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For the 2015 tournament, see Competitive:Inkstorm.

The Ink Storm is a special weapon in Splatoon 2.

Splatoon 2

Ink Storm

Ink Storm

Category Special
Base damage 0.4 per frame
Base duration 8 seconds
Ink consumption
Special points
Special depletion
Fire rate
Charge speed
Ink speed
Other variant

Ink Storm is an area of effect (AoE) special weapon that creates a rain cloud of ink, which gradually drifts above the map and sprinkles ink onto inkable non-vertical surfaces and opponents.


  • Immediately upon activating the special, its user will be holding the Ink Storm device. While this phase of the special is untimed, allowing its user to relocate and aim it, they are vulnerable to attack. Therefore, do not activate the special while being attacked, and make sure to throw it before an opponent can splat you.
  • The Ink Storm device needs to be thrown onto a surface in order to work. Throwing the device ether into water or out-of-bounds will waste the special altogether.
  • The Ink Storm cloud will begin directly above the exact point where the device struck a surface and travel in the direction that it was thrown.
  • The ink drops from the storm will inflict damage at a rate of 0.4 HP per frame, or 24 HP per second. Therefore, it will take 4.17 seconds of exposure to splat an opponent at full health. Slower, less mobile opponents – especially those carrying the Rainmaker – are the most adversely affected by Ink Storm since they are less capable of escaping its AoE.
    • This rate of damage also applies against opponents protected with Ink Armor, making it a great counter against Ink Armor. If equipped, Object Shredder will triple the damage inflicted onto armored opponents, including from Ink Storm.
    • Ink Storm's damage on the opponent becomes more effective whenever the opponent has less space to maneuver around, such as in an alley or on the Tower.
  • Defensively, Ink Storm can slow or disrupt the opponents' push by either altering their intended attack routes or weakening any opponents within the storm.
  • Offensively, Ink Storm can soften opposing defenses by forcing opponents out of optimal positions and inflicting chip damage onto those caught in the ink rain.
  • Besides potentially damaging opponents, Ink Storm also gradually turfs any non-vertical surface it travels over, allowing its user's team to gain map control and push further into the opponents' territory, such as under the opponent's Clam basket.
    • The damaging and turfing effects of Ink Storm are slower and more gradual than those of Booyah Bomb but last longer and affect a larger area, due to its drift.
    • While an Ink Storm may not be enough to capture an entire zone or two by itself, it can still help capture zones.
  • An Ink Storm above the Rainmaker can either weaken its shield to pop it or prevent the opponent from popping it.


When facing an opponent's Ink Storm, assess where is a safe place to either reroute an attack or reposition on defense:

  • In general, avoid getting caught under an opponent's Ink Storm for an extended time, but also be wary of opponents waiting to pick off anyone fleeing the Storm.
  • If you must travel under an opponent's Ink Storm, move in a direction that is either perpendicular to its path or in the opposite direction to minimize damage.
  • Even while avoiding an opponent's Ink Storm, it is still possible to turf or otherwise influence the area underneath. Long-ranged weapons, thrown sub weapons, and other special weapons (such as a counter-Ink Storm or Bomb Launcher) can splat opponents or dissuade them from occupying the turf underneath.

Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Increased radius of affect by roughly 13%.
  • Decreased points required to use the Ink Storm special for most main weapons it is paired with.
  • Increased damage dealt to opposing Ballers by the storm by roughly 150%.
  • Fixed an issue causing the predicted range of the sub weapon to incorrectly display when readying an Ink Storm special while also equipped with either a Point Sensor or Toxic Mist sub weapon (Splattershot Pro or Rapid Blaster Pro).
  • Fixed an issue causing the inking effect of an Ink Storm special to occur unnaturally when the storm intersected with a roof or other similar object in a stage.
  • Reduced the frequency with which it inks the ground by roughly 20%.
  • Decreased area of effect radius by roughly 6%.


Throw this device to generate a rain cloud of ink. The cloud gradually moves away from where the device was thrown.
Splatoon 2 Sub & Special Guide(NA/OC)[a]
Throw a device that generates a rain cloud of ink. The cloud will slowly drift along, raining ink as it goes.
Splatoon 2 Sub & Special Guide(EU)[b]
  1. North America and Oceania
  2. Europe




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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese アメフラシ
Anaspidea, literally "rain-maker"
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Spetterbui Splatter shower
FlagFrance.svg French Pluie d'encre Ink rain
FlagGermany.svg German Tintenschauer Ink Shower
FlagItaly.svg Italian Pioggia di colore Color Rain
FlagRussia.svg Russian Туча краски
Tucha kraski
Paint cloud
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Atormentador Stormer (from “tormenta”-storm)