The Pursuit of the Precious

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04-12: The Path to Perfect Penmanship
Return of the Mammalians missions
05-01: Trouble Round Every Corner

The Pursuit of the Precious
Fight your way to the exit.
Site Landfill Dreamland
Fee Power Egg Alternas No Fee
Lives 3
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 2600
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas 800
Music Surprise and Shine
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The Pursuit of the Precious
The Cold-Blooded Bandit
— Intro to Shiver's boss fight.

The Pursuit of the Precious is the third reachable boss mission in Return of the Mammalians.

Boss appearance

The boss is Shiver, who rides on her megalodon Master Mega, a large shark with a saddle and rocket boosters.


Note: Due to the level having no fee, you may retry from checkpoints as many times as you want, even if you lose all your lives.

First phase

Shiver and Master Mega will circle the water surrounding the central platform, occasionally leaping out to fire vertical slashes of ink similar to those of a charged splatana or charging straight at the player, the previous breaking armor on contact and the latter similar to the Reefslider. While they can be attacked in this state, their constant movement makes them difficult targets. Instead, the player should wait for them to try and attack from below and place a bomb (or Smallfry) in the spot they will strike as if fighting a Maws; throwing a bomb into Master Mega's open mouth the moment before he charges is also effective.

Should Master Mega swallow a bomb or Smallfry, he will fly onto the platform and leave itself open as it slowly crawls back to the water. After taking enough damage, Shiver will fall off Master Mega and can be splatted to begin the next phase.

Second phase

Shiver and Master Mega will now create ink tornadoes, leaping from one tornado to another to confuse the player before firing a beam of ink straight forward. Master Mega leaves its mouth open for a moment after performing this attack, and throwing a bomb (or Smallfry) into its mouth will knock it onto the platform. After dismounting Shiver and splatting her a second time, the third phase will begin.

Third phase

The beam attack now fires three beams, one after the other. Additionally, Master Mega will crawl faster, reducing the amount of time it can be damaged while it is stranded on the platform. Splatting Shiver once more will end the battle.

Enemies and mechanics

First introduced

Previously introduced



O.R.C.A.'s Quotes

Unauthorized personnel prohibited beyond this point.

Agent 1's Quotes

Before the battle:
It's Gramps! It has to be!
Before the battle (rematch):
"Pedal to the megalodon"? Psh! That catchphrase could use some work, right, Agent 3?
During the battle:
Watch out! They're gonna strike from below!
They're out in the open! Now's your chance!
Look! Shiver fell off!
Nice, Agent 3!
Wow! That shark is so talented!
She's megalo-DONE! Now finish her off!

Agent 2's Quotes

Before the battle:
The reading is coming from just up ahead!
During the battle:
Good work!
Ink it NOW before it gets away!
She fell off again! Let her have it!
♪Sooo gooood!♪
After the battle:
It wasn't Gramps... So frustrating! Guess we'll just take this as a consolation prize.

Shiver's Quotes

Before the battle:
Stop where you are. After the treasure? You have excellent taste. But you're too delicate to claim this particular item. Don't you agree? Ah, I see. The cold-shoulder routine. Guess you're pretty wicked after all. We'll have to teach you some manners. Join me, Master Mega!
Pedal to the megalodon!
Before the battle (rematch):
Stop where you are. You're back, which can only mean... you missed me! How sweet of you, coming all this way just to give me a win. Ahhh, the cold shoulder again. You grow more wicked with every battle... And that's supposed to be MY thing. Another lesson, Master Mega!
Pedal to the megalodon! AGAIN!
During the battle:
Share your wisdom, Master Mega!
We'll shred you this time for sure!
Time to feed the fish! Hahaha!
Master! Get us back in the water! NOW!
You're pretty tough... for an appetizer. Master! I need you to REALLY focus this time, OK? Attaboy, Master Mega! Let's FINish this!
That was just a rehearsal. The real show starts NOW!
Let's swirl things up - way, WAY up! Haha!
Awaaay we go!
OK, Master Mega. Show your pearly BITES!
UGH! Master! Get it together!
Oh, come on! What is WITH you?! Master, you had better get serious... or else! Yeah! That's more like it! Time to show you our REAL power!
PEDAL - and I mean it this time - TO THE MEGALODON!
Can you handle THIS?!
Ugh. Stop embarrassing me, Master!
After the battle:
Owww... I think that's enough of a lesson for today... But you haven't seen the last of Deep Cut. Until next time. Huh? OH N-
After defeating the boss:
Agent 2
Good work, Agent 3.
Agent 2
I mean, we didn't find Gramps, but we found another "treasure." That's something!
Ksss-ksssh! Kssssssht!
...Do you read me? Come in!
Agent 1
Gramps is on the line! Hellooo, Gramps!
Oh, Agent 1! Good to hear your voice.
I'm, uh...still locked in some kinda room. Finding the exit is like lookin' for a needlefish in a coral reef!
OH! I mean, oh... I better shout whisper. SOMEONE'S COMING!
Ah. You've woken from your hibernation, have you? CUTTLEFISH!
Hmph! That's, uh...former CAP'N Cuttlefish to... whoever you are!
...Who ARE you, anyhow? Identify yourself!
Grrrahahaha! You're lively for an old bag of... Does your species have bones? No matter!
You can call me... Mr. Grizz.
...izz? Ksss-ksssh! ...know any Grizz... Ksss-ksssh! ...mister or otherwise!
Agent 1
Nooo! It was getting so good! Gramps? Are you still there?
Agent 1
Argh! I think we lost him. But we'll find him for real if we keep tracking the signal.
Agent 1
That's all you, Agent 3. Let's go!



  • Similarly to the final bosses of Octo Valley and Octo Canyon, some of the character dialogue changes on repeat playthroughs.
  • Shiver's ink color has Deep Cut logos imprinted on it, a trait shared by Frye and Big Man.


The mission's name is likely a reference to The Lord of the Rings. In this trilogy, the character of Gollum refers to the One Ring as his "precious".

Names in other languages

Translation needed
Add Italian and translate Spanish. edit
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オルタナに封印された、気高き刃。それは…。
Orutana ni fūinsareta, kedakaki ha. Sorewa....
Proud blades sealed away in Alterna. That is…
Netherlands Dutch Een pracht van een jacht
Vecht je een weg naar de beveiligde deur.
A splendor of a pursuit
Fight a way to the protected door.
France French (NOE) Poursuite précieuse
Fraie-toi un passage jusqu'à la porte.
Precious pursuit
Clear yourself a way to the door.
Germany German Ein Riecher für Reichtum
Erreiche das Tor!
A nose for fortune
Reach the gate!
Italy Italian A caccia di tesori
Raggiungi il portale.
Hunting treasures
Reach the portal.
Russia Russian В погоне за сокровищами
Доберитесь до двери.

V pogone za sokrovishchami
Doberites' do dveri.
In pursuit of the treasure
Reach the door.
SpainMexico Spanish En busca de lo más preciado
Atraviesa la puerta de seguridad.

Walk through the security gate.
China Chinese (Simplified) 被封印在幻界的高雅之刃,那就是……

Bèi fēngyìn zài huànjiè de gāoyǎ zhī rèn, nā jiù shì...
Dǐdá ménhòu de qūyù.
The elegant blade sealed in Alterna, that is...
Reach the area behind the gate.
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 被封印在幻界的高雅之刃,那就是……
Bèi fēngyìn zài huàn jiè de gāoyǎ zhī rèn, nà jiùshì……
The elegant blade sealed in Alterna, that is...
South Korea Korean 얼터너에 봉인된 고고한 칼날. 그것은...
eolteoneoe bong-indoen gogohan kalnal. geugeos-eun...
A noble blade sealed in Alterna, that is...