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For the 2022 season of the same name, see Drizzle Season 2022.

Drizzle Season 2023 was the fifth season of Splatoon 3. The season began on 1 September 2023 and ended on 1 December 2023.

Promo video of the season's content (link to video)


Main article: Catalog
Video showcasing the content of the season's catalog. (link to video)

A new catalog for this season was added. Like in previous seasons, all content included in this catalog will be available from the start until the end of the season. Titles, Tableturf Battle cards, food and drink tickets, and banners given are random unless specifically shown.

This catalog features a re-run of gear items previously seen in the Drizzle Season 2022 catalog, this time obtained in a set of Headgear, Clothing and Shoes sharing the same level.

Level Item Icon / Image
1 Banner
2 Title Positive - Alliance
3 Food Ticket Double EXP
4 Pack of Cards
5 Headgear Aux Boxes
6 Clothing Takoroka \m/ Crab
7 Shoes Blue & Black Squidkid III
8 Sticker CL-DDB hanging
9 Pack of Cards
10 Emote Deepest Cut
11 Decoration Splatfest Float tail
12 Food Ticket
13 Banner
14 Headgear Swim Cap
15 Clothing Dark Distressed Vest
16 Shoes Squid Bone Unslips
17 Sticker SCC-MRS sticker
18 Pack of Cards
19 Title
20 Drink Ticket
21 Banner
22 Pack of Cards
23 Headgear Away-Team Catcher
24 Clothing Takoroka \m/ Alien
25 Shoes Red & White Squidkid III
26 Mystery Box
27 Decoration floor cushion
28 Title
29 Sticker SCC-LAS graffiti
30 Food Ticket
31 Emote Down-Rock Pop
32 Headgear Urchin Understitch
33 Clothing Lime Hoodless
34 Shoes Red-Shift Moto Boots
35 Sticker SCC-BFF sticker
36 Pack of Cards
37 Drink Ticket
38 Banner
39 Pack of Cards
40 Emote Bashful Brag
41 Headgear Headlamp Hat
42 Clothing Plum Barazushi Wrap
43 Shoes Field Duck Boots
44 Title
45 Fresh Card Pack
46 Food Ticket
47 Sticker SCC-MEP graffiti
48 Title
49 Decoration Splatfest Float torso
50 Clothing King Mesh Tee
51 Mystery Box
52 Sticker CL-SFW sign
53 Banner
54 White Tee Outfit
Studio Headphones*
White Tee*
Pink Trainers*
55 Drink Ticket
56 Title
57 Sticker CL-DDP hanging
58 Pack of Cards
59 Food Ticket
60 Tentatek Tandem Outfit
Air Gills DX**
Tentatek Tandem**
Punk Pinks**
61 Title
62 Pack of Cards
63 Emote Robo-Flow
64 Sticker CL-RNF neon sign
65 Drink Ticket
66 Zink Layered LS Outfit
Pilot Goggles*
Zink Layered LS*
Purple Hi-Horses*
67 Decoration studio TV
68 Title
69 Food Ticket
70 Banner
71 Pack of Cards
72 Lime BlobMob Tee Outfit
Retro BluFocals**
Lime BlobMob Tee**
Skipjack Work Boots**
73 Sticker SCC-CCB sticker
74 Emote Spinnin' Salute
75 Mystery Box
76 Title
77 Pack of Cards
78 Sudadera Celeste Outfit
Sudadera Celeste**
Cuttlefish Sandies**
79 Drink Ticket
80 Banner
81 Sticker CL-HMT sticker
82 Decoration Splatfest Float head
83 Pack of Cards
84 Annaki Bracelet Tee Outfit
Classic Straw Boater*
Annaki Bracelet Tee**
Red Hammertreads**
85 Emote Upperkick Crouch
86 Sticker SCC-ZZ graffiti
87 Title
88 Food Ticket
89 Pack of Cards
90 Lime Battlecrab Shell Outfit
Retro Framers**
Lime Battlecrab Shell**
Blue Shrimpsiders**
91 Title
92 Drink Ticket
93 Pack of Cards
94 Banner
95 Distressed Vest Outfit
Glassless Glasses**
Distressed Vest**
Ink-Black Clam 600s**
96 Title Dim - Bard
97 Sticker CL-SFT
98 Decoration neon Deep Cut sign
99 Mystery Box
100 Headgear Triple-Deck Specs**
* Returning gear items from previous games not exclusive to the catalog.
** Returning gear items that were previously exclusive to the Drizzle Season 2022 catalog.


This season added 8 variants of already existing weapons and introduced 2 new weapon types for the Slosher and Splatling classes respectively.

Weapon types introduced in Drizzle Season 2023
Main #ID Sub Special Special Points Level Price Class Introduced
Dread Wringer 3050 Suction Bomb Reefslider 190p 15 Sheldon License 1 Slosher Drizzle Season 2023 (5.0.0)
Heavy Edit Splatling 4050 Curling Bomb Tacticooler 190p 13 Sheldon License 1 Splatling Drizzle Season 2023 (5.0.0)
Weapon variants introduced in Drizzle Season 2023
Main #ID Sub Special Special Points Level Price Class Introduced

Gold Dynamo Roller 1021 Splat Bomb Super Chump 190p 17 Sheldon License 1 Roller Drizzle Season 2023 (5.0.0)
Custom Goo Tuber 2061 Fizzy Bomb Ultra Stamp 200p 28 Sheldon License 1 Charger Drizzle Season 2023 (5.0.0)
Sloshing Machine Neo 3021 Point Sensor Trizooka 190p 21 Sheldon License 1 Slosher Drizzle Season 2023 (5.0.0)
Bloblobber Deco 3031 Angle Shooter Kraken Royale 200p 23 Sheldon License 1 Slosher Drizzle Season 2023 (5.0.0)
Ballpoint Splatling Nouveau 4031 Ink Mine Ink Vac 200p 30 Sheldon License 1 Splatling Drizzle Season 2023 (5.0.0)
Sorella Brella 6001 Autobomb Inkjet 190p 19 Sheldon License 1 Brella Drizzle Season 2023 (5.0.0)
Octobrush Nouveau 1111 Squid Beakon Ink Storm 180p 9 Sheldon License 1 Brush Drizzle Season 2023 (5.0.0)
Inkline Tri-Stringer 7011 Sprinkler Super Chump 190p 11 Sheldon License 1 Stringer Drizzle Season 2023 (5.0.0)

The Grizzco Dualies were added, being available during certain wildcard rotations in Salmon Run Next Wave.


Main article: Gear

New gear

16 new pieces of gear were added with Drizzle Season 2023.

Returning gear

Shop screen for purchasing Splatoon 2's Salmon Run gear rewards to use in regular battles

The following Salmon Run gear made a return as purchasable gear rewards in Salmon Run Next Wave:



Stage Notes Release date
Crableg Capital
Crableg Capital
Crableg Capital, a skyscraper under construction. The stage was announced on 16 August 2023 in the Drizzle Season announcement. 1 September 2023

Shipshape Cargo Co.
Shipshape Cargo Co., an oil rig in a polar environment. The stage was announced on 16 August 2023 in the Drizzle Season announcement. 1 September 2023

Salmon Run Next Wave Stage

Stage Notes Release date

Salmonid Smokeyard
Salmonid Smokeyard, a returning stage from Splatoon 2. The stage was announced to return on 16 August 2023 in the Sizzle Season announcement. 1 September 2023

Seasonal rewards

The Shell-Out Machine features a rare title and banner.

Seasonal reward Chance
Banner 0.1%
Title Astonishing - Point Guard 0.3%

Locker customizations

Drizzle Season 2023 added over 318 new locker customization items: 166 decorations and 158 stickers.

  • 18 total customizations are available for purchase at Hotlantis and the Shell-Out Machine after being unlocked in the seasonal Catalog: 6 decorations and 12 stickers.
  • 300 total customizations are available for purchase at Hotlantis and the Shell-Out Machine: 160 decorations and 140 stickers.
  • 8 total new customizations will be available for purchase at the Grizzco Shop: 3 decorations and 5 stickers.


Unusually, Drizzle Season 2023 featured both a Big Run and a Splatfest event in the same month.

Big Run

Stage Notes Event dates

Um'ami Ruins
Um'ami Ruins is the fourth multiplayer stage to be played on during Big Run. This Big Run event debuted a new Rare weapon: the Grizzco Dualies. 2 September 2023 to 4 September 2023

Eggstra Work

Stage Notes Event dates

Spawning Grounds
The third Eggstra Work event took place on this stage with the .52 Gal, the Splatana Wiper, the Flingza Roller, and the Tri-Stringer. 4 November 2023 to 6 November 2023


Theme Region Notes Event dates

Shiver vs. Frye vs. Big Man
Global This special Splatfest was held in commemoration of the game's first anniversary. 9 September 2023 to 11 September 2023

Zombie vs. Skeleton vs. Ghost
Global This special Splatfest featured a Halloween theme. 28 October 2023 to 30 October 2023

Kaiten-yaki vs. Ōban-yaki vs. Imagawa-yaki
Japan 18 November 2023 to 20 November 2023

Handshake vs. Fist Bump vs. Hug
Americas, Europe, Oceania 18 November 2023 to 20 November 2023


Name Stages Mode Duration
New Season Challenge
Crableg Capital

Shipshape Cargo Co.
Turf War 3 September 2023
04:00 UTC - 06:00 UTC
12:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC
20:00 UTC - 22:00 UTC
Work the Angles
Museum d'Alfonsino

Inkblot Art Academy
Splat Zones 7 September 2023
02:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC
10:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC
18:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC
Tournament Test Run (Japan)
Scorch Gorge

Eeltail Alley
Turf War 12 September 2023
10:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC
Swim It to Win It
Um'ami Ruins

Hammerhead Bridge
Splat Zones 16 September 2023
04:00 UTC - 06:00 UTC
12:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC
20:00 UTC - 22:00 UTC
Tournament Qualifiers (Japan)
Scorch Gorge

Eeltail Alley
Turf War 17 September 2023
22:00 UTC - 00:00 UTC
Inkjets for Everyone!

Humpback Pump Track
Splat Zones 28 September 2023
02:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC
10:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC
18:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC
Monthly Challenge
Hammerhead Bridge

Wahoo World
Clam Blitz 30 September 2023
04:00 UTC - 06:00 UTC
12:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC
20:00 UTC - 22:00 UTC
Modded Rainmaker Test-Fire
Inkblot Art Academy

Humpback Pump Track
Rainmaker 9 October 2023
02:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC
10:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC
18:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC
Monthly Challenge

Brinewater Springs
Splat Zones 15 October 2023
04:00 UTC - 06:00 UTC
12:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC
20:00 UTC - 22:00 UTC
Sheldon's Dress-Up Showdown
Um'ami Ruins

Barnacle & Dime
Tower Control 22 October 2023
04:00 UTC - 06:00 UTC
12:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC
20:00 UTC - 22:00 UTC
Barrel of Splats
Undertow Spillway

Flounder Heights
Tower Control 25 October 2023
02:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC
10:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC
18:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC
Reefslider Rally
Brinewater Springs

Mahi-Mahi Resort
Turf War 3 November 2023
02:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC
10:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC
18:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC
Tournament Test Run (Japan)
Hagglefish Market

Undertow Spillway
Turf War 7 November 2023
10:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC
Duel of Dynamic Duos
Crableg Capital

Shipshape Cargo Co.
Tower Control 11 November 2023
04:00 UTC - 06:00 UTC
12:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC
20:00 UTC - 22:00 UTC
Tournament Qualifiers (Japan)
Hagglefish Market

Undertow Spillway
Turf War 12 November 2023
10:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC
Modded Rainmaker Test-Fire
Inkblot Art Academy

Humpback Pump Track
Rainmaker 23 November 2023
02:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC
10:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC
18:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC
Monthly Challenge
Inkblot Art Academy

Mincemeat Metalworks
Rainmaker 25 November 2023
04:00 UTC - 06:00 UTC
12:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC
20:00 UTC - 22:00 UTC



SRL here with a whole lot of research for you. Buckle your science belt - this is good stuff!

First up, Drizzle Season 2023 drops on 9/1, and our Video Team has uncovered this trailer. Are those new weapons we spy? New stages?! See for yourself!

— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]
☑️ New weapons

☑️ Brand new stages
☑️ Returning Salmon Run stage

🌧 Drizzle Season will rain down a deluge of new content for #Splatoon3 when it begins on 01/09! Peep the trailer to see what's on the way

— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[2]


Translation needed
Add French (NOA), Italian, both Spanish, both Chinese, Korean. Translate Japanese. edit


Dialogue Dialogue Region

Big Man
“Ay! Ay! (Yes! The new season has started!)”
“Ahahaha! Yes! I'm here for it.”

“Well, well! Let's see what Frye is here for, shall we?”

“I'm here for the shiny new weapons, duh!”
Big Man
“Ay. Ay? (These look cool. Are any of 'em fin operated? Asking for me.)”
“So pretty... Which one will be my new main? I'll have to splat test 'em all...”

“Knock yourself out. I'll just listen to what Sheldon says. I might be the only one...”

“Listening? No time for it. Not when NEW STAGES JUST DROPPED!”
Big Man
“Ay. Ay! (I'll still make time for listening. But those new stages do look good...)”
“You mean good for battling, right? 'Cause that's what they're there for!”
“Full splat ahead!”
“Up next, we have the latest from Grizzco Industries.”

“It looks like Grizzco has opened up a new job site!”
Big Man
“Ay. Ay? (Oh. That's it, huh? I was picturing more of an open office with foosball...)”
“Looks like it's ripe for collecting Golden Eggs to me. Employee of the Month, here I come!”
Big Man
“Ay... (Just...try not to fall into the ocean this time...)”


Dialogue Dialogue Region

「エイエ〜イ!(新しいシーズンが 始まりました〜!)」

「はてさて 何ができるようになったんか、

新しいブキが 追加されたんじゃな!」

「これは ブキチはんのお話が楽しみどすなぁ…」

新しいステージも 追加されたんか!」
バトルのステージに 選ばれるようになったし、

「バイトで 新しい現場に行けるようになったんやって」
「エイ!(はりきりすぎて 海に落っこちないでね!)」


Dialogue Dialogue Region

“Ay! Ay! (Ja! Tijd voor een fris en fruitig
nieuw seizoen!)”

(Ay! Ay! ((Yes! Time for a bright and early new season!))

“Ahahaha! Jahaa! Dit is zo mijn ding!”

(Ahahaha! Yahaa! This is so my thing!)
“Nou, nou! Laten we eens kijken wat Muriëls
ding dan wel niet is...”

(Well, well! Let's see what Frye's thing is not all about then...)

“Ik loop altijd warm voor spetterende
nieuwe wapens!”

(I always warm to splat-tacular new wapens!)
“Ay. Ay? (Coooool. Kun je ze ook met vinnen
bedienen? Dat vraag ik voor... eh, mezelf.)”

(Ay. Ay? (Coooool. Can you operate them with fins too? I'm asking that for... uh, myself.))
“Wat blinken ze mooi... Welke is mijn nieuwe
favoriet? Ik moet ze allemaal uitproberen...”

(How beautifully they shine... Which one is my new favorite? I'll have to try them all out...)

“Doe je best. Ik luister wel gewoon naar wat
Krabbert te zeggen heeft. Als enige, geloof ik.”

(Whatever you want. I'll be listening to what Sheldon has to say. Being the only one, I believe.)

“Luisteren? Geen tijd voor! Niet als er net

(Listening? No time for that! Not when NEW LEVELS have just BEEN ANNOUNCED!)
“Ay. Ay! (Wij luisteren wel, dus je hoeft niet zo
te gillen. Maar nieuwe levels, dat klinkt goed!)”

(Ay. Ay! (We do listen, so you don't have to scream that much. But new levels, that sounds good!))
“Goed om in te vechten! Tijd om die
smetteloze nieuwe levels onder te kliederen!”

(Good to battle in! Time to get those spotless new levels covered!)
“Ik kan niet wachten om er een kleurige
bende van te maken!”

(I can't wait to make a colorful mess of it!)
“Beer & Co heeft weer een nieuwtje!”

(Grizzco has another piece of news!)

“Volgens betrouwbare bronnen heeft
Beer & Co een nieuwe werkplek geopend.”

(According to reliable sources, Grizzco has opened a new workplace.)
“Ay? Ay... (Dat is hem dus? Ik rekende meer op
een zonnige lobby met een tafelvoetbaltafel...)”

(Ay? Ay... (So that's it? I was counting more on a sunny lobby with a foosball table...))
“Gouden eieren in overvloed daar, zo te zien.
'Werknemer van de maand' is voor mij!”

(Golden eggs in abundance there, by the looks of it. "Employee of the Month" is for me!)
“Ay... (Zorg maar gewoon dat je niet WEER
in de zee kukelt...)”

(Ay... (Just make sure you don't stumble into the sea, AGAIN...))

FranceFrench (France)

Dialogue Dialogue Region

« Ay! Ay! (Ça y est! La nouvelle saison
a commencé!) »

(Ay! Ay! (It's here! The new season has started!)

« Ha ha ha ha! C'est bien pour ça que
le suis là. »

(Ha ha ha ha! That's why I'm here.)
« Eh bien, voyons ce qui nous attend! »

(Well, let's see what awaits us!)

« Regardez-moi ces armes flambant neuves! »

(Look at these brand new weapons!)
« Ay. Ay? (Eh, elles sont pas mal. On peut s'en servir avec des nageoires?) »

(Ay. Ay? (Eh, they're not bad. Can you use them with fins?))
« Je sais pas laquelle choisir... Je vais devoir
tout les tester, du coup! »

(I don't know which one to choose...I'll have to try all of them out!)

« Moi, je vais demander son avis à Cartouche.
Ça fera au moins une personne qui l'écoute. »

(I'm going to ask Sheldon for his opinion. At least there's one person who listens to him.)

« J'ai pas le temps pour son blabla!
De nouveaux stagesviennent d'arriver! »

(I don't have the time for your blabbering! New stages just arrived!)
« Ay... (J'écouterai ce qu'il a à dire, mais...
j'avoue que ces stages donnent envie...) »

(Ay. Ay! (I'll listen to what he has to say, but...I admit that these stages make me want...))
« Donnent envie d'enchaîner les matchs,
tu veux dire? Parce que c'est l'idée! »

(Want to do some battles, you mean? Because that's the idea!)
« L'encre va couler à flots! »

(The ink will flow freely!)
« Sans transitions, les dernières nouvelles
de M. Ours SA. »

(Moving on, the latest news from Grizzco.)

« On dirait que M. Ours SA a inauguré
un nouveau site de missions. »

(It looks like Grizzco has opened a new mission site.)
« Ay? (Ah, c'était ça? Moi qui imaginais un
open-space avec baby-foot et tout...) »

(Ay? (Was that it? I imagined an open space with foosball/table football and everything...))
« En tout cas, ça sent les œufs dorés à plein
nez! L'employée du mois, ce sera moi! »

(In any case, it smells like Golden Eggs! The employee of the month will be me!)
« Ay... (Essaie déjà de pas tomber à la
flotte comme la dernière fois...) »

(Ay... (Just try not to fall into the water again like the last time...))


Dialogue Dialogue Region

„Ay! Ay! (Hurra! Die neue Saison hat offiziell begonnen!)“

(Ay! Ay! (Hurray! The new season officially begun!))

„Flunderprächtig! Bin SO WAS von am Feiern!“

(Magnificent! Let's celebrate!)
„Und was Muri so Schönes feiert, das spielen wir gleich mal ein.“

(And whatever Frye is celebrating for, we'll find out.)

„Und zwar mit einer von diesen neuen Waffen!“

(And I'll do it with these new weapons!)
„Ay. Ay? (Die sehen cool aus. Auch was dabei, was man per Flosse bedienen kann?)“

(Ay. Ay? (They look cool. Can they be operated with fins?))
Notes: The dialogue is re-used, so it does not flow well/match together as accurately as before.
„Klasse Zeug! Welche davon nehme ich? Die muss ich alle erst mal testen...“

(Great selection! Which one do I choose? I have to test them all first...)

„Mach nur. Ich hör auf das, was Arty sagt. Da bin ich vielleicht die einzige...“

(Do whatever you please. I'll just listen to whatever Sheldon has to say, maybe I'm the only one who does that...)

„Keine Zeit für wochenlanges Gelaber. Schon gar nicht, wenn es neue Arenen gibt!“

(No time for week-long-babbling. Definitely not when there are new stages!)
„Ay. Ay! (So viel Zeit muss sein. Aber die neuen Arenen sehen schon gut aus...)“

(Ay. Ay! (He doesn't talk for that long. But those new stages do look good...))
„Du meinst gut fürs Kämpfen, oder? Dafür sind sie nämlich da!“

(You mean for battling, right? Because that's what they're for!)
„Volle Kleckskraft voraus!“

(Full splat ahead!)
„Neues von der Bär GmbH!“

(News from Grizzco!)

„Dazu fliegt die Bär GmbH nun ein brandneues Einsatzgebiet an.“

(And now, Grizzco is flying to a brand new area for work.)
„Ay? Ay... (Wie bitte? Dafür ist Geld da, aber für 'nen Kickertisch im Foyer nicht...)“

(Ay? Ay... (Excuse me? So there's money for that but not enough money for a foosball table in the lobby...))
„Dort kann man sicher tonnenweise frische Gold-Fischeier sammeln. ERSTE IM HELI!“

(You can surely collect a ton of golden eggs there. I CALL FIRST ON THE HELI!)
„Ay? Ay... (Aber schnall dich schön an, ja? Ehe du Erste im Runterfliegen wirst...)“

(Ay? Ay... (But buckle up first, okay? Before you fall...))


Dialogue Dialogue Region

Биг Ман
«Ик! Ик! (Ура, начался новый сезон

(Ay! Ay! (Hooray, the new season has started!))

«Круть! У меня уже щупальца чешутся!»

(Cool! My tentacles are already itchy!)
«Ну, раз так, давайте глянем, что он принесет Мурии! И всем нам, конечно.»

(Well, if so, let's see what it brings to Frye! And all of us, of course.)

«Это новое оружие меня не подведет!»

(This new weapon won't let me down!)
Биг Ман
«Ик. Ик-ик? (Хороши! Там есть что-то для меня? С плавниковым управлением?)»

(Ay. Ay-ay? (Looks good! Is there something for me? Something fin operated?))
«Крутецкие плюхоплюшечки... Кто из вас будет основным? Испытаю-ка я их в бою!»

(Cool splatty stuff... Which of you will be main? I'll test them in battle!)

«Ага, ты испытывай, а я у Пушкина спрошу. Похоже, больше никто не догадался.»

(Yeah, you test, and I'll ask Sheldon. Looks like no one else came up with this.)

«Спрашивать? У кого есть время на болтовню, когда у нас тут НОВЫЕ АРЕНЫ?!»

(Ask? Who has time to chat when we have NEW ARENAS here?)
Биг Ман
«Ик. Ик! (Я бы тоже послушал его советы. Но эти арены так манят к себе...)»

(Ay. Ay! (I'd also listen to his advices. But these arenas are so beckoning...))
«Главное, чтобы они были функциональными. В бою одного внешнего вида мало!»

(The main thing for them is to be functional. In battle, appearance alone is not enough!)
«Полный вперед с полным краскометом!»

(Full speed ahead with a full shooter!)
«Кстати, поступили очередные новости от «Потапыч Inc.».»

(By the way, we received another news from «Grizzco».)

«Похоже, что «Потапыч Inc.» открывает новую рабочую зону

(Looks like «Grizzco» opens the new job site.)
Биг Ман
«Ик? Ик... (Ну вот, а когда будет помещение для отдыха? С настольным футболом...)»

(Ay? Ay... (Damn, when are they going to make a rest room? With table football...))
«Футбол? Обойдусь! Лучше насобираю тонну золотой икры и стану сотрудником месяца!»

(Football? I don't need one! I'll better collect tons of Golden Eggs and will become the employee of the month!)
Биг Ман
«Ик... (Ага, если не поскользнешься и не ударишь лицом в краску, как в тот раз...)»

(Ay... (Yeah, if you don't slip and hit the ink with your face like the last time...))
Notes: Big Man's quote comes from the phrase "ударить в грязь лицом" ("to hit the dirt with your face") which means "to fail", "to have an egg on one's face".


  • This is the first season to introduce two brand-new stages.
  • This is the first season not to include any new Shooter or Blaster class weapons.
  • This is the first season to have more than two Splatfests.
    • This is also the first season to have a Splatfest and Big Run in the same month.
    • This would also be the case with Fresh Season 2024.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 2023秋 Drizzle Season
2023 aki Drizzle Season
Autumn 2023 Drizzle Season
Netherlands Dutch Stormseizoen 2023 Storm season 2023
CanadaFrance French Saison des averses 2023 Season of shower 2023
Germany German Sturmsaison 2023 Storm Season 2023
Italy Italian Stagione piovosa 2023 Rainy season 2023
Russia Russian Мокрый сезон 2023
Mokryy sezon 2023
Wet season 2023
SpainMexico Spanish Temporada lluviosa 2023 Rainy season 2023
China Chinese 2023 秋 Drizzle Season
2023 qiū Drizzle Season (Mandarin)
2023 cau1 Drizzle Season (Cantonese)
Autumn 2023 Drizzle Season
South Korea Korean 2023 가을 Drizzle Season
2023 ga-eul Drizzle Season
Autumn 2023 Drizzle Season