The Future Stares Back

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02-08: Switching Things Up
Return of the Mammalians missions
03-01: Climbing the Corporate Splatter

The Future Stares Back
Fight your way to the exit.
Site Cozy & Safe Factory
Fee Power Egg Alternas No Fee
Lives 3
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 2200
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 700
Music Surprise and Shine
The Eel Deal
— Intro to Frye's boss fight.

The Future Stares Back is the second reachable boss in Splatoon 3: Return of the Mammalians.

Boss appearance

The boss is Frye, who rides on the remains of the Octostomp and sends moray eels to attack Agent 3. The Octostomp's face is now yellow in color and its eye sockets are empty.


Note: Due to the level having no fee, you may retry from checkpoints as many times as you want, even if you lose all your lives.

The Octostomp's remains spin around on one of its corners, and its movement prevents it from being inked; touching it while it spins will inflict damage. Frye will occasionally try to charge at the player in between her eel dances, which can be predicted when the Octostomp jumps.

Every time Frye finishes a move, she will say "Mixing it up!" before making another move.

First Phase

Frye will use her "Eel Downpour" attack to make eels rain down from the sky; like the Tenta Missiles, their location is designated by small circles on the ground. She may also use "Hundred Eel Vision", summoning eels to shoot ink at the player. Shooting the eels will usually destroy them, but attacking the eels with masks will cause them to fly back at Frye. She will be stunned if she is hit with enough eels and cause the Octostomp to stop spinning, allowing the player to ink the Octostomp's sides and attack her directly. Should she recover before being splatted, she will repeat this pattern.

Second Phase

Frye will now begin to use her "Moray Whirlpool" attack, which sends out an expanding circle of eels. As before, the masked eels will fly back at Frye and potentially stun her. However, the Octostomp will take longer to stop spinning and Frye will remain stunned for less time.

Third Phase

In addition to her previous attacks, Frye will now use the "Great Moray Transformation". When this attack is performed, her eels will assume a fish-like formation and relentlessly charge at the player. Shooting the masked eels will continue to stun Frye if enough of them are sent back, but she will only remain stunned for a short time before resuming her attacks.

Enemies and Mechanics

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O.R.C.A.'s Quotes

Unauthorized personnel prohibited beyond this point.

Agent 1's Quotes

Before the battle:
I'm getting a strong reading up ahead. It might be Gramps!
Before the battle (rematch):
Ahaha! You're probably right. She's a feisty one.
During the battle:
Go now, Agent 3!

Agent 2's Quotes

Before the battle:
Go check it out, Agent 3!
Before the battle (rematch):
Something tells me Frye hasn't learned her lesson...
During the battle:
Ooo, hey! If you beat up the masked eels, they'll hit her instead of you!
"Make those eels squeal!" Wow, the Captain is fired up.
♪Now's your chaaa-aaance!♪
After the battle:
Oh. The reading was coming from... this thing. Well, we fought for it, so nab it anyway!

Frye's Quotes

Before the battle:
NOT SO FAST! You're pretty tough. I can tell! How 'bout this. You call it quits, join my crew, and we split the treasure! Bah. You wanna resolve this Splatlands-style, huh? Fine by me! DANCE BATTLE TO THE DEATH! Eels, get your wriggly butts out here!
Before the battle (rematch):
'Bout time! Sheesh! I got a li'l problem, see? When I get beat, I just can't let it go! Ohhh, that's right. Almost forgot. You and me? We've got deadly dance moves. Eels, get back out here!
During the battle:
Third dance! Hundred-Eel Vision!
No! Don't hit ME!
GWAH! You threw my balance off!
Alright, alright. Not bad! You ready to fEEL the pain? Now... watch this!
Second dance! Moray Whirlpool! Grind this fool into PASTE!
HEY! Take your hits like an eel! Don't fly back at ME!
Mixin' it up!
First dance! Eel Downpour!
Hey! You think you can treat my eels like shrimp? WRONG! NUH-UH! All you did was wake us up. I'm firing it up... MORAY POWER! Good luuuck!
Final dance! Great Moray Transformation! Surf THIS wave, hotshot!
After the battle:
Grrr! You're WAY stronger than you look... But you haven't heard the last of Deep Cut! Bet you'll miss me! Ha!
After defeating the boss:
Agent 1
Whew! That was some great work, Agent 3. And you got this... thing! But not Gramps.
Agent 2
It's treasure. Or at least, I think that's what it is. We can keep it here for now.
...copy! Do you copy? Over!
Anyone listenin'? Do you read me?! Over!
Agent 2
It's Gramps!
Agent 1
Gramps, where are you right now?
Callie, Marie—my darlings. You're OK!
Agent 1
Yep, we're A-OK! WAIT. We should be asking if you're OK! Are you OK, Gramps?
Oh, sure. I mean, I'm locked in some kinda dark room, which I guess ain't exactly ideal...
I'll see if I can break out. Over!
Agent 2
Don't do anything too rash! We're tracking your signal right now and on our way. Call us if anything happens!
Agent 1
Whew... I'm so glad he's OK. C'mon, let's take a look at the new readings from his signal!
Agent 2
Agent 3, if you want to go back to a previous kettle, just open the menu. It might be useful at some point...


  • Similarly to the final bosses of Octo Valley and Octo Canyon, some of the character dialogue changes on repeat playthroughs.
  • Frye's ink color has the Deep Cut logo similar to Shiver's and Big Man's ink colors.
  • When turning Color Lock on, Frye's ink color will turn a deep indigo color.
  • Unlike Shiver and Big Man, Frye is the only Deep Cut boss that can recover from being stunned.


Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オルタナに封印された、輝く器。それは…。
Orutana ni fūinsareta, kagayaku utsuwa. Sorewa....
The shining object sealed in Alterna, that is...
Netherlands Dutch Oog in oog met onheil
Vecht je een weg naar de beveiligde deur.
Face to face with disaster
Fight a way to the protected door.
CanadaFrance French Frayeur filiforme
Fraie-toi un passage jusqu'à la porte.
Filiform fright
Clear yourself a way to the door.
Germany German Die Zukunft blickt zurück
Erreiche das Tor!
The future looks back
Reach the gate!
Italy Italian Il futuro si volta indietro
Raggiungi il portale.
The future turns back
Reach the portal
Russia Russian Неприглядное будущее
Доберитесь до двери.

Nepriglyadnoye budushcheye
Doberites' do dveri.
An unsightly future
Reach the door.
SpainMexico Spanish El futuro echa la vista atrás
Atraviesa la puerta de seguridad.
The future looks back
Go through the security gate.
China Chinese (Simplified) 被封印在幻界的闪耀之器,那就是……

Bèi fēngyìn zài huànjiè de shǎnyào zhī qì, nā jiù shì...
Dǐdá ménhòu de qūyù.
The shining object sealed in Alterna, that is...
Reach the area behind the gate.
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 被封印在幻界的閃耀之器,那就是⋯⋯
Bèi fēngyìn zài huàn jiè de shǎnyào zhī qì, nà jiùshì ⋯⋯
The shining object sealed in Alterna, that is...
South Korea Korean 얼터너에 봉인된 빛나는 그릇. 그것은...
eolteoneoe bong-indoen bichnaneun geuleus. geugeos-eun...
The shining object sealed in Alterna, that is...
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