Switching Things Up

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02-07: The Ink-Conservation Project
Return of the Mammalians missions
02-Boss: The Future Stares Back

Switching Things Up
Hit the splat switches to reach the goal.
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Site Cozy & Safe Factory
Fee Power Eggs 30
Lives 3
S3 Weapon Main Splattershot Pro Flat.pngS3 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb Flat.png
Clear Rewards
Power Eggs 1200
Clear Rewards
Power Eggs 500
Music Smoke and Mirrors
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Switching Things Up
In this mission, you'll be playing hide-and-switch to create a path that reaches the goal. Seek out and activate all of the splat switches hidden throughout the stage.
O.R.C.A. describing the stage

Switching Things Up is the 23rd level in Splatoon 3's story mode, Return of the Mammalians.


In order to reach the goal, the player must make use of Splat-switches.

Enemies and Mechanics

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Previously Introduced

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese そこに至る、その過程も美しい。
Soko ni itaru, sono katei mo utsukusī.
The process of reaching there is also beautiful.
Netherlands Dutch Schalkse schakeleraars
Raak de schakelaars en bereik het doel!
Rascally switches
Hit the switches and reach the goal!
Canada and France French Interrupteurs décampeurs
Active les interrupteurs et rejoins l'arrivée.
Decamping switches
Activate the switches and reach the end.
Germany German Schau und Schalte!
Aktiviere die Schalter und erreiche das Ziel!
Watch and switch!
Activate the switches and reach the goal!
Russia Russian Просто переключиться
Доберитесь до цели с помощью переключателей.

Prosto pereklyuchit'sya
Doberites' do tseli s pomoshch'yu pereklyuchateley.
Just switch
Reach the goal with Splat-switches.
Spain Spanish Itinerario con interruptores
Alcanza la meta activando interruptores.
Itinerary with switches
Reach the goal by activating switches.
China Chinese (Simplified) 抵达那里,其过程也很美。

Dǐdá nàli, qí guòchéng yě hěn měi.
Kāiqǐ kāiguān bìng dǐdá zhōngdiǎn.
The process of reaching there is also beautiful.
Turn on the switches and reach the goal.