Eco-Forest Treehills

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Promo image from Splatnet 3 after 100% Exploration of Eco-Forest Treehills.
That pinwheel's making me dizzy...
Agent 2's comment on SplatNet 3

Eco-Forest Treehills is the fifth site of Splatoon 3's single-player campaign, Return of the Mammalians, though more specifically, Alterna. It includes 13 Kettles, and along with a direct path from Cryogenic Hopetown, has 3 entrances to the site. The song Whirlpool Tune plays throughout the island.




Agent 1's Quotes

Entering the site:
Phew! You've made it pretty far, huh? Looks like you can get to another site from there.
Well, let's see what we can find here. Good luck!

Agent 2's Quotes

Entering the site:
What did they even DO with these pipes?
That pipe must be the way back. Hm... Still no response from Gramps. Figures.


Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese あすなろグリーンヒルズ
asunaro gurīn hiruzu
Thujopsis Green Hills
Netherlands Dutch Eco-bos Groenheuvels Eco-Forest Green Hills
CanadaFrance French Jardins luxuriants Lush gardens
Germany German Ökowald-Baumhügel Eco-Forest Treehills
Italy Italian Serre Eco-llinari
Russia Russian Холмы эколеса
Kholmy ekolesa
Eco-forest hills
SpainMexico Spanish Colinas ecosostenibles Eco-sustainable hills
China Chinese (Simplified) 罗汉柏绿色山丘
luóhànbǎi lǜsè shānqiū
Thujopsis Green Hills
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 羅漢柏綠色山丘
luóhànbǎi lǜsè shānqiū
Thujopsis Green Hills
South Korea Korean 나한백 그린힐스
nahanbaeg geulinhilseu
Thujopsis Green Hills
 Internal LocationAlternaArea_05 [1]