Turf War (Octo Expansion)

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Escape 07: Spinal Phase
Deepsea Metro Escape

Turf War
Defend Inkopolis from ultimate doom!
Ink to save the world!
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Station Escape Boss
and rewards
S2 Weapon Main Octo Shot.pngS2 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png
Music Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb & Flow (Octo)
Turf War bad ending (bad ending)
For the online multiplayer mode, see Turf War.

Turf War is the final boss of Octo Expansion.


The player has three minutes to shoot the hyperbombs that Marina drops onto the NILS Statue and stop Commander Tartar from firing the statue's cannon. The hyperbombs are added to different locations on the statue and first appear after a certain amount of time has passed. These are as follows:

  • At 3:00, five hyperbombs in cyan drop at the chest area of the statue.
  • At 2:30, five hyperbombs in green drop at the neck.
  • At 2:00, five hyperbombs in yellow drop at the back.
  • At 1:30, five hyperbombs in pink drop at the right arm.
  • At 1:00, ten hyperbombs in blue drop at the head.

Due to the statue's sheer size, the map of the stage is displayed on the screen during the battle as opposed to being viewed when pressing and rotates around depending on where the player is, compared to the usual maps that have a fixed view. Hyperbomb locations are marked on the map as they are dropped and can be seen through walls, and a tally of the hyperbombs that have been activated is listed so the player can keep track of how many are left.

If the player gets splatted or fails to detonate all of the hyperbombs in time, an image of Inkopolis getting destroyed by the laser is shown. Then, the option to skip the final boss battle becomes instantly available, filling the Skip Charge to 100%, where the following dialogue will be displayed if the player skips: "Agent 8 covered the massive weaponized statue in ink...". This does not prevent the player from getting the Octo Shot Replica, playable Octolings or the Inner Agent 3 fight.



The dialogue after reaching the surface:
  • Pearl: Eight... EIGHT! WE GOT YOU!
  • Marina: Phew... we can breathe easy now.
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish: FIGHT HARD UNTIL THE DAY WE FRY!
  • Marina: Here we go again...
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish: WE STAY FRESH, NEVER FROZEN!
  • Marina: *sigh* You guys... Um... Are you guys seeing this?
  • Pearl: ...What... is... that?!
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish: That form... But they were said to have been destroyed so long ago. It's... HUMAN! Huh? Not that phone again!
  • Tartar: TARTAR IN DA HOUSE! [DISABLING CONTEMPORARY SPEECH MODE] I am TARTAR, an AI construct created 12,000 years ago by a brilliant professor. My prime directive is to pass humanity's vast knowledge on to the next worthy lifeform. When your kind became self-aware, I hoped that my long wait was finally over. But as I observed your evolution, I WAS DISGUSTED! You wage war over minor genetic deviations. You obsess over trivial fashion choices. And so I created a new prime directive: destroy this world and start anew! From the best and brightest test subjects, I created a sludge of supreme DNA. A primordial ooze from which the ultimate lifeform will emerge. Today is the day my vision becomes reality, as I destroy Inkopolis and everyone in it!
  • Pearl: Yo... What the heck is that?!
  • Marina: Gimme a sec... I'm analyzing it. I'm picking up a massive amount of energy emanating from that statue.
  • Pearl: Uh... That doesn't sound good.
  • Marina: So, yeah... That statue is charging up enough energy to destroy the entire world.
  • Pearl: HOW DO WE STOP IT?!
  • Marina: Hmm... let's see... The entire statue seems to be absorbing sunlight and converting it into energy. So if we cover the whole thing in ink, we should be able to stop it from charging...
  • Pearl: You're saying we gotta ink that entire hunk of rock? Seriously?!
  • Marina: Well, we can use the hyperbombs I'm working on, but they're still prototypes. They have to be manually detonated, so Agent 8 will have to shoot each one.
  • Pearl: What can I do?
  • Marina: Once the statue isn't charging anymore, you need to hit it with a full-power battle cry.
  • Pearl: Wait, what?! I haven't done that in forever. I don't even know if I can do it anymore.
  • Marina: Well, we only have about three minutes until that thing is ready to fire. So use that time to warm up your vocal chords. We need maximum Pearl!
  • Pearl: Got it. Blowing out my voice is a small price to pay for saving the world!
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish: And... what about me?
  • Marina: You can... uh... be the hype man.
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish: You got it! World about to blow - SQUIDBEAK, LET'S GO!
During the battle introduction:
  • Marina: Agent 8! Use those ride rails to get around! I'll drop hyperbombs at these locations! I'll start by dropping five hyperbombs on its chest. After 30 seconds, I'll drop five on its neck. After 60 seconds, I'll drop five on its back. After 90 seconds, I'll drop five on its right arm. After two minutes, I'll drop 10 on its head. You'll have to detonate all these hyperbombs in under three minutes!
The quotes that are spoken during gameplay:
  • Marina: Hyperbombs incoming! Dropping five on its chest!
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish: Let's go! INK IT UP!
  • Tartar: Bzrrt... Submit to your destruction. Your time is over, semi-sentient seafood.
  • Marina: Nice work! I'll fire at the neck next! Gimme a sec...
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish: Agent 8! Take a break near the point on its neck!
  • Marina: Thirty seconds! Dropping five around its neck!
  • Tartar: BZRRT! You will be blended up into the raw material of the new world!
  • Marina: OK — time to aim for its back! Recalibrating...
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish: Ya hear that, Agent 8? Move on over to its back!
  • Marina: Sixty seconds! Dropping five on its back!
  • Tartar: B-b-zrrt... This world will be reconstituted, and the professor's dream fulfilled.
  • Marina: Preparing to fire at its arm! Hold on a minute...
  • Pearl: Yo, Eight! Get to the statue's right arm. Stay focused and don't mess up!
  • Marina: Ninety seconds! Dropping five on its right arm!
  • Tartar: B-BZRRT... Cease, number 10,008! You cannot hope to defeat NILS!
  • Marina: Nice! Last stop — head! Hold on a second...
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish: Use the ride rail and head for its head!
  • Marina: Two minutes — this is it! Dropping 10 on its head!
  • Tartar: B-B-ZRRT! The time is nigh, NILS! THIS WORLD MUST BE PULVERIZED!
  • Marina: Thirty seconds until it unleashes enough energy to destroy the entire world!
  • Pearl: There's one hyperbomb left!
The additional comments made after all hyperbombs have been detonated:
  • Marina: The statue has stopped charging!
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish: Agent 8! Stay there until we're ready!
  • Pearl: I'm just about warmed up...
  • Pearl: Your hyperbombs are cool, Marina, but... why didn't you name them princessbombs?
  • Marina: Um... because I invented them?
  • Marina: DJ_Hyperfresh spinning beats like ZOOM! See my hyperbombs blowing up like BOOM!
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish: Whoa...
The dialogue after returning to the helicopter:
  • Marina: Energy readings don't indicate a full charge, but it looks like it's going to fire anyway!
  • Tartar: Number 10,008... No test subject has worked so hard to spoil my plans... But now you will blend into... the perfect world the professor envisioned. Farewell, 10,008. Farewell to you and that worthless cesspool of a city...
  • Pearl: Great work, Eight - I got it from here. VOCAL CHORDS READY! AYO, STATUE! Boo-YAAAAAAHHHHHH!
  • Tartar: Grkk...! G-g-gaahhh! Professor... Our reunion beckons... Krrrhhhssshhh...


The dialogue after reaching the surface:
  • ヒメ: ハチ...
  • ヒメ: ハチ!!
  • ヒメ: Yo! むかえに来たぜ!
  • イイダ:これでひと安心ですね!
  • ヒメ: Hey! 家に帰るまでがボウケン!
The additional comments made after all hyperbombs have been detonated:
  • イイダ: ネルス像のチャージが止まりました!
(Iida: The NELS statue has stopped charging!)
  • アタリメ司令: 8号! こっちの準備ができるまで、そこで待っとれィ!
(Captain Atarime: Agent 8! Stay there until we're ready!)
  • ヒメ: テンション、そろそろ いいゾ!
(Hime: My hype's almost ready!)
  • ヒメ: てかさー…『イイダボム』って名前、そのまんますぎね?
(Hime: Still... dontcha think the "Iida bomb" name's too obvious?)
  • イイダ: Elegantで Dramatic、かつ Amazingなボム
(Iida: Elegant, Dramatic, and Amazing bomb...)
  • イイダ: 略したら『E-DA』ボムに なっちゃったんですよ~
(Iida: It just became "E-DA" bomb for short~!)
  • アタリメ司令: フォーッ!! 名は体を表しとるのゥ!!
(Captain Atarime: Whoa!! Its name captures its essence!!)


The dialogue after reaching the surface:
  • Lorelei: Acht...
(Pearl: Eight...)
  • Lorelei: ACHT!
(Pearl: EIGHT!)
  • Lorelei: Yo! We komen jullie halen!
(Pearl: Yo! We'll come get you!)
  • Mariana: Nu kunnen we weer opgelucht ademhalen!
(Marina: Now we can heave a sigh of relief again!)
  • Lorelei: Het is een avontuur tot we op onze bestemming arriveren!
(Pearl: It is an adventure until we arrive at our destination!)
  • Kaptein Kraak: Tijd om de heli te inspecteren! Misschien kan ik jullie nog iets leren!
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: Time to inspect the heli! Maybe I can teach you something yet!)
  • Lorelei: We houden absoluut niet van discrimineren!
(Pearl: We absolutely do not like to discriminate!)
  • Mariana: Hé! Zijn jullie nou helemaal betoeterd?!
(Marina: Hey! Are you completely out of your mind?!)
  • Kaptein Kraak: Je moet je best doen om te imponeren!
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: You have to do your best to impress!)
  • Lorelei: Mariana weet mangaclubs wel te waarderen!
(Pearl: Marina knows to appreciate manga clubs!)
  • Mariana: Jeetje, Lorelei! Dat is een geheimpje!
(Marina: Jeez, Pearl! That is a secret!)
  • Mariana: Wat?!
(Marina: What?!)
  • Mariana: Aaaah! Kijk!
(Marina: Aaaah! Look!)
  • Lorelei: Huh?
(Pearl: Huh?)
  • Lorelei: Wat is dat?
(Pearl: What is that?)
  • Kaptein Kraak: Die vorm... Maar ze waren lang geleden toch al uitgeroeid? Het is een...
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: That form... But they were already eradicated long ago, right? It is a...)
  • Kaptein Kraak: ...MENS!
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: ...HUMAN!)
  • Kaptein Kraak: Huh? Alweer die telefoon?!
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: Huh? Again that telephone?!)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: Ik ben Tartarus, een vorm van kunstmatige intelligentie, ontwikkeld door de professor...
(Tartar: I am Tartar, a form of artificial intelligence, developed by the professor...)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: In de 12.000 jaar sinds mijn schepping heb ik jullie geobserveerd.
(Tartar: In the 12.000 years since my creation I have observed you.)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: Jullie wandelende zeevruchten hebben heel veel vooruitgang geboekt...
(Tartar: You walking seafood have made a lot of progress...)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: Jullie hebben bijna net zoveel kennis verworven als de oude beschaving.
(Tartar: You have acquired almost as much knowledge as the old civilization.)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: MAAR!
(Tartar: BUT!)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: Jullie nutteloze gevechten om grondgebied zijn helemaal uit de hand gelopen!
(Tartar: Your useless battles for territory got completely out of hand!)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: Het komt door jullie arrogantie. Iedereen denkt alleen maar aan zichzelf...
(Tartar: It is because of your arrogance. Everyone only thinks about themselves...)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: Jullie proefkonijnen... waren de zaadjes waar een perfecte wereld uit moest voortkomen...
(Tartar: You laboratory rabbits... were the seeds which a perfect world had to come forth from...)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: Maar jullie bleken vooral een enorme teleurstelling te zijn! Kom, NELS!
(Tartar: But you turned out to be an especially huge disappointment! Come, NILS!)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: Alles moet worden vermalen om de wereld van de mensen terug te krijgen!
(Tartar: Everything has to be ground to get the world of the humans back!)
  • Lorelei: Yo! Wat is dat in hemelsnaam?!
(Pearl: Yo! What in heavens is that?!)
  • Mariana: Wacht even... Ik ben bezig met een analyse.
(Marina: Wait a second... I am busy with an analysis.)
  • Mariana: Alle krabbenpoten, ik meet een gigantische hoeveelheid energie in dat standbeeld!
(Marina: Good crab legs, I measure a gigantic quantity of energy in that statue!)
  • Lorelei: Schiet op! Wat is er aan de hand?
(Pearl: Hurry up! What is going on?)
  • Mariana: Dat NELS-beeld verzamelt genoeg energie om de hele wereld tot pulp te vermalen!
(Marina: That NILS statue collects enough energy to grind the whole world into pulp!)
  • Lorelei: Kunnen we het tegenhouden?
(Pearl: Can we stop it?)
  • Mariana: Eh... Eens kijken...
(Marina: Eh... Let me see...)
  • Mariana: Het NELS-beeld absorbeert zonlicht en zet dat om in energie.
(Marina: The NILS statue absorbs sunlight and converts that into energy.)
  • Mariana: Dus als we het bedekken met inkt, kan het geen energie meer opladen...
(Marina: So if we cover it with ink, it can no longer charge energy...)
  • Lorelei: Wat? Moeten we dat hele stenen geval bedekken? Meen je dat nou?
(Pearl: What? We have to cover that whole stony thingamajig? Are you serious?)
  • Mariana: Daarvoor heb ik wat: M-RI@NA-bommen! Al ontploffen de prototypes nog niet vanzelf.
(Marina: I have something for that: hyperbombs! Although the prototypes do not explode by themselves yet.)
  • Mariana: Agent 8... Je moet dicht bij NELS komen om de bommen te raken en te laten ontploffen.
(Marina: Agent 8... You have to come close to NELS to hit the bombs and to make them explode.)
  • Lorelei: Wat moet ik doen?
(Pearl: What should I to do?)
  • Mariana: Als NELS verzwakt is, moet jij hem met je megafoon de genadeslag toebrengen.
(Marina: If NILS is weakened, you have to inflict the final blow with your megaphone.)
  • Lorelei: Huh? Meen je dat? Dat heb ik al eeuwen niet meer gedaan. Ik weet niet of ik het nog kan!
(Pearl: Huh? Are you serious? I have not done that for centuries. I don't know if I can still do it!)
  • Mariana: Ik schat dat we 3 minuten hebben voordat NELS de hele wereld naar de knoppen helpt.
(Marina: I estimate that we have 3 minutes before NELS destroys the whole world.)
  • Mariana: Gebruik die 3 minuten om op te warmen. Spring maar een beetje rond!
(Marina: Use those 3 minutes to warm up. Just jump around a bit!)
  • Lorelei: Begrepen... Ik wil m'n stembanden best opofferen om de wereld te redden.
(Pearl: Understood... I would want to sacrifice my vocal chords to save the world. )
  • Kaptein Kraak: En... ik dan?
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: And... what about me?)
  • Mariana: O, ja... verzin jij maar iets ter aanmoediging, zodat we van start kunnen.
(Marina: O, yes... come up with something for encouragement, so that we can get started.)
  • Kaptein Kraak: Goed! Komt voor de bakker!
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: Good! Consider it done!)
  • Kaptein Kraak: Doe je best, want je krijgt niets cadeau! Vanaf nu geldt: zet 'm op, Kraakcommando!
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: Do your best, because you have a lot to do! From now on applies: go for it, Squidbeak!)
  • Mariana: Agent 8! Gebruik de inktrails en zweefankers om op een andere plek te komen!
(Marina: Agent 8! Use the ink rails and Grapplinks to get to a different place!)
  • Mariana: Ik gooi M-RI@NA-bommen op deze punten!
(Marina: I throw hyperbombs at these points!)
  • Mariana: Eerst 5 op de borst!
(Marina: First 5 on the chest!)
  • Mariana: Na 30 seconden 5 rond de nek!
(Marina: After 30 seconds 5 around the neck!)
  • Mariana: Na 60 seconden 5 op de rug!
(Marina: After 60 seconds 5 on the back!)
  • Mariana: Na 90 seconden 5 op de rug!
(Marina: After 90 seconds 5 on the right arm!)
  • Mariana: En ten slotte, na 120 seconden 10 op het hoofd!
(Marina: And finally, after 120 seconds 10 on the head!)
  • Mariana: Laat al deze M-RI@NA-bommen binnen 3 minuten ontploffen!
(Marina: Make all these hyperbombs explode within 3 minutes!)
The quotes that are spoken during gameplay:
  • Mariana: Hier zijn de eerste M-RI@NA-bommen! 5 op z'n borst!
(Marina: Here are the first hyperbombs! 5 on his chest!)
  • Kaptein Kraak: Kom op! Schiet! Verf het onder!
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: Come on! Shoot! Paint it up!)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: Bzzzt... Maak jullie klaar om vernietigd te worden, onnozele zeevruchten!
(Tartar: Bzzzt... Make you ready to get destroyed, stupid seafood!)
  • Mariana: Perfect! Nu is z'n nek aan de beurt! Wacht even...
(Marina: Perfect! Now his neck is next! Wait a second...)
  • Kaptein Kraak: Agent 8! Op naar z'n nek!
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: Agent 8! Off to his neck!)
  • Mariana: 30 seconden! 5 M-RI@NA-bommen rond de nek!
(Marina: 30 seconds! 5 hyperbombs around the neck!)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: BZZZT! Jullie worden verpulverd en gemixt tot cement voor de nieuwe wereld!
(Tartar: BZZZT! You will be pulverized and mixed into cement for the new world!)
  • Mariana: Oké! Nu is het tijd voor de rug! Even geduld...
(Marina: Okay! Now it is time for the back! Please wait...)
  • Kaptein Kraak: Hoor je dat, agent 8? Ga naar z'n rug!
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: You hear that, Agent 8? Go to his back!)
  • Mariana: 60 seconden! 5 M-RI@NA-bommen op zijn rug!
(Marina: 60 seconds! 5 hyperbombs on his back!)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: B-B-Zzzt... De wereld wordt vernietigd en de droom van de professor wordt vervuld!
(Tartar: B-B-Zzzt... The world gets destroyed and the dream of the professor gets fulfilled!)
  • Mariana: Nu tijd voor de rechterarm! Wacht eventjes...
(Marina: Now time for the right arm! Wait a little sec...)
  • Lorelei: Yo, acht! Ga naar de rechterarm van het beeld! Schiet op! En verpruts het niet!
(Pearl: Yo, Eight! Go to the right arm of the statue! Hurry up! And don't mess it up!)
  • Mariana: 90 seconden! 5 M-RI@NA-bommen op de rechterarm!
(Marina: 90 seconds! 5 hyperbombs on the right arm!)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: B-Bzzzt... Geef het maar op, nummer 10.008! Je kunt NELS nooit verslaan!
(Tartar: B-Bzzzt... Give it up already, number 10,008! You can never defeat NILS!)
  • Mariana: Goed werk! Nu alleen het hoofd nog! Geef me een momentje...
(Marina: Good job! Now only the head! Give me a little moment...)
  • Mariana: Twee minuten! Dit is de laatste lading bommen! 10 op het hoofd!
(Marina: Two minutes! This is the last load of bombs! 10 on the head!)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: B-Bzzzt... De tijd is gekomen, NELS! De wereld moet vernietigd worden!
(Tartar: B-Bzzzt... The time has come, NILS! The world has to be destroyed!)
  • Mariana: Nog 30 seconden voordat het genoeg energie ontketent om de hele wereld te vernietigen!
(Marina: 30 seconds left before it unleashes enough energy to destroy the whole world!)
  • Lorelei: Er is nog maar één M-RI@NA-bom over!
(Pearl: There is still only one hyperbomb left!)
The additional comments made after all hyperbombs have been detonated:
  • Mariana: NELS laadt niet meer op!
(Marina: NILS isn't charging anymore!)
  • Kaptein Kraak: Agent 8! Blijf daar tot we klaar zijn!
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: Agent 8! Stay there until we are ready!)
  • Lorelei: De spanning is nagenoeg perfect!
(Pearl: The tension is virtually perfect!)
  • Lorelei: Je M-RI@NA-bommen zijn cool, Mariana, maar... waarom heb je ze zo genoemd?
(Pearl: Your Hyperbombs are cool, Marina, but... why did you name them like that?)
  • Mariana: Eh... omdat ik ze heb uitgevonden!
(Marina: Uh... because I have invented them!)
  • Mariana: Yo yo, DJ M-RI@NA wint op haar sloffen, als de M-RI@NA-bommen maar ontploffen!
(Marina: Yo yo, DJ_Hyperfresh wins hands down, just as long as the Hyperbombs explode!)
  • Kaptein Kraak: Wauw...
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: Whoa...)
The dialogue after returning to the helicopter:
  • Mariana: Het beeld is nog niet volledig opgeladen, maar het lijkt erop dat het gaat schieten!
(Marina: The statue is not fully charged, but it looks like it is going to shoot!)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: Nummer 10.008... Geen van mijn proefkonijnen heeft me zo tegengewerkt...
(Tartar: Number 10,008... None of my laboratory rabbits have opposed me like this...)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: ...maar nu krijg je toch nog een plekje in de perfecte wereld van de professor!
(Tartar: ...but now you still get a little place in the perfect world of the professor!)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: Je eindigt als een zielig vlekje, 10.008... En die walgelijke stad wordt een reuzenvlek!
(Tartar: You end as a pathetic little speck, 10,008... And that disgusting city will be a giant speck!)
  • Lorelei: Goed gedaan, acht! Nu is het mijn beurt!
(Pearl: Good job, Eight! Now it is my turn!)
  • Lorelei: Daar gaat ie!
(Pearl: There it goes!)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: Grkk! G-g-gaahhh!
(Tartar: Grkk! G-g-gaahhh!)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: Professor... Ons weerzien is aanstaande...
(Tartar: Professor... Our reunion is forthcoming...)
  • Admiraal Tartarus: Prrr-rrr-rrt...
(Tartar: Prrr-rrr-rrt...)

Mexico Spanish (Latin America)

The dialogue after reaching the surface:
  • Perla: Ocho... ¡OCHO! ¡Aqui! ¡Venimos a recogerte!
(Pearl: Eight... EIGHT! Here! We came to get you!)
  • Marina: ¡Por fin podemos tomarnos un respiro!
(Marina: We can finally take a breath!)
  • Perla: ¡Por más que me esfuerce, nunca transpiro!
(Pearl: As much as I try, I never sweat!)
  • Capitán Jibión: ¡Puedo reventar a dos de un solo tiro! En este trasto - ¿que es, un autogiro?
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: I can splat two in one shot! On this hunk of junk - what is it, an autogyro?)
  • Perla: ¡Los licantropos no pueden con los vampiros!
(Pearl: Werewolves can't hold up to vampires!)
  • Marina: Pero ¿qué hacen? ¿Qué les pasa?
(Marina: Uh... what are you doing? What's happening to you guys?)
  • Capitán Jibión: ¡Mis rimas son brutales, mi estilo arrasa!
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: My verses are brutal, my devastating style!)
  • Perla: ¡Marina tiene 5000 cómics en casa!
(Pearl: Marina has 5000 comics at home!)
  • Marina: ¡Perla! ¡Esa información es privada! Y... ¡Uaaah! ¡Miren!
(Marina: Pearl! That information is private! And... Ahh! Look!)
  • Perla: ¿Eh? ¿Que es eso?
(Pearl: Eh? What is that?)
  • Capitán Jibión: No puede ser... ¡Hace mucho que se extinguieron! Esa figura es... ¡¿HUMANA?! ¿Eh? ¿Otra vez ese teléfono?
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: It can't be... it's been a long time since they went extinct! That figure is... HUMAN?! Eh? That phone again?)
  • Almirante Tartar: Me llamo Tartar. Soy una intelligencia artificial creada por el maestro. Él me die vida, y llevo 12 000 años observándolos a ustedes, escoria marina. Para ser tan insignificantes... los seres marinos han evolucionado con rapidez. Sus conocimientos rivalizan ya con los de los magníficos humanos de la antigüedad. ¿Y para qué? ¡Sus combates territoriales siguen proliferando hasta rozar ridículo! Esta situación es el fruto de su carácter pretencioso y arrogante. Ustedes, mis sujetos, eran la materia prima que sembraría nueva en un mundo ideal. Pero qué grean decepción ha resultado su existencia. ¡Vamos, efigie pastificadora! ¡Lo reamasaremos todo para reconquistar el mundo de nuestros creadores: los humanos!
(Tartar: My name is Tartar. I'm an artificial intelligence created by my master. He gave me life, and I spent 12,000 years observing all of you, marine scum. For being so insignificant... marine life has rapidly evolved. Your knowledge already rivals with such as the magnificent humans of the ancient world. And for what? Your turf
  • Perla: ¡¿Qué es eso?!
  • Marina: Un momento. Estoy analizando algo... Detecto una inmensa cantidad de energía que emana de esa estatua.
  • Perla: Pues detéctala más rápido! ¿Qué está pasando?
  • Marina: ¡Es como si estuviera acumulando suficiente energía para hacer pasta el mundo entero!
  • Marina: Pues... A ver... Parece que la efigie transforma en energía la luz que recibe del sol. Así que, si la cubriéramos entera de tinta, ya no podría seguir captando luz.
  • Perla: ¡¿Cómo?! ¿Tenemos que entintar esa estatuota entera?
  • Marina: Usemos bombas MRN. Son un invento mío, pero aún son prototipos y no explotan solas. Agente 8... Deberás acercarte y disparar a las bombas MRN para que enstallen.
  • Perla: ¿Y no qué hago?
  • Marina: Cuando hayamos debilitado esa efigie, deberás rematarla con tu grito de guerra.
  • Perla: ¿En serio? Hace eones que no lo hago. No sé si aún podré hacerlo a máxima poterncia...
  • Marina: Mis cálculos dicen que en 3 minutos habrá acumulado energía para acabar con todo... Aprovecha esos 3 minutos para ir tensando las cuerdas vocales.
  • Perla: Entendido. Si tengo que quedarme afónica, salvar el mundo es una buenda causa.
  • Capitán Jibión: Este... ¿Y qué hay de mí?
  • Marina: Pues tú, capitán... ¡Di algo para animarnos!
  • Capitán Jibión: ¡HECHO! ¡Se acerca el fin de una batalla larga! ¡Comando Branquias, A LA CARGA!
The additional comments made after all hyperbombs have been detonated:
  • Marina: ¡La efigie pastificadora dejó de acumular energía!
(Marina: The NELS Statue stopped accumulating energy!)
  • Capitán Jibión: ¡Aguanta ahí hasta que estemos listos!
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: Hang in there until we're ready!)
  • Perla: Estoy tensando las cuerdas vocales...
(Pearl: I'm tightening my vocal cords...)
  • Perla: Oye, y ¿por qué "bombas MRN"? ¿Por qué no "bombas Princesa"?
(Pearl: Hey, why "Hyperbombs"? Why not "Princessbombs"?)
  • Marina: Pues... ¿porque las inventé yo?
(Marina: Well... because I invented them?)
  • Marina: ¡DJ MRN con las bombas que explotan! ¡Traigo tantas que nunca se agotan!
(Marina: DJ Hyperfresh with the bombs that explode! I bring so much that they never run out!)
  • Capitán Jibión: Impresionante...
(Cap'n Cuttlefish: Impressive...)



Various objects coming from the destruction of NILS
  • The start of the boss battle displays a screen similar to the start of a multiplayer match (complete with a minor-key version of the Splatfest match start theme, making it reminiscent of a siren), with Turf War being the mode, "Defend Inkopolis from ultimate doom!" being the objective, replacing "Ink the most turf to win!" and the NILS Statue being the stage.
  • The image of Inkopolis getting covered by the goo from the laser is viewed from the same angle as the start-up screen.
  • After detonating the last hyperbomb, supporting characters continue to make comments until there is no time left for the next line to be displayed in full.
    • To view all the comments, players need to detonate all bombs with approximately 28 seconds left or more.
  • When Pearl fires off the Princess Cannon to counter the laser from Commander Tartar, a screen displaying the turf percentages pops up, identical to the prompt that appears at the end of a Turf War, where Pearl wins by 888.8%, resulting in the meter that shows the percentages breaking, similar to a Ranked Battle meter.
    • The meter cracks and breaks in sync with the music.
    • The 888.8% is one of the many references to the number 8 in the Octo Expansion.
  • During the Princess Cannon's attack, Octoballs can be seen flying out of the NILS Statue despite the fact they are not seen anywhere in Splatoon 2.
    • Other objects seen falling from the NILS Statue include Rolonium, 8-balls, including their bumpers and switches, turnstiles, data points, and target crates.
  • The mission's objective text that is displayed after the battle begins, being "Ink to save the world!", is only displayed in the first attempt of fighting the boss and is not shown again when choosing to retry it after failing. This is the case for subsequent replays of the escape sequence post-game as well.
  • The place that the battle happens is known as Inkopolis Sea. In the background of the startup screen, it is just about possible to see Inkopolis Tower and Deca Tower.
  • In the Latin American version during the rap battle, Pearl says: "Los licantropos no pueden contra los vampiros" (The werewolves cannot fight against vampires), referring to the Vampire vs. Werewolf Splatfest, which Team Vampire (Pearl's team) won.
  • During the score tally, the NILS statue's team is called "bad guy", whereas in multiplayer games, the enemy team is "bad guys".
  • When receiving the alternate ending where Inkopolis gets destroyed, the Kamabo Corporation logo can be displayed on the large screen.
  • The developers revealed that if Agent 8 gets splatted during this phase, they will actually die, because they are not connected to a respawn platform. This means the game goes back in time every time you get splatted during the escapes.
  • The Shifty Station stage MC.Princess Diaries takes place just next to the NILS Statue. This makes it the only Shifty Station to take place outside of Octarian domes.
    • Whenever MC.Princess Diaries is selected, the song Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb & Flow (Octo) is played, just like on the NILS Statue.
    • The Princess Cannon that Pearl uses after succeeding in the Turf War can be used by the player on this Shifty Station.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ナワバリバトル
塗って 塗って 塗りたくれッ!

Nawabari batoru
Kyodaina teki kara nawabari o mamore!
Nutte nutte nuritakure-!
Turf Battle
Defend your turf from a gigantic enemy!
Ink, ink, ink it up!
Netherlands Dutch Grondoorlog
Verdedig je territorium tegen een reusachtige vijand!
Houd je hoofd boven water
Turf War
Defend your territory against a gigantic enemy!
Keep your head above water[note 1]
CanadaFrance French Guerre de territoire
Dispute son territoire au colosse !
Balance de l'encre à fond les ballons !
Turf War
Fight for territory at the colossus!
Spray ink extremely fast!
Germany German Revier-Kampf
Verteidige dein Revier gegen einen gigantischen Gegner!
Färben, färben und noch mehr färben!
Turf War
Defend your turf against a gigantic enemy!
Ink, ink and ink even more!
Italy Italian Mischia mollusca
Difendi il tuo territorio da un enorme nemico!
Inchiostra a più non polpo!
Shellfish Melee
Defend your territory from a huge enemy!
Ink as much as octopossible![note 2]
Russia Russian Бой за район
Защити свой район от огромного врага!
Крась, крась!!!

Boy za raiyon
Zaschiti svoy raiyon ot ogromnogo vraga!
Turf War
Defend your area from the huge enemy!
Paint, paint!!!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Combate territorial
Conquista el territorio de un enemigo colosal.
Entinta sin parar.
Turf War
Conquer the turf of a colossal enemy.
Ink non-stop.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Territorial
Disputa el territorio al coloso.
Entinta sin parar.
Turf War
Dispute the territory to the colossus
Ink non-stop.

Translation notes

  1. Comes from "het hoofd boven water houden", a Dutch expression for "to stand one's ground / to have just enough income to live on".
  2. "A più non posso" means "as much as possible", while "polpo" means "octopus".