Alterna Space Center Lift

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02: Alterna Space Center Hangar
Return of the Mammalians missions
04: The Spirit Lifter: Steerage

Alterna Space Center Lift
Save Craig Cuttlefish!
Site Alterna Space Center
Fee Power Egg Alternas No Fee
Lives 1
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas None
Clear Rewards
Power Egg Alternas None
Music Hide and Sleek
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Alterna Space Center Lift

Alterna Space Center Lift is the third section in the finale leading up to the final boss in Return of the Mammalians.


To pass through this section in the finale, the player will have to ride a large platform that is going downward. The platform will reach a large gate and will not continue until all the enemies that have spawned are defeated. Enemies will also spawn while the platform is moving downward.


Checkpoint 1

At the start of the section, an automatic door leads the player onto a platform with an Ink Switch in the center. Activating it will cause the platform to move down slowly. Along its descent, Octarians and Sprinklers are positioned to hinder the player's progression. At the end, there is another Ink Switch that, when inked, opens a large door behind, revealing an Octocommander. Just behind it is the next checkpoint.

Final Checkpoint

Through a door is yet another descending platform activated by an Ink Switch to the right. This time, Octarians are positioned in containers above the platform the player is on, with the base opening and releasing the Octarians inside when overhead. The moving platform stops at an area with two Octocommanders which, when splatted, will make the moving platform descend again, now with a larger area. This time, four Octolings appear along with an Octosniper. Behind the Octosniper is the end of the section.

Enemies and mechanics

Previously introduced




Agent 1's Quotes

Can... can we turn on a light or something?
First checkpoint:
Hey, we're moving!
Final checkpoint:
It just keeps going!
Last stop! Finally! Probably. Hopefully...

Agent 2's Quotes

First checkpoint:
Well, this is ominous...
I wish this thing moved faster.
Final checkpoint:
Is... is the elevator getting bigger?

Shiver's Quotes

We'll have to rely on other senses. Like sharks do.
Final checkpoint:
If only we were so lucky.

Frye's Quotes

Final checkpoint:
We're on the move again!

Big Man's Quotes

First checkpoint:
Aaay? (Oh! Is this the end?)

Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オルタナ宇宙センター・昇降リフト

Orutana uchū sentā: shōkō rifuto
Atarime o tasukemashou
Alterna Space Center: Elevating Lift
Save Craig Cuttlefish!
Netherlands Dutch Alterna-ruimtebasis (lift)
Red Karel Kraak!
Alterna space base (lift)
Save Craig Cuttlefish!
Canada French (NOA) Centre spatial d'Alterna : ascenseur
Sauve Anastase Macalmar!
Alterna Space Center: Lift
Save Craig Cuttlefish!
France French (NOE) Centre spatial d'Alterna : ascenseur
Sauve Anastase Macalamar !
Alterna Space Center: Lift
Save Craig Cuttlefish!
Germany German Raumfahrtzentrum Alterna: Aufzug
Rette Karl Kuttelfisch!
Alterna Space Center: Lift
Save Craig Cuttlefish!
Italy Italian Centro spaziale di Alterna: ascensore
Salva Sergio Seppia!
Russia Russian Лифт космоцентра Альтерны
Спасите Кальмостара!

Lift kosmotsentra Al'terny
Spasite Kal'mostara!
Alterna space center lift
Save Cuttlefish!
SpainMexico Spanish Centro espacial de Alterna (ascensor)
Rescata a Jerónimo Jibión.
Alterna space center (lift)
Rescue Craig Cuttlefish.
China Chinese (Simplified) 幻界宇宙中心·升降梯

Huànjiè yǔzhòu zhōngxīn·shēngjiàngtī
zhěngjiù yúgān.
Alterna space center: Lift
Save Cuttlefish.
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 幻界宇宙中心.升降梯
huànjiè yǔjòu jūngshīn shēngjiàngtī
Alterna space center: Lift