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Splatoon2 Galleria.jpg

The Galleria is a row of shops on the left side of Inkopolis Square that contains the gear and weapon vendors in Splatoon 2. Weapons can be purchased at the Galleria starting at level 2, and gear at level 4. Next to it are the entrances to Octo Canyon and Grizzco Industries.

From left to right, the shops are:


  • Similar to Booyah Base, the four versions of DJ Real Sole's New You played in the Galleria reflect each shop and its owner:
    • Since Bisk's shop focuses on items on the lower half of the body, his version focuses on the "lower" parts of the song, with an emphasis on percussion and bass. Bisk's version is somewhat faded, composed almost entirely on the electric guitar, corresponding with his laid-back personality. Notably, this is also a reference to his interest in music, as an electric guitar hangs on the back wall of his shop
    • Jelfonzo's shop focuses on gear worn on the middle of the body, so his music emphasizes the melody or "middle" of the song. It features synthesized sounds and is rendered louder than the other versions, possibly reflecting Jelfonzo's charismatic and energetic personality.
    • Flow's version of the song is simpler and more soothing, matching her calm yet spacey personality. This also reflects a contemplative or mindful tone, referencing how the gear she sells is worn on the head.
    • Sheldon's music is identical to his version of Lookin' Fresh, as it is heavily inspired by his military background. It uses orchestra hits and features a rigid tempo meant to match the pace of marching soldiers. At the end of the song a trumpet solo is played to replicate a Reveille (a military "wake-up call")

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese エスカベース
Escabase, a pun on escabeche and base.
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch De winkels The shops
FlagFrance.svg French La Branchie The Gill
FlagGermany.svg German Aquakaden Aquacade
FlagItaly.svg Italian Le Branchie The Gill
FlagRussia.svg Russian Торговый «мол»
Torgovyy «mol»
Commersial mall
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Galería Gallery

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