Future Utopia Island

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Complete map of Future Utopia Island
Oh, hey, this is where we set up the Squid Sisters camp!
Marie's comment on SplatNet 3

Future Utopia Island is the first site of Splatoon 3's single-player campaign, Return of the Mammalians, though more specifically, Alterna. It includes ten kettles, the Squid Sisters Camp and a kettle to return to Splatsville. There is also a Zapfish doll which can be used to return to the Crater. After Mr. Grizz has been defeated, a wooden statue of him can be found, which can be used to refight him or watch the credits. The site also hosts the secret final level: After Alterna, which is located on the bottom-left peninsula where the player first enters Alterna. Unlike all other kettles, it is not visible on the map even after being unlocked.




Sardinium returns in Splatoon 3. There are three pieces of Sardinium hidden on the map. One is located on the central hill of the island. Another is hidden on the southeast cliff. The last one can be found underneath Fuzzballs to the north of the map. These can be used to upgrade Agent 3's skills.

Sunken Scrolls

Sunken Scrolls return in Splatoon 3. There are four Sunken Scrolls that can be found on the island. The first is located to the north of the island, where the player has to pop blue balloons to gain access to the scroll.

The second can be found on the east side of the map. The third one can be found under Fuzzballs in the centre of the island. The last one is hidden close to the second one, on the east side of the map.


S3 Icon Callie.png Agent 1's Quotes

...Hellooo! HEY!
Agent 3! Over here! Whew! I'm so glad you're alright! You... are Agent 3, right? Gramps fully enlisted you and your Smallfry? Yeah, I knew it. I see the look in your eyes that he's always looking for. Well, it's nice to meet you! I guess we should introduce ourselves... I'm Agent 1 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon!
C'mon, Agent 2. Get PUMPED! Anyway, one last crew member to introduce... This is our captain!
We're... the NEW New Squidbeak Splatoon!
Aw, you make it sound like it's not gonna be fun! ...But seriously, please help us look for Gramps. So, uh... ... ... ... ... ...
Uh, are you gonna even mention the HUMUNGOUS rocket over there?! Look at that!
Agent 3! Your mission is to check all 3 of those places out!
Like when I'm nearby? Or... buried treasure, I guess.
Wait! Agent 3 is totally out of Power Eggs. Did you lose them all in the fall? YIKES! Your Hero Suit is all messed up too!
There's gotta be some Sardinium down here in Alterna, right? If anyone can find it, it's Agent 3! Wait... did you tell Agent 3 how to actually GET Upgrade Points? No? I'm on it! Agent 3, just ink lots of stuff and find items! I guess it isn't rocket science. Which is a shame, because it seems like we might NEED some rocket science...
Leaving the site:
Who are you supposed to be?
I... I love them.
Wow, it's like they rehearsed this whole thing. They are total pros.

S3 Icon Marie.png Agent 2's Quotes

Hey. I'm Agent 2.
Ahem. ...Anyway, it looks like you and Gramps got separated in that fall. This place is huge, and it's filled with that horrible Fuzzy Ooze stuff. And now we have to find Gramps before he, like, tastes it or something.
Oh, they're in. Probably just too excited about looking for someone else's grandpa to speak. So Gramps reeled in a new Agent 3... Glad to have you!
We've never been here before either, but here's the tour anyway... We think this place is called Alterna. Who knew it was beneath the Crater this whole time?! We count six different islands so far. What should we call them? Sites or something?
Way to steal my thunder. Anyway... we put a tracking device on Gramps, as one does. But now we're getting a strong signal from three different areas!
We upgraded your map a little bit. Tell us how much you love it! Now it tracks the places you've already visted and lights up when you're near anything interesting.
We're here to look for Gramps. Not treasure. And I hardly think Agent 3 needs a Callie tracker. Anyway...
Oh, don't be dramatic. I mean, sure, Agent 3 will have to collect Power Eggs... and upgrade from scratch... Hmmm. I guess an explanation would help. First, they'll need Sardinium to unlock access to different types of upgrades... Then they can spend Upgrade Points to do the actual upgrading!
Never mind that for now! I'm getting a strong Gramps-like signal from the next site over. Go check it out!
Leaving the site:
Whatever. What do you want, anyway? Wait... Did you say Deep Cut? The Deep Cut from that Anarchy Splatcast thing?

S3 Icon Shiver.png Shiver's Quotes

Leaving the site:
You think you're cool? Sharks call ME cold-blooded. But you can call me Shiver!
Only WE may loot here.
Hate to interrupt, Frye... but have you looked around? We've hit the jackpot! Who knew this was here? All this time... treasure was just sitting here under the Crater. Now it's ours for the taking.
Not that anyone asked, but I'm OVER this conversation. The treasure is ours. I'd wish you luck, but... I don't want to. Catch ya later!

S3 Icon Frye.png Frye's Quotes

Leaving the site:
We're not SUPPOSED to be anything. But I'll tell you who we ARE. Say it with sizzle... I'm Frye!
The Splatlands are OUR turf.
We are... Deep Cut!
Yeah, it's called a day job. You should look into it. Banditing is our REAL passion. Nothing can stop us!
So... are you gonna try and stop us or what? Because you totally can't! We're taking all of it for ourselves. Hahahah!
Awww, they don't seem scared. What do you have to do to scare someone these days?!

S3 Icon Big Man.png Big Man's Quotes

Leaving the site:
Ay! (Make money! Get fish quick!) Ay! (Big Man in the house!)
Ay! (Yeah!)
Ay! (Good eye, Shiver!)
Ay! (...I got a little bit scared.)


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese みらいユートピアランド
mirai yūtopia rando
Future Utopialand
Netherlands Dutch Futura From future
France French (NOE) Utopîle Futura Portmanteau of "utopie" (utopia) and "île" (island) + Futura
Germany German Utopia-Zukunftsinsel Utopia Future Island
Russia Russian Утопичный остров
Utopichnyy ostrov
Utopian island
Spain Spanish Isla utópica futura Future utopian island
China Chinese (Simplified) 未来乌托邦乐园
wèilái wūtuōbāng lèyuán
Future Utopia Paradise
South Korea Korean 미래 유토피아 랜드
milae yutopia laendeu
Future Utopia Land