Gold Dynamo Roller

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Gold Dynamo Roller
Gold Dynamo Roller HQ.png
Type Main, Roller
Level Unlocked 20 (Requires DJ Octavio Sunken Scroll)
Cost Cash 25,000
Splash Damage 25–125
Roll Damage 160
72 / 100
Ink Speed
30 / 100
18 / 100
Sub Weapon S Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png Splat Bomb
Special Weapon S Weapon Special Inkstrike.png Inkstrike
Special Depletion Specdep icon.png Heavy

The Gold Dynamo Roller is a Main Weapon in Splatoon.


Like all rollers, the Gold Dynamo Roller can cover turf while in motion and fling a large amount of ink at medium range. This weapon is identical to the Dynamo Roller in terms of range, speed, weight, and power. It comes in a set with the Splat Bomb and Inkstrike, and can only be purchased after collecting the Sunken Scroll from the DJ Octavio Boss Battle.

A Dynamo Roller with rearranged sub and special weapons. Lure the enemy out of hiding with the sub weapon, and then unleash the full force of your powerful roller.
— In-Game Description
Sheldon's Introduction

The Gold Dynamo Roller is another roller I designed. It boasts the same power as the standard Dynamo Roller! I think the Dynamo Roller's offensive power nicely complements the reliable Splat Bombs and Inkstrike!

Combine them all, and your attacks will hit home with unprecedented force! Your foes will flee before you!



This is a well-rounded loadout, ideal for ink coverage and offensive pushes. Splat Bombs offer additional ranged damage, helping scatter opponents and forcing them where you want them. Inkstrike gives the loadout even more offensive range, great for contesting Splat Zones without putting yourself at risk.
— Splatoon Prima Guide


Version history


  • Amount of time needed before the ink begins filling after swinging the roller increased.
  • Players can only splat their opponents in one hit if they hit with the center of the roller.
  • Opponents cannot be splatted in one hit when the player is out of ink.
  • Calculation method for damage when the roller is repeatedly swung modified.


  • Special gauge loss: 50% → up to 75%
  • Swim speed decreased by about 10%.


  • When using the ink fling attack, decreased the central zone in which it was possible to splat an opponent with a single attack by 18%.
  • Increased damage dealt when flinging ink to attack the barrier around the Rainmaker in Rainmaker mode by 12%.
  • Time taken to begin recovering ink after ink fling attack: 1.17 seconds → 1.33 seconds

Recommended Abilities

Damage Up Damage Up

Damage Up significantly increases the Dynamo's effective range to splat, preventing even more enemies from escaping and allowing for greater ease in splatting.

Swim Speed Up Swim Speed Up

As the Dynamo Roller is one of few weapons to have its base swim speed reduced, Swim Speed Up serves to mitigate said reduction and enable the Dynamo Roller to have greater mobility in splatting and generally completing the objective.

Ink Recovery Up Ink Recovery Up

The heavy ink consumption of the Gold Dynamo Roller may also necessitate Ink Recovery Up, which increases the ink recovery rate in squid form, allowing the a player wielding the Gold Dynamo Roller to spend less time recharging their ink tank, and allowing players to refill their ink tank whilst swimming behind the seeker

Ink Resistance Up Ink Resistance Up

Getting stuck in ink is a death sentence for the Gold Dynamo Roller, because of its slow flick speed. Ink Resistance Up will make the player less likely to get stuck in ink.

Stealth Jump Stealth Jump

A surprise Gold Dynamo Roller is devastating to the enemy team, especially on Tower Control. Equip Stealth Jump to jump to safely jump to a location that catches the enemy off guard.

Comeback Comeback

This ability works best for the Dynamo Roller, serving every need a Dynamo Roller player could ask for. Swim Speed mitigates the swim speed reduction of the roller, Ink Saver Main allows players to gain one additional flick with the Dynamo, and Ink Recovery allows players to have greater map presence. This ability fares extremely well with the Dynamo. More frequent deaths are common with the Dynamo Roller with an aggressive playstyle, thus Haunt allows for regular tagging of opponents for the entire team.

Ink Saver (Main) Ink Saver (Main)

At 20% ink consumption per flick, the Gold Dynamo Roller is the most ink-hungry roller type. Ink Saver (Main) can be a valuable asset for suppressing the enemy with repeated flicks, by reducing the amount of ink used per flick. Just 1 main and 1 sub of this ability will afford the player a 6th full-powered flick.


Similar weapons


Gold Dynamo Roller is derived from Gold, Dynamo and Roller. Dynamo is a type of an electrical generator, which the Gold Dynamo Roller seems partly based on. Gold refers to the fact that it is a gilded Dynamo Roller, and also used to differentiate the Gold Dynamo Roller from the Dynamo Roller.

ダイナモローラーテスラ dainamo rōrā tesura means Dynamo Roller Tesla. Tesla refers to Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American inventor known for his work in electrical engineering. Tesla may also refer to a Tesla Coil.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ダイナモローラーテスラ
dainamo rōrā tesura
Dynamo Roller Tesla
FlagQuebec.svg French (NOA) Dynamo-rouleau pro
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) Dynamo-rouleau tesla
FlagGermany.svg German Dynaroller Tesla [Dynamo + Roller] Tesla
FlagItaly.svg Italian Rullo dinamo dorato Golden Dynamo Roller
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Rodillo Pro dorado Golden Pro Roller
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Dinamorrodillo T Dynamoroller T

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