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For the sub weapon resembling a balloon, see Burst Bomb.
Balloons in the Battle Dojo

Balloons are destroyable items that appear in Splatoon's tutorial, various Octo Valley missions, Octo Canyon missions, Octo Expansion stations, Alterna, and the Battle Dojo. They also appeared in the tutorial of the E3 2014 Splatoon demo.


Balloons come in a variety of colors, tied to a weighted string that keeps them suspended in mid-air. In the Battle Dojo, balloons come in multiple colors are decorated with the Battle Dojo logo. Balloons in the tutorial and the E3 2014 Splatoon demo's tutorial have the Turf War logo, and balloons in Octo Valley have the Octo Valley logo. Balloons with Power Eggs in them are typically orange with with the Earthworks salmon logo on them. Balloons in the Octo Valley and Return of the Mammalians hub areas that offer challenges for additional rewards have a question mark logo with spots and cartoon eyes.

In Octo Expansion, two new types of balloons were introduced. Target balloons resemble foil balloons instead of rubber ones, and have a target on them, while fail balloons are red foil balloons with black duct tape on them that resembles an "X".


Balloons act as targets for testing weapons and the game's controls, as they can be popped by shooting at them with ink. In the Battle Dojo, popping a balloon awards one point normally, and two points during the last minute of the battle. In Octo Valley, balloons often contain Power Eggs, which are automatically collected when they are popped.

In Octo Canyon, balloons are found in sectors, both that will grant players Power Eggs, or even Sunken Scrolls. When the first colored balloon is popped, an arrow will tell the player where the next set of balloons are. The player then has to follow the balloons and pop them in the amount of time, otherwise, the balloons will float away, and the player will have to start again back from the beginning. Once the player has popped the last set of balloons, a Scroll will appear from inside the balloon, and the player can collect it.

In the Octo Expansion, a new type of balloon known as a "fail balloon" is introduced, and it is exclusive to G05 Bustalicious Station. If Agent 8 pops it, the liquid bag on their ink tank will explode, losing them a life. They're tougher than most balloons.

In each of the sites of Alterna in Return of the Mammalians is a green balloon that will reward the player with a sunken scroll after a short time trial to pop balloons across the island. Doing so subsequent times will reward the player with some Power Eggs.


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Level Power
Tethered to enemies Target Fail
Empty Containing

Octo Valley

Lair of the Octoballs (Mission #02)
Gusher Gauntlet (Mission #04)
Floating Sponge Garden (Mission #05)

Octo Canyon

Return of the Octarians (Mission #01)
Welcome to Octopia (Mission #02)
Sunset Octocopter (Mission #03)
Enter the Octohurler (Mission #04)
The Octopark (Mission #05)
Octozeppelin Invasion (Mission #06)
Back-Alley Cleanup (Mission #07)
Spinning Campground (Mission #08)
Octoling Strike (Mission #09)
Octoseeker Shakedown (Mission #10)
The Floating Garden (Mission #11)
Octo-Resort Spring (Mission #12)
Dancing Floors (Mission #13)
Parking Garage (Mission #14)
Secret Bowling Alley (Mission #16)
Octocommander Fortress (Mission #17)
Towering Heights (Mission #18)
The Experimentorium (Mission #19)
Propellerland (Mission #20)
Octolings Ahoy! (Mission #21)
Underground Expressway (Mission #22)
The Octogalaxy (Mission #23)
Transfer Junction (Mission #24)
Platform Madhouse (Mission #25)
Paradise Lanes (Mission #26)

Octo Expansion

A00 Abandoned Station
A06 Bounce with Me Station
B10 Ink 'n' Slide Station
B12 Brute Rollup Station
B16 Pop Rock Station
C11 Abracadabra Station
D04 Mad Props Station
D09 Goose Station
E03 Don't Ralph Station
E08 Da Bomb Station
E09 Squee-G Funk Station
F03 Pop Star Station
F05 Popalicious Station
F06 Duh-Oh Station
G02 Hasta La Vista Station
G05 Bustalicious Station
G08 Freakazoid Station
H01 D03Slap Bracelet Station
I01G01 Toastmaster Station
I04 Can't Touch This Station
I07G07 Ride with Me Station
I09B02 Poppin' Fresh Station
J07 Outrageous Station
Escape 06 Peristalsis Phase

Return of the Mammalians

0000 After Alterna
0101 Get to Know Alterna, Your Only Choice
0306 Time Trial and Errors
0403 Let's Put a Pin in That
0408 Easy Ride, Tricky Targets
0410 Ink Fast, Hotshot
0508 Making Waves with Splashdowns
0510 Shooter on Rails
0511 Simply Zipcastic!
0606 Keep It Rolling
0610 Mission: Fly-Fishin'
Rocket 01 Alterna Space Center: Entrance


Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 風船
Netherlands Dutch Ballon Balloon
France French (NOE) Ballon Balloon
Germany German Ballon Balloon
Italy Italian Palloncino Balloon
Russia Russian Шарик
Spain Spanish (NOE) Globo Balloon

Fail balloon
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ダメ風船
Netherlands Dutch Blunderballon Blunder balloon
Canada French (NOA) Ballon d'échec
France French (NOE) Cata-ballon
Germany German Nieten-Ballon Blank[a] balloon
Italy Italian Sballoncino From "Sbagliato" (Failed, Wrong) and "Palloncino" (Balloon). Also it translate as "Dis-balloon", "Not a balloon" or contrary of balloon.
Russia Russian Фэйл-шарик
Fail balloon
SpainMexico Spanish Globo prohibido Forbidden balloon
China Chinese (Simplified) 失败气球
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 失敗氣球
South Korea Korean 불량 풍선 Error Balloon
 Internal Msn_BreakableObj_08 [1]

Translation notes

  1. As in a blank (i.e. non-winning) lottery ticket.