Marooner's Bay

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Marooner's Bay

Marooner's Bay

Added in Launch
Total area
Features Propellers
Marooner's Bay

Marooner's Bay

Added in 1 December 2022
Total area
Features Propellers

Marooner's Bay is a Salmon Run- and Salmon Run Next Wave-exclusive online multiplayer stage in Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3. It was released in Splatoon 3 on 1 December 2022, at the start of the Chill Season 2022.


Marooner's Bay features a large metal ship marooned on a sandbar with its stern having three ramps down onto the beach where there are three piers on the starboard side. During low tide, a sandbar will rise to the fore of the ship, revealing a large ring of land and one smaller protrusion.


  • During high tide, only the ship may be accessed with all Salmonids advancing from the stern. The propeller lifts become unusable.
  • During low tide, the shoreline is revealed beyond the bow of the ship. While a Cohock Charge occurs, three Ink Cannons will spawn; one atop the ship, and two on the beach.


Main article: Badge#Salmon Run

Reaching to certain ranks during a Marooner's Bay rotation in Splatoon 3 will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Spawning Grounds Badges
Eggsecutive VP 200 at Marooner's Bay Reached!
Eggsecutive VP 400 at Marooner's Bay Reached!
Eggsecutive VP 600 at Marooner's Bay Reached!
Eggsecutive VP 999 at Marooner's Bay Reached!


SRL Real Estate back with info on a Salmon Run stage coming during Chill Season - Marooner's Bay! It's an egg-collector's dream with sandbars and a ship in need of minor TLC. Views abound from all elevations, and the land comes with tideland rights! Just don't linger at low tide...
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]
Marooner's Bay returns to Salmon Run in #Splatoon3's Chill Season! Fend off the Salmonid hordes on the beaches, then make a hasty retreat to higher ground when the tide comes in. The raised shipwreck offers some handy elevation!
— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[2]



  • In Splatoon 2:
    • Prior to version 3.2.0, when the tide changed from low to mid, it was possible for a player to go back to the shoreline and jump onto the low tide egg basket's pedestal. When the water finished rising, they would be stranded there.
    • As of version 3.2.0, the gusher previously closest to the top of the port side propeller lift was removed, and the moving pattern of the Goldie was adjusted.
    • The loadout for the rotation on 21 April 2018 at 18:00 UTC was Sloshing Machine, Dapple Dualies, Tri-Slosher, and Classic Squiffer, all based on common cleaning supplies in Japan. The fact that this took place on this ship whose Japanese name is Don Burako can be construed as a parody of Momotarō, a popular Japanese folk tale that begins with the peach boy protagonist found adrift (donburako) on a river by an old lady who was washing clothes.
  • On some of the kebabs with sausages, there is a symbol similar to the Illuminati.
  • The cargo boat that makes up a significant part of the stage was landlocked several decades ago, but was never removed and became inhabited by Salmonids.
  • A complex reef surrounds Marooner's Bay, making it dangerous for small boats to come near the area.[3]
  • If a player is on the propeller lifts before the beginning of a wave when the tide level changes from medium to high, the lifts will cease functioning and the player will drown.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 難破船ドン・ブラコ
Nampasen Don Burako
Wrecked Ship Don Burako [a]
Netherlands Dutch Wrak van de ms Grondel Wreck of the MS Goby [b]
CanadaFrance French Épave des braves Wreck of the brave
Germany German Schiffswrack-Insel Shipwreck Island
Italy Italian Isoletta del relitto Wreck islet
Russia Russian Корабль «Дон Брак»
Korabl' «Don Brak»
Ship "Don Burako" [a]
SpainMexico Spanish Bahía Deriva Adrift Bay
China Chinese (Simplified) 漂浮落难船
piāofú luònàn chuán (Mandarin)
Floating Wrecked Ship
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 漂浮落難船
piāofú luònàn chuán (Mandarin)
Floating Wrecked Ship
South Korea Korean 난파선 돈 브라코
nanpaseon don beulako
Wreck the Don Burako
 Internal Shakeship [4] Salmon Ship

Translation notes

  1. 1.0 1.1 Don burako is a Japanese onomatopoeia for a thing, especially the peach in Momotarō, floating and drifting
  2. Abbreviation ms is short for motorschip ("motor ship")