Bumpin' 8-Ball Station

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C02: Shrinky Ink Station
Deepsea Metro Line C
C04: Move It Move It Station
A07: Maverick Station
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"Better not tell you now..."
Bumpin' 8-Ball Station
Guide the 8-ball to the goal!
Dm mC03-A08.jpg
Station C03A08
Test Fee CQ Points 200
Lives S2 font - octopus glyph.svg x 3
Weapons and rewards

S2 Weapon Main Splattershot Pro.pngS2 Weapon Sub Burst Bomb.png
 Kamabo Logo.pngRec 

S2 Weapon Main Sloshing Machine.pngS2 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png

S2 Weapon Main Classic Squiffer.pngS2 Weapon Sub Burst Bomb.png
CQ Points 700 CQ Points 800 CQ Points 900

Mem cake S2 Mem Cake Flyfish.png Flyfish
Music #8 regret

Bumpin' 8-Ball Station is a mission in the Octo Expansion.


When the player begins the stage, they find themselves on a platform with a large square platform in front of them and an 8-ball bouncing off a Bounce Pad. Shoot the 8-ball and it bounces off and launches towards the player, which makes an Octotrooper spawn on a Bounce Pad to the right. Guide the 8-ball through this path made of Sponge Blocks and Bounce Pads to a sloped path with two more Octotroopers. The path eventually transitions into sloped Sponge Blocks with another two Octotroopers on a wall at the end of the path. It is best to splat these Octarians first as they can shrink the Sponge Blocks and make the 8-ball fall. Guide the 8-ball to the top to reach the second checkpoint.

Guide the 8-ball through a sloped-down path with Bounce Pads as walls on one side but with no railing on the other side. The path goes to the right, which spawns an Octopod when the player approaches it, while a turn to the left makes two Octotroopers spawn. The floor transitions to a Sponge Block floor again, so splat these Octarians first. The path goes to the left, right, left, and right again with only Bounce Pads acting as walls and Sponge Blocks acting as the floor. Carefully maneuver the 8-ball through to get to the third and last checkpoint.

Follow the path with three Squid Rings and a Ball Launcher at the end to launch the 8-ball, then use the Launchpad that spawns to launch Agent 8. The player lands in an area with only Bounce Pads as walls and many Octotroopers. While the 8-ball bounces out of control, the player has to splat all the Octarians to open a gate that leads to the goal.



S2 Icon C.Q. Cumber 2.png
C.Q. Cumber's Quotes

When the player enters a station with multiple weapons available to equip for the first time:

Use Button1 A.png to choose a weapon to use.
Recommended weapons have been given the Kamabo Co. seal of approval.
The reward for passing each test differs based on which weapon is used. Good luck.
You can switch out the weapon you're using by activating the equipper with Button1 A.png.

Advice before starting the mission:

Pay close attention to how the 8-ball moves.
Sponges will absorb the 8-ball's momentum.
To activate checkpoints, approach them with the 8-ball in tow.
You let an 8-ball fall - test failed.

S2 Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish.png
Cap'n Cuttlefish's Quotes

It's bouncing! IT'S BOUNCING!
If pushing the ball doesn't work... push it even more!
This one is all about timing! Awaken your inner eye.
Launchpad located. Get to it, Agent 8!

S2 Icon Marina 2.png
Marina's Quotes

Enemies! You'd better take them out first!
Now, that is sweet!
Steady does it...
I've spotted a ball launcher!
Use the 8-ball as cover!

S2 Icon Pearl 2.png
Pearl's Quotes

What kind of battlefield has 8-balls anyway?
Could you pipe down a bit, Cap?
Heck yeah - next!
Yesss - the gate is open!


  • The term "bumpin'" in the title of this station is a slang term for "good / cool / awesome".
    • The subtitle is one of the possible results on a Magic 8-Ball.
  • Bumpin' 8-Ball Station was revealed before the Octo Expansion's release under the name "Avec Station" and the subtitle "Two hearts beat as one Eight Ball".
    • The Japanese name of this station is a pun on "Abekku" (avec).
  • The Russian subtitle is a reference to a commercial of "Rondo" mints of 1999. The original slogan was "Fresh breathing eases understanding".
  • The number in the Latin American title is a reference to modem speeds.
  • This station has a computer, or more specifically, X68000, peripheral devices and RCA connectors floating around in the background.
  • Bumpin' 8-Ball Station is the only mission in the Octo Expansion to use the S2 Weapon Main Splattershot Pro.png Splattershot Pro.

Names in other languages

JPTRapidBlasterDeco.png To do:
Complete/add Japanese and French translations edit
Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese 一心同体、エイトボール
エイトボールを 運べ!
Isshin dōtai, Eito-Bōru:
Abetsu Ku Eki
Eitobōru o hakobe!
Two hearts beat as one Eight Ball:
Abetsu Area Station
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Met stuiterbal!
Breng de 8-bal naar het doel!
With bouncy ball!
Ink-step-jump[note 1]
Bring the 8-ball to the goal!
FlagFrance.svg French Ne jette pas l'éponge !
Route Reboot
Mène la bille 8 à bon port !
FlagGermany.svg German Prallvolle Kugel-Anarchie!
Am Kugelpfad
Bringe die Achterkugel zum Ziel!
Full ball anarchy!
At the ball path
Bring the 8-ball to the goal!
FlagItaly.svg Italian Rimbalzi molesti
Viale Cablatura
Trasporta la palla otto!
Troublesome bounces
Cabling Avenue
Carry the 8-ball!
FlagRussia.svg Russian ...Катание облегчает понимание!
Кати восьмошар!
...Kataniye oblegchayet ponimaniye!
Kati vos'moshar!
...Rolling eases understanding!
Roll the 8-ball!
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Despacito y buena letra
Bola Ocho 28.8k
Transporta la bola ocho.
Slowly and carefully
28.8k Eight Ball
Transport the eight ball.
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Despacito y buena letra
Cañada de la Canica
Transporta la bola ocho.
Slowly and carefully
Marble Driveway
Transport the eight ball.

Translation notes

  1. Comes from "inkt" (ink) and "hink-stap-sprong" (hop-step-jump).

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