Jammin' Salmon Junction

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Jammin' Salmon Junction

Jammin' Salmon Junction

Added in 1 June 2023
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Jammin' Salmon Junction is a Salmon Run Next Wave-exclusive online multiplayer stage. It is set on a collapsed multilane highway, which has been turned into a concert venue by the Salmonids. It was released in Splatoon 3 on 1 June 2023, at the start of the Sizzle Season 2023.


Jammin' Salmon Junction features an organ-like structure arranged into a concert stage in the background, with the main area having two multilane roads that go continuously downward into the water no matter the tide. There is a raised platform connected to the basket area by a grate on the right of the stage, and a small raised part with the basket in the middle. There is a small gap between both sides of the road on normal and low tides, which can be jumped across to reach the other side faster.


  • During low tide, the lower placed road and two more lanes are revealed, continuing further down into the water.
  • During high tide, the stage's area significantly shrinks, leaving only a small area consisting of the basket platform, the narrow grate on the right side, and a small part of the road to the left.


Happy Friday! SRL Real Estate here with great news heading into the weekend - we've discovered a new Salmon Run stage! Known as Jammin' Salmon Junction, the site was a multilane highway that fell into disrepair before being upcycled into a concert venue. Hope it was done to code!
A new Salmon Run stage, Jammin' Salmon Junction, is coming to #Splatoon3 in Sizzle Season 2023! Watch you don't get stuck in a jam in this abandoned motorway-turned-concert venue.


Main article: Badge#Salmon Run

Reaching to certain ranks during a Jammin' Salmon Junction rotation in Splatoon 3 will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Jammin' Salmon Junction Badges
Eggsecutive VP 200 at Jammin' Salmon Junction Reached!
Eggsecutive VP 400 at Jammin' Salmon Junction Reached!
Eggsecutive VP 600 at Jammin' Salmon Junction Reached!
Eggsecutive VP 999 at Jammin' Salmon Junction Reached!



  • The neon sign on the organ-like structure behind the Egg Basket has the same shape as the logo seen on ω-3's turntable.
  • Singing and musical instruments can be heard in the background between waves, unique to this stage.
  • This stage has the low tide which is furthest from the rest of the stage, taking the entire 10 second countdown before the wave starts to travel there.
  • This stage is unique in that Giant Tornado waves do not spawn the basket at the edge of the water, due to the length of the stage. Instead, the baskets spawn level with the low tide egg basket for easier delivery.
  • High tide on this map is one of the smallest high tides in both games, along with Ruins of Ark Polaris.
  • During Cohock Charge waves, all cannons are ahead of the basket, as opposed to behind, making this stage unique amongst Salmon Run stages for this type of event.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese すじこジャンクション跡
Sujiko Jankushon Ato
The ruins of sujiko [a] junction
Netherlands Dutch Graattraject Fishbone Route
CanadaFrance French Rocade Rémora Remora Bypass
Germany German Hakenzahn-Highway Hooktooth Highway
Italy Italian R-Accordo musicale From raccordo ("junction") and accordo musicale ("music chord")
Russia Russian Развязка «Песнепляска»
Razvyazka «Pesneplyaska»
«Singing-dancing party» junction [b]
SpainMexico Spanish Salmopista From salmón ("salmon") and -pista from autopista ("highway/motorway")
China Chinese (Simplified) 生筋子系统交流道遗址 Raw tendon subsystems exchange sites
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 生筋子系統交流道遺址
shēngjīnzǐ xìtǒng jiāoliú dào yízhǐ (Mandarin)
Sujiko System Interchange Ruins
South Korea Korean 연어알젓 교차로 옛터
yeon-eoaljeos gyochalo yesteo
Salmon-roe intersection old site
 Internal Shakehighway [1] Shake seems to refer to Salmon Run Next Wave, highway is because the stage is a highway.

Translation notes

  1. Salmon roes still wrapped in ovarian membrane
  2. From песня pesnya ("song"), пляска plyaska ("dancing," usually referring to folk dances specifically) and свистопляска svistoplyaska ("pandemonium", "wild party")