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Energy cores are objects and energy sources that appear in Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3. They can be found in the Diaphragm Phase and Peristalsis Phase in the Octo Expansion, and in The Spirit Lifter: First Class in Return of the Mammalians. In the former, only one appears and is used to power an elevator, while in the latter, multiple small energy cores appear and are used to power switches that open bulkheads or doors.

They somewhat resemble Zapfish, but are small, red, and circular. HaikaraWalker confirms that they are Zapfish eggs.

Octo Expansion

Octo Expansion's energy core in the Diaphragm Phase

In the Diaphragm Phase, the player must use the Inkjet to collect eight data points to release all the locks that surround an energy core. Each data point releases a single lock. After all the locks are released, the energy core flies up into the next section.

Octo Expansion's energy core in the Peristalsis Phase

In the subsequent Peristalsis Phase, the energy core is placed in the middle of a moving platform and functions similarly to an orb. The player must attack the energy core to move the platform forward while also preventing enemies from attacking it; if the energy core sustains too much damage from enemies and has its health depleted, it explodes, instantly splatting the player. At the end of the Peristalsis Phase, the platform reaches a socket and is plugged in, allowing the energy core to power the elevator in the Spinal Phase.

Splatoon 3

Energy cores in The Spirit Lifter: First Class

In The Spirit Lifter: First Class, the player must use the Zipcaster to collect many small energy cores that power switches. There are three consecutive sections in which the player must collect energy cores and then step on a switch. The first two switches open a bulkhead for the player to continue, and the third opens the exit door.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese エネルギーコア
enerugī coa
Energy core
Netherlands Dutch Aandrijfcapsule Drive capsule [a]
CanadaFrance French Noyau d'énergie
Germany German Energiekern Energy Core
Italy Italian Nucleo energetico
Russia Russian Энергокапсула
Energy capsule
SpainMexico Spanish Núcleo energético
China Chinese 能量核心
South Korea Korean 에너지 코어 Same as Japanese
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Translation notes

  1. From aandrijven ("to drive, to supply a driving force to") and capsule