Cuttlefish Sandies

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The Cuttlefish Sandies is a pair of shoes in Splatoon 3.
In Splatoon 3, they are a 0-star item produced by Rockenberg and come with the primary ability Ink Recovery Up. They can be purchased from Crush Station for Cash 850 or from SplatNet 3 Shop for Cash 2,125.


The Cuttlefish Sandies are a pair of brown, leather huarache. The wearer's feet are held in place with many leather straps attached to a strip resembling a fishtail with a Rockenberg logo engraved on it's upper part. The midsole is noticeably darker and sewn together with a black sole.

Splatoon 3

Cuttlefish Sandies
Cuttlefish Sandies
Cash 850
SplatNet 3
Cash 2,125


The Cuttlefish Sandies comes with Ink Recovery Up as the primary ability when purchased from shop or ordered from Murch. As a 0-star item, the Cuttlefish Sandies comes with one additional slot for secondary abilities. The star level may be increased with a Super Sea Snail, or by purchasing additional copies of it from Crush Station for 10,000 (first), 30,000 (second), 50,000 (third), 100,000 (fourth), or 200,000 (fifth) Cash per star. Increasing the star level to 1 or 2 stars will also add another secondary ability slot to the Cuttlefish Sandies. Increasing the star level beyond 2 stars will increase the gear experience gained by the Cuttlefish Sandies by a cumulative 3.333...% up to 10% additional experience at five-star level. Since it is made by the Rockenberg brand, it has a higher chance of rolling Run Speed Up and a lower chance of rolling Swim Speed Up to fill its secondary ability slots.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese フィッシュボーンワラチ
fisshubōn warachi
Fishbone Huaraches
Netherlands Dutch Sepiasandalen Sepia sandals
Canada and France French Sandales arêtes Fishbone sandals
Germany German Gräten-Sandalen Fishbone Sandals
Italy Italian Sandalisca di pesce -
Russia Russian Сандалии «Рыбья кость»
Sandalii «Ryb'ya kost'»
«Fish bone» sandals
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Huaraches marrones Huaraches brown
Spain Spanish (NOE) Sandalia raspa de pez Fishbone sandal
China Chinese (Simplified) 鱼骨编织凉鞋
yúgǔ biānzhīliáng xié (Mandarin)
Fishbone Woven Sandals
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 魚骨編織涼鞋
yúgǔ biānzhīliáng xié (Mandarin)
Fishbone Woven Sandals
South Korea Korean 피시 본 우라치
pisi bon urachi
Fishbone Huaraches