3.

It is a 1-star item produced by Emberz and comes with the primary ability Special Power Up. It must first be unlocked through leveling up the Drizzle Season 2023 Catalog to level 14, then it can be purchased from Naut Couture for Cash 3,200. It can only be ordered from another player after being unlocked.


The Swim Cap is a singular colored swimming cap that changes to match the user's ink color. A pair of multi-colored swimming goggles on a teal strap with a dark purple piece connecting the lenses is worn across the bottom of the cap. The Emberz logo is written on the middle of the swimming goggles and on the back of the cap. The Emberz icon is also on the left of the goggles in white.

Splatoon 3

Swim Cap
Swim Cap
Cash 3,200
Star power
Added in


The Swim Cap comes with Special Power Up as the primary ability. As a 1-star item, the Swim Cap comes with two additional slots for secondary abilities. The star level may be increased with Super Sea Snails for 1 (first), 1 (second), 5 (third), 10 (fourth), or 20 (fifth) Super Sea Snails per star, or by purchasing additional copies of it from Naut Couture for 10,000 (first), 30,000 (second), 50,000 (third), 100,000 (fourth), or 200,000 (fifth) Cash per star. Increasing the star level to 2 stars will add another secondary ability slot for a total of three slots. Increasing the star level beyond 2 stars will increase the gear experience gained by a cumulative 3.333…% up to 10% additional experience at 5-star level. Since it is made by the Emberz gear brand, it has a higher chance of rolling Intensify Action and a lower chance of rolling Special Charge Up to fill its secondary ability slot.



  • The Swim Cap is the only piece of gear in Splatoon 3 that allows the eyebrows to be seen of a player using the Banger hairstyle.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese スイムキャップ
Suimu kyappu
Swim cap
Netherlands Dutch Zwemmuts Swim cap
Canada French (NOA) Casque de bain Swim cap
France French (NOE) Bonnet de bain Bathing cap
Germany German Schwimmkappe Swim cap
Italy Italian Cuffia
Russia Russian Купальная шапочка
Kupal'naya shapochka
Swim cap
SpainMexico Spanish Gorro de natación Swimming cap
China Chinese (Simplified) 泳帽
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 泳帽
South Korea Korean 수영모 Same as Japanese

Translation notes