Alterna Space Center

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Alterna Space Center is the finale of the single-player campaign of Splatoon 3, Return of the Mammalians.

Splatoon 3

Alterna Space Center is located at the center of Alterna. Initially, the area is covered by a large amount of sharp fuzz and is inaccessible. After Agent 3 gathers the three treasures, they and the other members of New Squidbeak Splatoon assemble these treasures into a lawn mower-like tool, which the Captain then uses to destroy the fuzz, allowing the team to go to Alterna Space Center. However, the Captain hurts themselves in the process and the tool breaks. The members of Deep Cut then appear to make another attempt in taking the treasure back, but are told that the treasure is no longer needed and they can have it. They then help the team find Cuttlefish, who is now properly located at the top of the area.

The rocket, The Spirit Lifter, is filled with Fuzzy Ooze, and Mr. Grizz plans to use it to spread the Fuzzy Ooze all over Earth. The Great Zapfish can also be seen sealed in the Steerage to power the rocket.




  • This sequence shares a few similarities with the Escape sequence of Octo Expansion:
    • They are both a series of continuous missions ending with the final boss of the mode.
    • The player starts both sections without their main weapon and has to retrieve it later.
    • Both sequences have a section (Diaphragm Phase in Octo Expansion and The Spirit Lifter: First Class in Splatoon 3) that involves unlimited use of a particular special weapon (Inkjet and Zipcaster, respectively) in order to power something with at least one energy core.
    • Both sequences feature two songs by the game's main idol group that play throughout every section except the first one and the last two.
    • Both sequences can be replayed after being completed by approaching an object and interacting with it to relive memories.
  • The missions in this sequence are the only ones to feature Fuzzy Ooze, which otherwise only appears outside of missions in The Crater and Alterna.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オルタナ宇宙センター
Orutana uchū sentā
Alterna Space Center
Germany German Raumfahrtzentrum Alterna Space Flight Center of Alterna
China Chinese 幻界宇宙中心
Huàn jiè yǔzhòu zhōngxīn
Alterna Space Center
South Korea Korean 얼터너 우주 센터
eolteoneo uju senteo
Alterna Space Center