Tread Heavily

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02-04: Splitting Crosshairs
Return of the Mammalians missions
02-06: Getting Lost in Three Easy Steps

Tread Heavily
Reach the goal using the Crab Tank!
Site Cozy & Safe Factory
Fee Power Egg Alternas 30
Lives 3
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 1200
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 500
Music Seep & Destroy
In this mission, you will master the use of the Crab Tank to reach the goal. Destroy all of the targets.
O.R.C.A. describing the stage

Tread Heavily is the 20th level in Splatoon 3's story mode, Return of the Mammalians.


To pass this level, the player must use the Crab Tank and break target blocks on a giant robot to reach the goal.

Enemies and Mechanics

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Agent 1's Quotes

Hold to curl up into a cute, crabby ball. Then you can roll around and climb up walls!
Hold for rapid-fire shots, and press to fire your li'l crabby cannon!
I bet there's a cool bad guy behind this wall, and Crab Tank's about to...uh... Wait. What?
Oh! Nice shot! Try breaking more targets...
Whoops. Roll back up that wall, and try again!
No disrespect to Crab Tank, but...there's no way its li'l crab hop can reach the goal like this.
Is that supposed to be its face? Weird!
Look! The giant fears the mighty Crab Tank!
Wait for it, then hop like you've never hopped before!

Agent 2's Quotes

It'll hold up against attacks from the front, but it's not invincible. Be good to Crab Tank!
Nice! You splatted all the splat switches! We're so proud of you, Crab Tank...
Whoa! Watch your step, pal! We're crab walkin' here!
While you're all rolled up in a ball with , press to do a short crab hop.
That had to be the last of the targets, right?
Way to go, C.T.! Now, onward and upward.
Ooo! Nicely done, Crab Tank! You too, Agent 3.


This mission's name is based on the phrase "tread lightly" or "tread carefully", which means to proceed with caution.

Names in other languages

Translation needed
Add Chinese (Traditional) and Korean. edit
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 美しの夜景に、匠の遊び心がそびえる。
Utsukushi no yakei ni, takumi no asobigokoro ga sobieru.
Over the beautiful night view, the playfulness of the craftsman stands.
Netherlands Dutch Krabbengang
Bereik het doel met behulp van de Krabbentank!
Crab's pace
Reach the goal with the aid of the Crab Tank!
Canada French (NOA) Tank à gagner
Utilise le Crabe d'assaut pour atteindre l'arrivée.
Tank to win
Use the Crab Tank to reach the goal.
France French (NOE) Tank à gagner[a]
Utilise le crabe d'assaut pour atteindre l'arrivée.
Tank to win
Use the Crab Tank to reach the goal.
Germany German Krabbenscherereien
Kämpfe im Krabbenpanzer und erreiche das Ziel!
Crab hassles[b]
Fight in the Crab Tank and reach the goal!
Italy Italian Passo pesante
Raggiungi il traguardo con il granchio armato.
Heavy step
Reach the goal with the Crab Tank.
Russia Russian Шагая твердо
Доберитесь до цели с помощью кработанка!

Shagaya tvyordo
Doberites' do tseli s pomoshch'yu krabotanka!
Walking firmly
Reach the goal using Crab Tank!
SpainMexico Spanish Pinzando fuerte
Alcanza la meta con el cangrejobot
Pinching hard
Reach the goal with the Crab Tank
China Chinese (Simplified) 美丽的夜景,激起匠人的玩乐之心。

Měilì de yèjǐng, jīqǐ jiàngrén de wánlè zhī xīn.
Jiàshǐ pángxiè tǎnkè dǐdá zhōngdiǎn.
The beautiful night view, arousing the playfulness of the craftsman.
Drive the Crab Tank to reach the goal.
 Internal kanitank [1]

Translation notes

  1. Pun of the saying "manque à gagner" which means "shortfall". It does not have anything to do with the level itself, it simply sounds very similar.
  2. The word Schererei comes from the verb scheren, meaning "to shear", likely making this level's name a pun on crab claws, which have similarities with scissors.

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