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Throughout the Splatoon series, many fictional musicians and bands have provided the music for turf war, the single-player campaigns, and more.

Bands in Splatoon

Fictional Band Squid Research Description Music description Number of songs Number of members Instruments
S Band Squid Squad.jpg
Squid Squad
This group of squid punks is the Squid Squad. They're one of Inkopolis's hottest acts, and their tracks can be heard as background music during many of the Inkling Turf Wars. Sadly, their shows sell out instantly and they're always being mobbed by fans, so they don't make public appearances very often.
Squid Squads music combines a mixture of rock, punk rock, synthesizers and heavy metal. It is possibly Splatoon's most recognizable band, as the theme "Splattack!" could be seen as the series main theme. 8 4 (3 male, 1 female) Vocals, guitar, synthesizer, bass, drums
S Band Chirpy Chips.jpg
Chirpy Chips
These guys are the Chirpy Chips. With their sea anemone lead singer and a sparkling electronic sound, this unique four-piece has been setting the Inkopolis Top 40 on fire! Take a listen to their latest single, Shellfie, which is also the background music you'll be hearing during battles now!
Chirpy Chips music focuses on heavily fast paced chiptune and 8-bit music with slight elements of punk and breakcore. 2 (in Splatoon) 4 (1 male, 1 female, 2 unknown) Vocals, synthesizer, guitar, bass, drums
S Band Hightide Era.png
Hightide Era
The band name Hightide Era refers to both the full and brimming nature of the group's sound and also the ecological realities of the world they live in. Let's not worry too much about whether Inklings actually understand English or not, 'kay? Kay.
Hightide Era is a mainly piano-rock band, as well as mixing up parts of jazz and punk. 2 3 (1 male, 2 unknown) Vocals, piano, guitar, drums
S Band Bob Dub.jpgBob Dub No Squid Research description Bob Dub's only song, Dubble Bath, a song used in the loading screen in multiplayer, consists of a slow reggae type beat, consisting of various bubble affects. 1 1 (male, assumed Inkling) Vocals, drums, guitar, steel pan drum
S Band DJ Lee Fish.jpg
DJ Lee Fish
No Squid Research description DJ Lee Fish's only song is Lookin' Fresh, consisting of 4 variants used as the shop theme. The song consists of an almost rap like vocalist with various filters put over depending on the shop it is heard in. 1 1 (unknown, possible jellyfish) Vocals, guitar, drums, bass
S Band Turquoise October.jpg
Turquoise October
No Squid Research description Turquoise October's music is heard in the Single-player campaign Octo valley . Their music features heavy emphasis on synthesizers and sound effects. The genre is hard to define, as it uses a very unusual mixtures of instruments and sound effects with unorthodox production, although chiptune can be a common theme. Genre's involved include chiptune, industrial, electronic and orchestra. 6 Unknown (possible Octarian) Various (mainly synthesizer, pitch-shifted sound effects and chiptune, percussion).

Bands in Splatoon 2

Bands included may also be in the original Splatoon, including Turquoise October, Squid Sisters and Chirpy Chips.

Fictional Band Squid Research Description Music description Number of songs Number of members Instruments
S2 Band Turquoise October.jpg
Turquoise October
No Squid Research description Similarly to their music in the original Splatoon, their music focuses heavily on sampling and pitch-shifting of sound effects, possibly Octarian. However, in Splatoon 2, they begin to incorporate guitar sections much more frequently and drop the frequent references to chiptune in their music. Certain sound effects from the first game, such as the burping sound effect from Cephaloparade returns. Genre's include electronic, dance and breakcore. 6 Unknown (possible Octarian) Various (focus on percussion, vocals, synthesizers, guitar, samples)
S2 Band Dedf1sh.jpg
Everyone, meet Dedf1sh. Previously a promising, up and coming DJ, her pursuit of breakbeat perfection eventually led her to a subterranean test facility, where she was "sanitized." Though little of her former self remains, she continues crafting DJ delicacies, and the halls of the test facility echo with her bumping tracks to this very day.
Dedf1sh focuses heavily on the vaporwave and Lo-fi genre as well as incorporating elements of rock, EDM, funk, rap, ska and dance. Elements of Breakcore can be heard in Splattack! (Octo). Her music is heard throughout the Octo Expansion DLC. 15 1 (female) Various (focus on vocals, percussion, synthesizers, samples, guitar)


  • Dedf1sh has the most songs out of all musicians, with 15 total songs.
  • Turquoise October, Chirpy Chips, Squid Sisters and Bob Dub are the only musicians to appear in both Splatoon and Splatoon 2.