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A lifesaver placed down.

The Lifesaver is a mechanic in the Splatoon 2 mode Salmon Run, serving as a reference point to shoot ink and resuscitate fallen inklings.


The Lifesavers are translucent rings with white bands, normally attached to the players' backs, serving as their Ink Tanks during Salmon Run. When full, the translucent parts appear in the player's ink color. A small light on the rightmost ring of the Lifesaver indicates if you have enough ink for a Splat Bomb the same way Ink Tanks have a light on the top. On the left of the ring, when viewed from behind, is a radio antenna with a signal tip that glows upon a Signal, and an orange Grizzco Grizzco flag wrapped around it.

When a player is splatted during Salmon Run, they will reappear shortly as a controllable Lifesaver with the antenna and Grizzco Grizzco flag waving, and an Inkling or Octoling ghost jumping around inside it. They will appear at the point where they were splatted, or (if splatted in midair, on a moving platform, or by falling in the water) on the last piece of solid ground the player stood on. If a Lifesaver moves or falls into the water, it will fall apart and reappear back on solid ground after another short time.

In this form, the player moves very slowly, cannot attack or swim in ink, and their jumping height is severely decreased. However, they are also invulnerable, can pass through all types of Salmonids and are unaffected by enemy ink. The player's "This Way!" Signal is replaced with a "Help!" Signal.

If the player had a Golden Egg when splatted, it will stay with them in Lifesaver form and cannot be lost (except by waiting until the wave ends). If an empty Lifesaver approaches a Golden Egg, it will be picked up, just like when not in this form. However, it is impossible to deposit a Golden Egg while in Lifesaver form.

A Lifesaver can be revived by spraying ink on it, such as shooting at it with any main weapon or special weapon, or causing a Steelhead's bomb or Drizzler's projectile to explode in close vicinity to the Lifesaver. The revived player will gain approximately 4 seconds of mercy invincibility, during which the Inkling or Octoling will flash and be invulnerable. Some weaker main weapons may require more than one hit to revive the player. A S2 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png Splat Bomb exploding next to a Lifesaver will revive it, and if one hits a Lifesaver directly, it will explode immediately, similar to hitting the Rainmaker barrier or the canopy of an enemy Brella.



  • The signal tip of the Lifesaver's antenna resembles a chemical light stick commonly used in night salmon-fishing in Japan. The light stick is used in conjunction with bait (typically squid) to lure the salmon.
  • The small squid ghost that normally appears flying away when players are splatted and landing on a spawn point will flail around in the lifesaver until the player is revived.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese 救命ウキワ
Kyūmei Ukiwa
Life Belt
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Reddingsboei Lifebuoy
FlagFrance.svg French Bouée de sauvetage Lifebuoy
FlagGermany.svg German Rettungsring Lifebuoy
FlagItaly.svg Italian Salvagente Lifesaver
FlagRussia.svg Russian Спасательный круг
Spasatel'nyy krug
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Auxilio Aid
FlagPortugal.svg Portuguese Socorro Lifesaver