The Maze Dasher

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The Maze Dasher

The Maze Dasher

Added in 15 December 2018 (Hero vs. Villain)
Total area 2,327p
Features Dash tracks
Hazards Abyss

The Maze Dasher is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon 2. It was the seventeenth variation of Shifty Station, and first appeared in the Hero vs. Villain Splatfest and returned in Chaos vs. Order. As of version 5.0.0, it is exclusively available in Private Battles. It features dash tracks, which allow the player to quickly traverse from one side of the stage to the other.


The Spawn Points are located on raised platforms and are not accessible. Two Dash Tracks are located near spawn: One immediately in front that goes to a raised platform and another on the left the leads to a raised platform on the left. Down a layer is an open area that leads up to where the first Dash Track ends. To the left is another platform that can be climbed up or go on a dash track that go to the top of it. The raised platform to the right can be jumped to another raised platform with two Dash Tracks and a Bumper. The Dash Tracks lead to an open area close to the middle. There is two Dash Tracks that lead up to the raised platform. To the left of the Dash Tracks is a little pit that can be used to jump close to the middle. Near the middle is a little open area and a Dash Track that leads to the little pit area. In the middle, there is a Bumper for cover.

Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Fixed an issue where a portion of stage terrain differed from the version of the stage originally released previously as part of a Splatfest.




  • The file name for this stage is "Deli17" and the code name is "Dash", referring to the dash tracks placed around the stage.


The Maze Dasher is named after the The Maze Runner books by James Dashner; it could also be a pun on said author's surname. The name references the dash tracks central to the stage's design.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 恋はダッシュ×3
Koi wa Dasshu Kakeru San
Love is Dash ×3. A pun on Kisu mī Dārin!! Kakeru San (Kiss Me, Darling!! ×3), by Shin Minazuki
Netherlands Dutch Springbandspanning Dash track tension
CanadaFrance French Convoyeur et convoitise Conveyor and longing
Germany German Verschleuderte Liebe Squandered love
Italy Italian Romantiche turborampe Romantic dash tracks
Russia Russian Треколетомат
From треколет trekolyot (dash track) and автомат avtomat (automate)
SpainMexico Spanish Cantón acelerado Accelerated region