Arowana Mall

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Arowana Mall is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon and Splatoon 2.

Arowana Mall is a narrow battlefield that is set at an outdoor mall, decorated with stores, plants, banners and advertisements. It features two lower sections and one raised section in the center of the map that connects the lower sections.


Top view of Arowana Mall in Turf War

Arowana Mall is long and relatively narrow with multiple large, central areas and hidden side passages. The spawn point area is accessible to the enemy team. The only way for one team to get to the other side of the map is by going through the center. In the center of Arowana Mall is an area connected by two ramps with relatively large areas at the bottom of the ramps on each side. This location is the site of many skirmishes, but getting around it is simple, as both teams' territories are connected by narrow side passages. On both sides of Arowana Mall, two side passages connect each team's spawn point to the central area. However, a team's base cannot be directly accessed through these passages if a player is entering from the central area. To access these passages, players must swim up small walls located in the central area. Each team's base is an open area with access to their side passage and a lower area that leads an area connected to the central area. It also connects to two platforms near the central area that provide a fast way to ambush the opposing team there, and snipe players from a safe distance. There is water around the center and an abyss to the right-side path as hazards for players to get splatted from.

Arowana Mall received a few changes to the bordering paths in Splatoon 2. The raised plaza to each team's right side now has a grated bridge that connects it with the central platform. A second raised path that goes behind a wall was also added to the outer path on each team's left, and now the posters feature Pearl and Marina, rather than brands.

Ranked Battle terrain

In Ranked Battles, specifications for the terrain or placement of objects are different between the modes; these changes create new paths or new objects to take cover behind.

Splat Zones

The Splat Zone for Arowana Mall exists in the very center of the stage where all paths meet and is overlooked by multiple hallways or platforms. In this mode, the side alleys are now linked to the other side of the stage via an added grated walkway over the pools of water.

Tower Control

The Tower in Arowana Mall is located at the center of the map, replacing the information tower. The goals are located at the base of each teams' ramp in the lower area of their base. When ridden, the Tower proceeds to the riding team's right, placing itself over water. It then goes to the center of the pathway to the opposing team's base and continues to the goal.

In Splatoon 2, checkpoints have been added:
Checkpoint Location Timer (Seconds) Progress Amount
Before After Total
1 The first checkpoint is located in the center area just before it goes up the ramp to the side area 6 62 52 10
2 The second checkpoint is located immediately in between the crate and the uninkable ramp. 5 29 20 9


The Rainmaker begins in the center of the stage, in place of the informational tower that appears in Turf War and the tower from Tower Control. The Rainmaker must be taken to the platform found inside the lower, rectangular areas below each team's spawn point.

Clam Blitz

The basket is located at the right side near the lower section that is closer to the center. There are no bumps near the basket. There is an Inkrail to the left of the lower section to get to the basket.


Arowana Mall

Arowana Mall

Added in Initial Release (1.0.0)
Total area 2,021p
Hazards Water, Abyss

Arowana Mall underwent a series of changes between its development period and release.

Pre-release version

The pre-release version included many differences, such as:

  • There was much less verticality.
  • The current side alleys were not present.
  • The ramps were very small.
  • There was much less water, as well as fewer grates.
  • There was a raised, U-shaped glass platform in the center of the stage.
  • The buildings that formed the stage's walls were much different.

There were a few changes made to the map after Version 2.0.0. These include:

  • Two palm trees were added to the lone planters of both sides just left before entering the center of the map, protecting the player from Inkzookas and Rainmaker shots.
  • Two signs were added at the exits from the side areas to prevent sniping from the side they belong to.

Release version

Arowana Mall was released with the launch of Splatoon.

Starting with version 2.6.0, Arowana Mall uses the Splat Zones version for Turf War which includes grates, more platforms around the central area to allow players to attack the center more easily, and a stack of boxes to one exit of the side alleys. The grated walkways that connected the side alleys are removed, however.

Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Adjusted stage layout in all modes.
  • Adjustments to stage layout in all modes to prevent users from swimming over some of the ledges.
  • Adjustments have been made to prevent users from taking certain shortcuts in all modes.
  • Adjustments have been made to prevent users from taking certain shortcuts in all modes.
  • The map layout in Turf War is changed as follows:

The layout will be based on the stage layout in Splat Zones, but the grates that connect between the high platforms in each team's area have been removed.

  • Adjustments have been made to prevent players from taking certain shortcuts in all modes.
  • Adjustments to stage layout in all modes to prevent users from swimming over some of the ledges.




Arowana Mall was available in the following Splatfests in Splatoon:

Splatoon 2

Arowana Mall

Arowana Mall

Added in 2 February 2018
Total area 2,391p
Features Sponges, Inkrails(TC, RM, CB)
Hazards Water, Abyss

Arowana Mall was released on 2 February 2018 in Splatoon 2.[1]

From 1 to 16 March 2018, Arowana Mall was not available due to a notable bug. When players used dualies or the Splashdown in certain areas, they would fall out of bounds.

Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Fixed an issue in Arowana Mall that allowed players to climb over a specific barrier railing, gaining access to the enemy spawn location.
  • Fixed an issue on Arowana Mall in which, if the player activated the Splashdown in a narrow place between a fence and terrain, the player would go into the terrain.
  • Fixed an issue on Arowana Mall in which the player would be repelled in an unintended way when having moved into a narrow place between a fence and terrain.
  • Fixed an issue on Arowana Mall in which bombs or bubbles from the Bubble Blower disappeared in an unnatural way around the central pond.
  • Slightly adjusted the position of the sign indicating the area where the Rainmaker can't be carried on Arowana Mall in Rainmaker, making it more difficult for a player to get stuck between the path and the sign.
  • Fixed an issue on Arowana Mall in Rainmaker in which the Rainmaker would reappear inside terrain after the player holding the Rainmaker went beneath a high platform near the center and then lost the Rainmaker.
  • Issues where players would slide or perform a super landing in Arowana Mall would sometimes lead to them being treated as though they landed outside the map have been fixed.




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Standing on the palm tree outside Arowana Mall
  • It is possible to jump out of bounds into the beach area outside the map via the side alley. The player is instantly splatted if they fall completely out of bounds, but it is possible to stand on the palm tree just outside the map. There is no way to get back, though; from there, they must jump off and be splatted.[2]
  • The stage's name is based on the real-life arowana, known for its long, slender body and ability to jump great heights. The reference is therefore particularly well-suited, as the map has many large ramps and steep cutoffs and is long and narrow in shape.
  • Before version 2.1.0 of Splatoon, a glitch existed in which players could jump through an unclimbable ledge in a side alley into the opposite team's base. It was since patched out of the game.
  • The mall's closing tune can be heard when there is one minute left in a battle.
  • Arowana Mall and Walleye Warehouse are the only stages available from the game's initial release not to be featured in Octo Valley missions.
  • Arowana Mall is referenced in Splatoon 3 in an advertisement in Lemuria Hub.


Arowana Mall is derived from arowana and mall. The arowana is a freshwater fish and a mall is a home for many shops and sales.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese アロワナモール
Arowana Mōru
Arowana Mall
Netherlands Dutch Piranha Plaza Piranha Plaza
CanadaFrance French Centre Arowana Arowana Center
Germany German Arowana Center Arowana Center
Italy Italian Centro commerciale Commercial Center
Russia Russian ТЦ[3] «Аравана»
TTs «Aravana»
«Arowana» shopping mall
SpainMexico Spanish Plazuela del Calamar Squid Square
Portugal Portuguese Centro comercial Arowana Arowana Shopping Center
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