Propellered to Greatness

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03-07: Rail Pass
Return of the Mammalians missions
04-02: Octohoppers Don't Have a Sense of Humor (and They Hate Puns)!

Propellered to Greatness
Reach the goal using propellervators.
Alterna 0401.jpg
Site Landfill Dreamland
Fee Power Eggs No Fee
Lives 3
Weapons and Rewards

S3 Weapon Main Hero Shot Level 1 Flat.pngS3 Weapon Sub Smallfry.png

S3 Weapon Main Nautilus 47 Flat.pngS3 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb Flat.png

S3 Weapon Main Goo Tuber Flat.pngS3 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb Flat.png

Power Eggs 500 Power Eggs 600 Power Eggs 600

First-time Bonus Power Eggs 900
Music Flop to It

Propellered to Greatness is the 31st level in Splatoon 3's story mode, Return of the Mammalians.


To get to the goal, the player will make use of Propellers.

Enemies and Mechanics

Previously Introduced

Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ようこそ、世界が愛したベイエリアへ。
Welcome to the bay area loved by the world.
Use propeller lifts and reach the goal.
Netherlands Dutch Propellerpret
Bereik het doel met behulp van propellerplatformen!
Propeller fun
Reach the goal with the aid of Propellers!
Russia Russian На карьерном лифте
Доберитесь до цели с помощью вентилифтов.

Na kar'yernom lifte
Doberites' do tseli s pomoshch'yu ventiliftov.
On the career elevator
Reach the goal with Propellers.
China Chinese (Simplified) 欢迎来到全世界都爱的港湾区域。

Huānyíng lái dào quánshìjiè dóu ài de gǎngwān qūyù.
Shǐyòng luóxuánjiǎng tàbǎn dǐdá zhōngdiǎn.
Welcome to the harbor area that the whole world loves.
Use propellers to reach the goal.