Soaker block

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A soaker block.
Oh, a soaker block! Shoot the base block, and watch more blocks pop out!

Soaker blocks are a mechanic in Return of the Mammalians and Side Order.


Soaker blocks are similar to sponges. Visually, they are a white block with an animated pattern of arrows. When attacked, the soaker block gradually produces a series of identically sized blocks along a specific path, completely painted in the ink color of whatever activated it. While at least one block from the soaker block is extended, the main soaker block is also completely painted in the same ink color that it was activated with. The first block always moves in the direction indicated by the arrows.

The blocks shrink back if the main block is attacked by ink that is not the same color as the one that activated it, or if it was left idle for an extended period of time.


Return of the Mammalians



  • How the soaker blocks work is very similar to the ! Blocks in Super Mario World, where they also extend when they get hit. The only different is, though, they extend to the max point and stay there after hitting it once.
    • Although, in later games like in Super Mario Maker 2 act more similar, as they extend by only one block with every hit, and retract if left idle for too long also.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ヘビブロック Snake block
Netherlands Dutch Uitschuifblok Slide-out block[a]
CanadaFrance French Bloc serpentin
Germany German Expando-Block
Italy Italian Blocco serpe Snake block
Russia Russian Змееблок
Snake block
SpainMexico Spanish Bloque telescópico Telescopic block
China Chinese (Simplified) 蛇方块
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 蛇方塊
South Korea Korean 스네이크 블록 Snake block
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Translation notes

  1. From uitschuiven ("to slide out") and blok ("block")