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Golden Eggs Golden Eggs are a type of collectible in Splatoon 2 's Salmon Run, in which collecting Golden Eggs is the main objective.

In Salmon Run

Golden Eggs spawn when a Boss Salmonid is defeated. Most Boss Salmonids drop three Golden Eggs. During the Mothership occurrence, only one is dropped; with a hiding Goldie one golden Egg is dropped after a certain number of hits, until it is splatted and drops five. Running or swimming into a Golden Egg will pick it up. Only one Golden Egg can be held at a time. Once a Golden Egg has been obtained, it must be placed in the Egg Basket by pressing "A" when near. Golden Eggs are retained if splatted while carrying one, but cannot be placed in the Egg Basket. A specified number of Golden Eggs must be returned to the Egg Basket in order to pass the wave. If the Golden Eggs have been dropped and not picked up, a Snatcher will come to pick it up. Snatchers can pick up three Golden Eggs at a time. If the Snatcher is splatted before it makes it to the water, the Golden Eggs will drop.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese 金イクラ
Kin Ikura
Golden Salmon Roe
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Gouden ei Golden Egg
FlagFrance.svg French Œuf doré Gold egg
FlagGermany.svg German Gold-Fischei Golden Fish Egg
FlagItaly.svg Italian Uovo d'oro Golden Egg
FlagRussia.svg Russian Золотая икринка
Zolataya ikrinka
Golden power egg
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Alevín dorado Golden fish spawn
FlagCzechRepublic.svg Czech Zlatý vejce Golden egg
FlagHungary.svg Hungarian Aranytojás Golden egg
FlagPoland.svg Polish Złoty Ikra Golden Roe
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