Pop Star Station

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F02: Slow Ride Station
Deepsea Metro Line F
F04: Stamped-Up Station

"Don't stop 'til you pop enough!"
Pop Star Station
Ride along and pop all the balloons!
OE Deepsea Metro Pop Star Station.jpg
Station F03
Test Fee CQ Points 500
Lives S2 font - octopus glyph.svg × 3
and rewards

S2 Weapon Main Jet Squelcher.pngS2 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png

S2 Weapon Main Rapid Blaster Pro.pngS2 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png

S2 Weapon Main Splat Charger.pngS2 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png
 Kamabo Logo.pngRec 
CQ Points 1,100 CQ Points 1,300 CQ Points 1,500
Mem cake S2 Mem Cake Flow.png Flow
Music #14 crush

Pop Star Station is a test in Splatoon 2's paid downloadable content, the Octo Expansion. This station is unlocked after clearing Slow Ride Station or Stamped-Up Station.


The player must clear either F02 Slow Ride Station or F04C05 Stamped-Up Station to access this test. The shortest way to access this station is to clear F04C05 Stamped-Up Station.



When the player enters the station, they will find themselves on a small platform with a Launchpad. Go onto the launchpad and launch Agent 8 to a cross-shaped rotating platform that slowly moves along a track, and reach the first obstacle of the stage; an Octowasher. The player has to avoid it and pop three upcoming balloons, which will raise a gate and let the player enter the second section.

In the second section, the player then has to pop seven more balloons while avoiding another Octowasher to open the gate for the third section.

In the third section, another seven balloons have to be popped for the gate to be lifted and to successfully reach the fourth section while still dodging an Octowasher.

The platform then goes upward while the player has to pop eight balloons, and another two balloons when the platform goes forward again, while also avoiding another Octowasher. The player then can reach the fifth and final section if done correctly and if no balloons are left unpopped.

Pop the last three remaining balloons, and the player will clear this station.



Mem Cake

S2 Mem Cake Flow.png

Completing this test awards the player with the Flow mem cake.


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S2 Icon C.Q. Cumber 2.png C.Q. Cumber's Quotes

Please pop all 30 target balloons.
If you leave a single balloon unpopped, you'll fail.
For balloons that are hard to spot, rely on the arrows to point the way.

S2 Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish.png Cap'n Cuttlefish's Quotes

It looks like there's still one around here somewhere... Find that balloon!
OK - this is it. Finish strong!

S2 Icon Marina 2.png Marina's Quotes

There's still some left!

S2 Icon Pearl 2.png Pearl's Quotes

Bam! Next!
Aw, man... You missed a balloon.



  • The subtitle is a reference to the 1979 Michael Jackson song Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough.
    • The title is likely also a reference to Jackson, who was known as "The King of Pop".
  • This stage has metal link puzzles floating in the background. Also known as Vexiers, these were two or more metal wires that were intertwined and had to be untangled. These puzzles were popular at the end of the nineteenth century.
    • The metal link puzzles seen in the stage are squid-shaped.
    • G09B05 Wack 8-Ball Station has metal link puzzles floating around in the background as well.

Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Eigen platform is een plus
Ballonnenjagers gezocht
Gebruik de lift en maak alle ballonnen kapot!
(Your) own platform is a plus
Balloon hunters wanted
Use the lift and destroy all balloons!
Germany German Nur ja nichts verpassen!
Fahr auf der Platform und lasse alle Ballons zerplatzen!
Just don't miss anything!
Ride on the platform and let all the balloons pop!
Russia Russian ...До первой звезды нельзя!
Плюхай шарики с платформы!

...Do pervoy zvezdy nelzya!
Plyukhai shariki s platformy!
...Forbidden until the first star![note 1]
Echinoderm Town Station
Splat the balloons from the platform!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Aquí nunca se escapa uno
La Estacada
Sube a la plataforma y revienta globos.
Here one never escapes
The Stockade
Get on the platform and pop balloons.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Aquí nunca se escapa uno
La Estacada
Sube a las plataformas y revienta globos.

Translation notes

  1. A reference to a commercial from early 90s about Generalissimo Suvorov, directed by Timur Bekmambetov.