Inner Agent 3

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For the fight that takes place in the initial escape phases, see Spinal Phase.

A00: Central Station
Deepsea Metro Line A

Inner Agent 3
Surpass the hero within!
Octo Expansion Inner Agent 3 stage.jpg
and rewards
S2 Weapon Main Octo Shot.pngS2 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png
Golden Toothpick
Music Calamari Inkantation

Inner Agent 3 is an optional boss in the Octo Expansion.

Agent 8 is mentioned as remembering "that day, two years ago" upon entering the battle, suggesting this fight is them challenging their perception of how Agent 3, an opponent they perceive as very powerful[1] and cool[2], fared against DJ Octavio. An edited version of the original Calamari Inkantation from Splatoon lacking the radio static intro accompanies the fight.


Inner Agent 3 is unlocked by collecting all eighty full mem cakes by beating each level without asking for help, having 0 CQ points in debt, and completing the escape levels, even with help. The boss fight is initiated by investigating locker 8 near the vending machine in Central Station. The player is rewarded with the Golden Toothpick after defeating the boss.


Inner Agent 3 behaves like the Agent 3 battle in the Spinal Phase, but Agent 3 has significantly increased health, accuracy, and aggressiveness; the arena itself is also much smaller and the walls and cover present cannot be inked.

In all phases of the fight, Inner Agent 3 is equipped with the Hero Shot as their main weapon and Autobombs as their sub weapon. However, unlike in multiplayer matches, the Autobombs are able to follow you for a much longer time and should not be taken lightly. Agent 3 can perform a dodge roll at any time as if they were landing with the Drop Roller ability. There are five phases, and the player must disable their shield to progress past a phase. In each phase, Agent 3 uses a different special weapon. Inner Agent 3's shield can be disabled by shooting them ten times, or by detonating a Splat Bomb near them and then shooting them four times, or by detonating two Splat Bombs near them. Just like every player, Agent 3 recovers from damage over time if the player does not attack them, accelerated if they swim through their own ink. The key way to win is with turf control, allowing the player to have an advantage in mobility while also hindering Agent 3's.

Phase 1

Agent 3 enters the battle with a Splashdown, which should be avoided. Be sure to dodge their shots and Autobombs at all times. During this phase, Agent 3 attacks with the Inkjet to supplement the Hero Shot and Autobombs. While using the Inkjet, Agent 3 can fire a maximum of six shots before returning to the launching point, which is marked just as it is in multiplayer. While they are vulnerable during the special, it is equally important not to stay put long enough to take damage in the process. It is vital to ink around where they land so they can be slightly slowed down. There are two strategies here; shooting Agent 3 out of the air or waiting until they land and are vulnerable. Once Agent 3's shield is broken and they Super Jump to the UFO to ready their next attack, ink some ground while they are recovering.

Phase 2

Agent 3 Super Jumps onto the stage with a Splashdown once more. During this phase, Agent 3 now uses the Bubble Blower, which both protects them and lets them cover large amounts of turf at once. However, Agent 3 is exposed and cannot fire back when using it, though they may still perform a dodge roll. Either go around the bubbles to attack or throw a Splat Bomb at one of their bubbles right when they release one to deal decent damage to them, then attack. Be cautious as Agent 3 oftentimes follows the Bubble Blower with an Autobomb which automatically explodes upon hitting a bubble, causing all nearby bubbles to burst. Take back some lost turf while they recover their shield again, and recover your own shield if you were damaged by the bubbles.

Phase 3

Agent 3 again starts off with a Splashdown Super Jump. During this phase, Agent 3 uses an Autobomb Launcher, deploying up to four Autobombs at a time. As the player will likely be surrounded by Autobombs if Agent 3 is left alone, taking them down quickly is advised. Unlike the previous phases, Agent 3's Autobomb Launcher doesn't open up any obvious weak points. Turf control is vital for this phase due to Agent 3 being forced to use their Hero Shot to get unstuck from the player's ink and counterattack while wasting their Bomb Launcher in the process. Dodge their shots and break their shield again. If that does not work, avoid the Autobombs and attack when their special is gone. Take back turf again when Agent 3 retreats to recover.

Phase 4

Agent 3 remains on the floating platform during this phase, using the Tenta Missiles. Between specials, Inner Agent 3 fires onto the field or throws Autobombs to charge up more Tenta Missiles. While the Octo Shot's fire can sometimes reach Agent 3 if the player fires while jumping, the best way to deal with this phase reliably is to throw Splat Bombs in fairly close succession, thus dealing more damage than Agent 3 can heal from. It takes two bombs to break their shield. While waiting, the platform starts to move, making it difficult for the player to aim at them.

Phase 5

Agent 3 uses a similar sequence of three Splashdowns as they did in the earlier boss fight, but the Splashdowns are executed much faster with very few openings between each use. Once enough time has passed, Agent 3 can use their chained Splashdowns again. It is possible to damage Agent 3 between the Splashdowns, but they will simply dodge-roll and execute another Splashdown. Notably, once Agent 3 has taken enough damage, they automatically recover their special and may use a panic Splashdown. This can be used multiple times between cycles, so be careful.[3] In order to avoid getting splatted or taking damage from the Splashdowns, standing on the opposite side of one of the two obstacles on the map helps to block any damage. Beware of losing turf control at this point, as being slowed by Agent 3's ink is usually fatal. Once Agent 3 stops and attacks, focus fire on them, but they might use a Splashdown as a defensive attack. Dodge the attack and finish them off, or take a risk and try to shoot them out of the Splashdown to splat them.



  • Agent 8 was, according to Cap'n Cuttlefish, in a battle with Agent 3 before the events of the Octo Expansion, but got interrupted after the group was attacked by "someone". Agent 8 may be mentally continuing that battle as a result of getting their memories back, although whether Agent 8 did this willingly or not remains unclear.
  • One of the obstacles in this stage appears to be DJ Octavio's turntables and wasabi, set in a museum case.
  • There are red posters with the word 'Wasa' written on with DJ Octavio's 'crest' above littered around the arena. These are likely DJ Octavio concert posters.
  • Because a few game developers from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild helped with the development of the Octo Expansion, it is possible that the battle against Inner Agent 3 was intended to reference the first four boss battles in The Champions' Ballad as, like the battle against Inner Agent 3, those take place inside of the player character's mind and are harder versions of previously fought bosses.
  • If the player has insufficient CQ Points, therefore gaining a loan from Pearl, Inner Agent 3 will not close after it has been unlocked.
  • If the player tries to open the locker before they unlock Inner Agent 3, the locker will make a sound and the door will shake a little.
  • The locker number that the Golden Toothpick is placed in is number 8. This goes along with the recurring theme of the number 8 in the Octo Expansion.
  • It is possible to defeat Inner Agent 3 mid panic Splashdown. When they initiate it, shoot at them in the brief moment of their vulnerability.
  • The mention of "squidtastic grooves", a phrase associated with the Calamari Inkantation, suggests Agent 8's first exposure to the song was during the fight between DJ Octavio and Agent 3. Cap'n Cuttlefish speculates that this is the case in Octo Expansion's intro cutscene.
    • Furthermore, Agent 8 associates the Inkantation with watching Agent 3 in battle.[1]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 心のなかの3号
心のなかの ヒーローを超えろ!

Kokoro no Naka no San-Gō
Kokoro no naka no hīrō o koero!
The Agent 3 within the mind/heart
Surpass the hero within the mind!
Netherlands Dutch Innerlijke agent 3
Versla de innerlijke held!
Inner agent 3
Defeat the inner hero!
CanadaFrance French Adversaire imaginaire Imaginary adversary
Germany German Innere Nr.3
überwinde den Helden im Inneren!
Inner Nr.3
Overcome the hero within!
Italy Italian Numero 3 dentro di te
Sconfiggi l'eroe dentro di te!
Number 3 within you
Defeat the hero within you!
Russia Russian Фантом Агента 003
Победи в себе агента!

Fantom Agenta 003
Pobedi v sebe agenta!
Phantom of Agent 003
Defeat the agent within yourself!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Agente 3
¡Supera a tu propio espíritu heroico!
Agent 3
Overcome your own heroic spirit!
Spain Spanish (NOE) Agente 3 interior
¡Vence a tu ídolo de combate interior!
Inner Agent 3
Defeat your inner battle idol!