Get to Know Alterna, Your Only Choice

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Boss: Octobot King L3.Gs
Return of the Mammalians missions
01-02: Octopods at Rest Tend to FLIP OUT!
00-00: After Alterna
Return of the Mammalians missions

Get to Know Alterna, Your Only Choice
Show off your skills and reach the goal.
Site Future Utopia Island
Fee Power Egg Alternas No Fee
Lives 3
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 700
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 300
Music Nine Out of Tension
Use to check each weapon description. Press to select a weapon loadout.
O.R.C.A. describing the stage

Get to Know Alterna, Your Only Choice is the sixth level in Splatoon 3's story mode, Return of the Mammalians, and the first level of Future Utopia Island and Alterna overall.


This level introduces many mechanics that play a role in future levels, teaching the player how to use them effectively.


This kettle is the very first one accessible upon gaining access to Alterna, being just a short walk away from the Squid Sisters' Camp. Despite being the first level in Alterna, if done correctly, can be completely optional.


Note: Due to the level having no fee, you may retry from checkpoints as many times as you want, even if you lose all your lives.

Checkpoint 1

The level begins with an inactive ride rail directly in front of Agent 3. After optionally shooting two balloons and jumping through a Squid Ring, the player arrives at a platform with a pair of crates ahead of them. Moving forward reveals that the path to the goal is blocked by three vaults, each of which requires a key. The keys can be collected in any order.

Checkpoint 2

On the left side of the central platform is a Gusher, which leads to a set of smaller platforms connected by an inactive Inkrail. It is too far away for the Hero Shot's ink to reach, but it can be activated by throwing Smallfry at it. Upon reaching the other side, activate the propeller to reach the first key.

Checkpoint 3

Two Squid Rings appear to guide Agent 3 back to the central platform. They land near an Ink Switch, a Sprinkler spreading Octarian ink, and a Squee-G. There is also a pair of dash tracks nearby, which can optionally be used to pass through two more Squid Rings - if Agent 3 doesn't change into swim form to pass through the grate, a nearby Bounce Pad helps them return to the central platform.

Activating the Ink Switch extends an inkable block outward that can be used to scale the nearby wall. At the top are a Balloon Fish and a wall with a second Squee-G patrolling it. Bypass the Squee-G and the second key is available.

Checkpoint 4

At the right is a Bounce Pad, which can be used to optionally reach another crate, and an Ink wheel. If shot, it runs into a nearby sponge. Climbing up the sponge leads to a pair of ride rails and a Squid Ring located between them; on the other side is a pair of Inkfurlers leading to another platform directly across from the last key. A nearby canned special dispenser providing Trizookas makes short work of the two nearby Shielded Octotroopers and triggers another Inkfurler.

After collecting all three keys, simply open the corresponding vaults to reach the goal.

Enemies and Mechanics

First Introduced

Previously Introduced


USAUnited Kingdom English

Before the mission:
Agent 1
...Do you hear something?
<<... ... Activated!>>
<<System check... OK.>>
<<Authentication... All systems nominal.>>
<<Commencing biometric scan.>>
<<Scan complete... No matches found!>>
<<Commencing registration sequence.>>
...Bzzzt... ...Bzzzt... ...Beep... BEEP!
Good day. My name is ORCA I am what you might call a...navigation system...for Alterna citizens.
Agent 1
Whoa! Where's that voice coming from?!
Welcome to Alterna, citizen. Please enter your identification to proceed.
Agent 2
Ugh, it's like setting up a phone for the first time. I guess just follow the instructions, Agent 3.
Processing... Processing... Processing... ♪DING!♪
Your name has been accepted. Thank you for registering, Agent 3.
Agent 2
Cool, looks like it's official...Agent 3.
My circuits are designed to measure your intellectual and physical prowess as demonstrated by your ability to complete missions throughout Alterna.
In each mission, you must reach a goal mechanism or complete an objective. Extraordinary citizens will complete many missions and receive many Power Eggs!
You can expect a substantial Power Egg payday in particular for this first mission... May your enthusiasm result in success, citizen!
Agent 1
Is all of that going to be on the test? Because all I really heard was POWER EGGS.
Agent 2
That seems like the important part. We'll need plenty of those if we're going to find Gramps.
One last thing. As you complete missions and become an ever-more-exceptional citizen, you will naturally gain increased access to the Alterna Log.
Do not attempt to share the Alterna Log without permission. Please handle the information with care. And please consider this a threat. Have a nice day!
Agent 2
Alterna Log, huh... Well, something's been added to your menu. I wanna peek...
Agent 2
Ah, but I won't. I guess all we can do for now is collect Power Eggs and work on removing that Fuzzy Ooze.
Agent 2
I mean...all YOU can do, Agent 3.
Equipment initializing... Please select a weapon for this mission.
Use to check each weapon description. Press to select a weapon loadout.
The mission will begin as soon as you pass through that gate.
If Power Eggs are required, you will be given an opportunity to make your payment before entering.
<<Initialization complete!>>
<<Data harvesting and analysis...commencing.>>
Best of luck, Agent 3.
Agent 1
So that's it, then? Great!
Agent 1
C'mon, Agent 3. Let's get moving!
During the mission:
Agent 1
Alright, Alterna... Let's see what you've got!
Agent 2
Press to shoot while you're on a ride rail.
Agent 2
Press to jump while you're riding a rail.
Agent 2
Nice! You made it!
Agent 1
I spy three vaults and three keys straight ahead of you!
Agent 2
Wow. This place has a LOT of stuff going on.
Agent 1
Don't sweat it, Agent 3. You've got ink and a Smallfry. Start inking and see what happens!
Agent 2
That grate can't stop you if you're in swim form. Press and hold it down to slip through!
Agent 1
Doesn't look like a simple jump will get you there...
Agent 2
Agent 2
Ahhh. I love the feeling of the wind in my tentacles.
Agent 1
That's the first key! Keep going!
Agent 2
That busy little puck thingy is a Squee-G. They wash up any ink they find!
Agent 2
Two down! Just one more to go...
Agent 2
Ooo, dual ride rails. You can hop back and forth on those, you know. Tilt the Stick and press to hop!
Agent 1
Ooo! A can! Open it up and unleash what's inside!
Agent 1
A Trizooka! Press to get it ready, then press to splat enemies with the big KABOOM!
Agent 2
Ooo, that was smart. Nice work, Agent 3!
Agent 1
Aaand that's three! All the keys are yours.
Agent 1
Oh, nice! You found a bounce pad. Hold to bounce SUPER high. For, uh, tactical purposes. Obviously.
Agent 1
The first vault is open for business!
Agent 2
Second vault open!
Agent 1
That was the last one! All that's left is a straight shot along the ride rail!
Agent 2
Great work, Agent 3. If you can keep this up, we'll have Alterna mapped out in no time!


1号's Quotes

Before the mission:

  • 「…何か聞こえない?」
  • 「わ! 何かしゃべったよ」
  • 「へぇー イクラがもらえるんだ!」
  • 「…あ、終わったみたい?
    よーし 3号! きばってこー‼︎」

During the mission:

  • 「オルタナでも元気に いってみよー!」
  • 「前方にドア3つと カギ3つを発見! 確認されたしーっ!」
  • 「撃ったり コジャケちゃん投げたりしたら、何か起こるかな?」
  • 「ここ、ジャンプしても届かなそう…」
  • 「1コめのカギ ゲット! その調子だよ!」
  • 「あっ、カンヅメだ!」
  • ウルトラショット押して発動! でドッカーン!」
  • 「3コめ! これでカギは全部だね」
  • 「1コめのドア、オープン!」
  • 「これで ラスト‼︎ あとはライドレールで 一直線!」

イルカ's Quotes

Before the mission:

  • 「《… …を起動》
    《システムチェック…OK》 《認証デバイス…正常》
    《生体スキャン スタート》
    《新規登録シーケンス スタート》
    …ガ… ガゴコ…コッ
    こんにちは わたしはイルカ オルタナ市民プログラムのナビゲーターです」
  • 「オルタナへようこそ 初めに参加者の情報を入力してください」
  • 「… … …ピロリン♪
    名前の入力を受け付けました ご参加ありがとうございます、3号様」
  • 「本プログラムでは オルタナ各地のミッションによって あなたの知力と体力を測定します
    ミッションをクリアすると 優れた市民として認定され、イクラが支給されます
    初回のみ、支給されるイクラが大盛りとなります ふるってご参加ください」
  • 「なお、多くのミッションをクリアするほど 機密資料である オルタナログへのアクセス制限が解除されていきます
    オルタナログは 無許可での公開が禁止されています 情報の取りあつかいに ご注意ください」
  • 「それでは、足元の装置を起動します 今回のミッションで使用するブキを選んでください」
  • 「あちらのゲートをくぐると ミッション開始です
    イクラは ゲートにてお支払いください
    … …
    《ユーザー名:3号 の登録シーケンスを完了》 《活動データの収集および分析を開始》

2号's Quotes

Before the mission:

  • 「ここのシステムっぽいね とりま 話聞いてみよっか、3号」
  • 「あ、3号で登録されちゃった」
  • 「おじいちゃん探すのに役立ちそうやね」
  • 「オルタナログ…? そういえば、それっぽいのがメニューに増えてたような…
    とにかく、外のケバインク何とかするためにも イクラは集めといたほうがいいね
    なんか登録?されちゃったみたいだし ここはまかせたよ、3号」

During the mission:

  • ライドレールは、上に立ってでショットね」
  • 「乗ったままで ジャンプもできるよ」
  • 「とうちゃ〜く おつ〜」
  • 「しかけ いっぱいやね」
  • カナアミ押しとけば ぬけられるよ」
  • 「ナ〜イス」
  • 「風を感じるね♪ エアリ〜」
  • 「このコはインクリーナーやね 見つけたインクを とにかく吸い取るよ」
  • 「よしよし、2コめ ゲット〜」
  • 「並んでるライドレールは 横にでとび移れるよ」
  • 「やるね〜、3号」
  • ジャンプマット押しっぱなしで 大ジャ〜ンプ」
  • 「2コめも オ〜プン」
  • 「3号 おつかれ〜 オルタナ探検、はじめの一歩やね」

Netherlands Dutch

Before the mission:
  • "Horen... Horen jullie dat ook?"
(Do... do you guys hear that too?)
  • "《... ... Geactiveerd!》"
(《... ... Activated!》)
  • "《Systeemcontrole… In orde.》 《Verificatie… Alle systemen nominaal.》"
(《System check… In order.》 《Verification… All systems nominal.》)
  • "《Biometrische scan wordt gestart.》"
(《Biometric scan is started.》)
  • "《Scan voltooid… Geen overeenkomst gevonden!》"
(《Scan completed… No similarity found!》)
  • "《Registratie wordt gestart.》"
(《Registration is started.》)
  • "…bzzt… ...bzzt... ...biep… BIEP!"
(…bzzt… ...bzzt... ...beep… BEEP!)
  • "Goedendag. Mijn naam is O.R.K.A. U kunt mij zien als een... navigatiesysteem... voor inwoners van Alterna."
(Good day. My name is O.R.C.A. You can see me as a... navigation system... for the inhabitants of Alterna.)
  • "Waaah! Waar komt die stem vandaan?!"
(Waaah! Where is that voice coming from?!)
  • "Welkom in Alterna. Identificeer uzelf om verder te gaan."
(Welcome to Alterna. Identify yourself to continue.)
  • "Bah, het is net als wanneer je voor het eerst een telefoon instelt. Laten we de instructies maar gewoon volgen, agent 3."
(Bah, it is just like when you set up your telephone for the first time. Let's just simply follow the instructions, Agent 3.)
  • "Verwerken… verwerken… verwerken… PLING! ♪"
(Processing… processing… processing… PLING! ♪)
  • "Uw naam is aanvaard. Bedankt voor uw registratie, agent 3."
(Your name is accepted. Thank you for you registration, Agent 3.)
  • "Cool, het klinkt alsof het gelukt is, agent 3."
(Cool, it sounds like we did it, Agent 3.)
  • "Mijn systemen zijn ontworpen om de intellectuele en fysieke vaardigheden te meten die u vertoont tijdens de missies die u in Alterna voltooit."
(My systems are designed to measure the intellectual and physical abilities which you exhibit during the missions which you complete in Alterna.)
  • "In iedere missie moet u een doel bereiken of een bepaalde opgave voltooien. Iemand met bijzondere kwaliteiten kan bijzonder veel visseneieren verdienen!"
(In each mission you must reach a goal or complete a specific assignment. Someone with extraordinary qualities can earn extraordinarily many Power Eggs!)
  • "U kunt vooral bij deze eerste missie rekenen op een hele royale beloning... We rekenen op uw enthousiasme!"
(You can count on a very munificent reward above all in this first mission... We count on your enthusiasm!)
  • "Moeten we dit weten voor de toets? Ik hoorde eigenlijk alleen het woord 'visseneieren'..."
(Do we have to know this for the quiz? I actually heard only the words 'Power Eggs'...)
  • "Dat lijkt me ook het belangrijkste onderdeel. We zullen er een hoop nodig hebben als we opa willen vinden."
(That also looks like the most important part to me. We will need to have a heap of it if we want to find Gramps.)
  • "Nog één ding. Naarmate u missies voltooit en een steeds uitmuntender burger wordt, krijgt u meer te zien van het logboek van Alterna."
(One more thing. As you complete missions and are becoming an increasingly outstanding citizen, you will get to see more of the Alterna Log.)
  • "Het is strafbaar het logboek van Alterna te delen zonder toestemming. U dient dit op te vatten als een dreigement. Ik wens u een prettige dag!"
(It is punishable to share the Alterna Log without permission. You are to be interpreting this as a threat. I wish you a nice day!)
  • "Het logboek van Alterna? Er is iets toegevoegd aan je menu en ik ben erg nieuwsgierig..."
(The Alterna Log? Something has been added to your menu and I am very curious...)
  • "Maar ik zal niet spieken. We kunnen ons nu maar beter richten op het verzamelen van visseneieren en het verwijderen van die vloeivacht."
(But I won't peek. We better focus on the collection of Power Eggs and the removal of that Fuzzy Ooze.)
  • "En met 'we' bedoel ik 'jij', agent 3."
(And with 'we' I mean 'you', Agent 3.)
  • "Uitrusting aan het initialiseren... Kies een wapen voor deze missie."
(Working on initializing equipment... Choose a weapon for this mission.)
  • "Gebruik om de wapenbeschrijvingen te bekijken. Druk op om uw wapenselectie te bevestigen."
(Use to view the weapon description. Press to confirm your weapon selection.)
  • "De missie gaat van start zodra u door die poort gaat."
(The mission gets underway as soon as you go through that gate.)
  • "Indien visseneieren vereist zijn, krijgt u de kans om uw entree te betalen voor u naar binnen gaat."
(If Power Eggs are required, you will be given the chance to pay the entry fee before you go through.)
  • "《Initialisatie voltooid!》 《Dataverzameling en -analyse... gestart.》"
(《Initialization completed!》 《Data collection and -analysis... started.》)
  • "Veel succes, agent 3."
(Good luck, Agent 3)
  • "Nou, was dat het dan? Mooi!"
(Well, that was it, then? Good!)
  • "Kom op, agent 3. Voorwaarts!"
(Come on, Agent 3. Forwards!)
Before the mission:
  • "Wat Alterna ons ook aandoet, wij blijven vers!"
(Whatever Alterna does to us, we stay fresh!)
  • "Druk op om te schieten terwijl je over een surfrail beweegt."
(Press to shoot while you are moving on a ride rail.)
  • "Druk op om te springen terwijl je over een rail surft."
(Press to jump while you are riding a rail.)
  • "Dat deed je leuk!"
(You did that nicely!)
  • "Ik bespeur verderop drie Vaultkluizen en drie Keysleutels! Vast geen toeval."
(I am perceiving three vaultvaults and three keykeys further on! Suppose that is no coincidence.)
  • "Wauw, wat een verzameling snufjes en snuisterijen!"
(Wow, what a collection of gadgetry and trinkets!)
  • "Geen zorgen! Inkt zat, en ook nog een Salmini! Schiet en stel daarna pas vragen."
(No worries! Ink aplenty, and not to mention, a Smallfry! Shoot first, ask questions later.)
  • "Zo'n hek houdt jou niet tegen als je zwemt! Houd ingedrukt en glip er gewoon doorheen!"
(Such a grate can't stop you if you are swimming! Hold pressed and simply slip through it!)
  • "Volgens mij ga je dat niet halen met een eenvoudige sprong..."
(I believe you won't going to make that with a simple jump...)
  • "Er is verderop een inktrail! Misschien kan die Salmini hem bereiken?"
(There is a inkrail further on! Perhaps that Smallfry can reach it?)
  • "Yesss, goed gedaan!"
(Yesss, well done!)
  • "Vind je die wind in je tentakels niet heerlijk?"
(Don't you love that wind in your tentacles?)
  • "Dat was de eerste sleutel! Een goed begin!"
(That was the first key! A good begin!)
  • "Dat bezige boenertje daar is een Verfschraper. Die ruimt alle inkt op die hij tegenkomt!"
(That busy little scrubber there is a Squee-G. They clean up all ink it comes across!)
  • "En dat is twee! Nog eentje te gaan."
(And that is two! Just one to go.)
  • "Wist je dat je heen en weer kunt springen tussen surfrails? Beweeg de stick en druk op !"
(Did you know you can jump to and fro between ride rails? Move the stick and press !)
  • "O, een blik! Maak snel open, ik wil weten wat erin zit!"
(Oh, a can! Open it up quickly, I want to know what is inside it!)
  • "Een Trizooka! Druk op om hem klaar te maken, en druk dan op voor een stevige KABLOESJ!"
(A Trizooka! Press to get it ready, and then press for a sturdy KABLOOSH!)
  • "Ooo, dat doe je handig, agent 3!"
(Oooh, you are good with that, Agent 3!)
  • "En dat was nummertje drie! Je hebt alle sleutels te pakken."
(And that was number three! You have got all keys!)
  • "Ooo, een luchtbed! Druk op om SUPERHOOG te springen! Dat is vet! Eh... vet handig. Tactisch en zo."
(Oooh, a bounce pad! Press to jump SUPER HIGH! That is phat! Uh.. fat handy. Tactical, and such.)
  • "We hebben de eerste kluis open!"
(We have got the first vault open!)
  • "De tweede kluis is ook open!"
(The second vault is also open!)
  • "Dat was de laatste! Nu alleen nog maar rechtdoor over de surfrail!"
(That was the last one! Now only straight ahead along the ride rail!)
  • "Als je zo doorgaat, hebben we Alterna in een mum van tijd in kaart gebracht!"
(If you continue like that, we will have Alterna mapped out in a minimum of time!)


Names in other languages

Translation needed
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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オルタナという楽園へ、ようこそ。

Orutana to iu rakuen e youkoso.
Iroiro tsukatte gōru shimashou.
Welcome to the paradise called Alterna.
Use various things and reach the goal.
Netherlands Dutch Welkom in Alterna, het enige alternatief
Laat zien wat je kunt en bereik het doel!
Welcome to Alterna, the only alternative
Show what you can do and reach the goal!
Canada French (NOA) Bienvenue à Alterna! Un lieu sans alternative
Montre l'étendue de tes talents et atteins l'arrivée!
Welcome to Alterna! A place with no alternative
Show off your talents and reach the goal!
France French (NOE) Bienvenue à Alterna ! Un lieu sans alternative
Montre l'étendue de tes talents et atteins l'arrivée !
Welcome to Alterna! A place with no alternative
Show off your talents and reach the goal!
Germany German Wilkommen in Alterna! Eine andere Wahl gibt es nicht
All deine Tricks sind gefragt. Erreiche das Ziel!
Welcome to Alterna! There is no other choice
All your tricks are demanded. Reach the goal!
Italy Italian Conoscere Alterna e la sua comunità
Sfoggia le tue abilità e raggiungi il traguardo.
Know Alterna and its community
Show off your skills and reach the goal.
Russia Russian Альтерна открывает двери для всех! Почти не опасно и очень интересно!
Продемонстрируйте свое мастерство и доберитесь до цели!

Al'terna otkryvayet svoi dveri dlya vseh! Pochti ne opasno i ochen' interesno!
Prodemonstriruyte svoyo masterstvo i doberites' do tseli!
Alterna opens its doors to everyone! Almost harmless and very interesting!
Show off your skills and reach the goal!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Alterna: tu comunidad elegida (no te queda otra)
Alcanza la meta demostrando tus habilidades.
Alterna: your chosen community (you have no other choice)
Reach the goal by showing off your skills.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Alterna: tu comunidad elegida (no te queda otra)
Alcanza la meta empleando diversos recursos.
Alterna: your chosen community (you have no other choice)
Reach the goal by using different resources.
China Chinese (Simplified) 欢迎来到名为幻界的乐园。

Huānyíng lái dào míng wéi huàn jiè de lèyuán.
Shǐyòng gèzhǒng dàojù dǐdá zhōngdiǎn.
Welcome to the paradise named Alterna.
Reach the goal using various tools.
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 傳統與革新的空間,幻界的黃金地段
The dimension of tradition and reform, prime location of Alterna.
Utilize various techniques to reach the goal.
South Korea Korean 얼터너라는 낙원에 오신 것을 환영합니다.
이것저것 사용하여 골인하세요
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