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An equipper.
At each station, the available weapons will be displayed atop the equipper. CQ points are required to take each test. We'll grant you S2 Icon CQ Points.png1,000 to start with. The test fee indicates the number of CQ points needed to take the test. The reward is how many CQ points you will earn for passing the test. Now go ahead and press Button1 A.png to select a weapon.

The equipper is a mechanic in the Octo Expansion.

It is a metallic pad with shoe prints printed on top. Activating the equipper raises a glass cylinder with rotating metal plates, while a menu is shown with one to three weapon loadouts - sets of main and/or sub weapons, a special weapon, or an unarmed option. Choosing a loadout selects it for the next mission or section.


The equipper gives out weaponry from Inkopolis Square, though it never gives alternate versions of a main weapon, due to the fact that sub weapons in Octo Expansion aren't dependent on its main weapon.

Weaponry for a specific test has a difficulty level, with the furthest left as the easiest and right as the hardest. A recommended choice is also shown. The player is allowed to change their weapon after first selecting one by standing on top of the equipper and pressing Button1 A.png.

Upon completing a mission, the player returns to the equipper, receives the mem cake for the mission, and returns the equipment for the mission, taking the player back into the Deepsea Metro train.

If the player returns to a previous equipper at the start of a section, the player is forced to activate the equipper, and returns the equipment for that section before proceeding.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ドレッサー
Netherlands Dutch Wapencabine Weapon cabin
France French Sas d'armement Arming collander