Trifecta Sandals

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The Trifecta Sandals are a pair of shoes in Splatoon 3.

They are a 0-star item produced by Z+F and come with the primary ability Special Charge Up. It is available from the Switch News channel as a promotion for the Baby Chicks vs. Li'l Bunnies vs. Bear Cubs Splatfest. They cannot be ordered from another player.


The Trifecta Sandals are a pair of white sandals with a brown patterned strap with a variation of the Deep Cut logo, worn with gray socks with Deep Cut's wordmark in orange in the cuff. When adjusted, the socks are removed.

Splatoon 3

Trifecta Sandals
Trifecta Sandals
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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese サンモンヨウシャワサン
Sanmonyō Shawa San
Tri-patterned Sandals
Netherlands Dutch Triarchiesandalen Triarchy sandals
CanadaFrance French Sandales de trio
Germany German Trio-Schlappen
Italy Italian Ciabatte Trio Trio Slippers
Russia Russian Сланцы «Трио»
Stantsy «Trio»
«Trio» slates
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Chanclas trío
Spain Spanish (NOE) Chancla trío
China Chinese (Simplified) 三重花纹浴室拖鞋
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 三重花紋浴室拖鞋
South Korea Korean 삼 문양 슬리퍼
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