Trouble Round Every Corner

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04-Boss: The Pursuit of the Precious
Return of the Mammalians missions
05-02: The Upside to Enemy Backsides

Trouble Round Every Corner
Suppress enemy fire and reach the goal.
RotM Trouble Round Every Corner Spawn.jpg
Site Eco-Forest Treehills
Fee Power Egg Alternas No Fee
Lives 3

S3 Weapon Main Hero Shot Level 1 2D Current.pngSmallfry
 Try this! 

S3 Weapon Main H-3 Nozzlenose 2D Current.pngS3 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb Flat.png

S3 Weapon Main Glooga Dualies 2D Current.pngS3 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb Flat.png
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 1400 Power Egg Alternas 1400 Power Egg Alternas 1500
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 500 Power Egg Alternas 500 Power Egg Alternas 600
Music Underwater Neon
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Trouble Round Every Corner

Trouble Round Every Corner is the 43rd level in Splatoon 3's story mode, Return of the Mammalians.


This mission consists of Twintacle Octotroopers that are hiding around corners and on raised platforms. To reach the goal the player must defeat all enemies.

Enemies and Mechanics

First Introduced

Previously Introduced


RotM Icon Agent 1.png Agent 1's Quotes

Ugh, there's so many of them! And they're hogging all the high ground...
Alllmost there...

RotM Icon Agent 2.png Agent 2's Quotes

Watch out! There's a Twintacle Octotrooper up there! They're way tougher than regular Octotroopers.
Maybe Smallfry can help you out here...
That Trizooka will let you splat far-off Octarians!


Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Uit onverwachte hoek
Overleef het vijandelijke vuur en bereik het doel!
From an unexpected corner
Survive the enemy fire and reach the goal!
CanadaFrance French Embuscades en cascade
Évite les tirs ennemis et atteins l'arrivée.
Ambushes in waterfall
Avoid enemy shots and reach the goal.
Germany German Elend an jeder Ecke
Weiche gegnerischen Angriffen aus und erreiche das Ziel!
Misery at every corner
Dodge enemy attacks and reach the goal!
Russia Russian Неприятности за каждым углом
Доберитесь до цели, избегая огня противника.

Nepriyatnosti za kazhdym uglom
Doberites' do tseli, izbegaya ognya protivnika.
Troubles around every corner
Reach the goal avoiding enemy fire.
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Emboscadas en cascada
Alcanza la meta reprimiendo los disparos enemigos.
Ambushes in waterfall
Reach the goal by suppressing enemy shots.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Emboscadas en cascada
Alcanza la meta superando los disparos enemigos.
Ambushes in waterfall
Reach the goal by surpassing enemy shots.
China Chinese (Simplified) 有多少转角就有多少惊喜,散步路和人生皆如此。

Yǒu duōshǎo zhuǎnjiǎo jiù yǒu duōshǎo jīngxǐ, sànbùlù hé rénshēng jiē rúcǐ.
Zài zhèngmiàn jiāofēng zhōng shènglì bìng dǐdá zhōngdiǎn.
There are as many surprises as there are corners, for both promenades and life.
Win in a head-to-head battle and reach the goal.