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S3 Icon O.R.C.A..png
O.R.C.A.'s dialogue icon in the story mode
Species AI
Hair color
Eye color
Age Approx. 12,000
Location Alterna

O.R.C.A., short for Omniscient Recording Computer of Alterna, is a computer system in Return of the Mammalians in Splatoon 3. It is located in Alterna and serves as a guide for Agent 3.

Splatoon 3

As revealed in the Alterna Logs, O.R.C.A. is an archival-oriented digital information management system that was created by the scientists who built Alterna. Its purpose is to record and preserve the knowledge gathered by the surviving Alternan humans. In Return of the Mammalians, when Agent 3 enters their first kettle in Alterna, O.R.C.A. is booted up and introduces itself. After explaining the basics of missions, it begins collecting information on Agent 3, referring to them as a citizen of Alterna. At the start of each mission in Alterna, it offers a brief explanation of the mission's goal and purpose and information on the weapons available in the equipper. If Agent 3 fails to accomplish certain missions' special objectives (such as running out of ink in a mission with limited ink), O.R.C.A. will inform them of their failure and pour ink directly above them, splatting them. It is also strongly implied to have written the Alterna Logs.

Personality and traits

Unlike its fellow AI Commander Tartar, O.R.C.A. is rarely hostile towards the player and does not attempt to deceive them, instead seemingly only being interested in conducting tests and maintaining Alterna. Agent 1 comments on O.R.C.A.'s deadpan humor, and in the mission Amusing a Bemused Muse, it responds with unimpressed silence at the Squid Sisters' failure to recognize a crate statue as an orca, the very same animal its name and icon are modeled after.



  • O.R.C.A. plays a similar role to that of C.Q. Cumber in the Octo Expansion: both explain each level in the opening area, provide the selection of weapons available for the level in the equipper, and splat the player if they fail a special condition.
  • When first booted up, O.R.C.A. makes a sound similar to the Wii U's power-on jingle, but in a different key.


Omniscient Recording Computer of Alterna describes the system's intelligence, purpose, "species" and location. The orca is also a species of dolphin, making the abbreviation "O.R.C.A." similar to the Japanese name of the AI, which is the Japanese word for "dolphin".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese イルカ
Directly from 'イルカ'(dolphin), and abbreviation for “Intelligent Recording Computer of Alterna”(I.R.C.A.)
Netherlands Dutch Ongeëvenaarde Rapporterende Kunstmatige Assistent (O.R.K.A) Unmatched Reporting Artificial Assistant (the abbreviation comes from orka (orca))
Russia Russian Искусственный кибернетический разум Альтерны (И.К.Р.А.)
Iskusstvennyy kiberneticheskyy razum Al'terny (I.K.R.A.)
Artificial cybernetic intelligence of Alterna (the abbreviation comes from икра ikra (caviar))
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Organizadora de Registros Computarizados de Alterna (O.R.C.A.) Organizer of Computerized Records of Alterna
China Chinese 海豚豚
Hǎitún tún
From '海豚'(dolphin). In the log, its full name is also “Intelligent Recording Computer of Alterna”
South Korea Korean I.R.C.A. Same as the Japanese abbreviation