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A Grapplink.

Grapplinks are a mechanic in Splatoon 2's single-player modes, Octo Canyon and the Octo Expansion, as well as Shifty Station. They are black spheres with flashing yellow lights, a propeller and hooks, that float in the air. When hit with ink from a main weapon or sub weapon, the player is quickly pulled towards them and reach a point just under them before starting to fall down again. Hitting them with the Inkjet or Sting Ray special weapons also activates them, though any Sting Ray that hits it ends on contact with the Grapplink.


Octo Canyon

Deepsea Metro

Shifty Station



"Grapplink" is a portmanteau of "grapple" (to grab hold of something) and "link" (to connect to something), or possibly "ink".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ひきよせポイント
Hikiyose Pointo
Pull Point
Netherlands Dutch Zweefanker (Mission #6)
Ankerpunt (Mission #19)
Hover anchor
Anchor point
Italy Italian Calamarampino From Calamaro (Squid) and Rampino (Grappling hook)