Villi Phase

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Villi Phase
Find your way to a weapon!
Station Escape 02
and rewards
Music Nasty Majesty

Villi Phase is the second stage in Octo Expansion's finale.


Agent 8 lands and has to go through a stage to find a weapon. The first room has them lure a Sanitized Octoseeker to smash crates and get a key to unlock a vault containing a pressure switch. The switch opens a doorway to a room with Inkrails and Sanitized Octomissiles. After dodging them, Agent 8 has to trick a lone Sanitized Octotrooper to break a box and give them access to Splat Bomb and return to the Octoseeker room. They have to ink a switch with the Splat Bombs that grants them access to a room with Sanitized Octohurlers and platforms with propellers. After Super Jumping to another section with three Octohurlers, Agent 8 receives the Octo Shot and will be able to climb up the wall past the Octoseeker and finally get to the Belly Phase.

If the player gets splatted, they are given a 20% skip charge, meaning five splats will end up with 100% skip charge. This allows the option to skip the phase, where the following dialogue will be displayed:

"Having acquired a weapon, Agent 8 headed for the upper levels..."



Broken Telephone's Quotes

Blah... blah blah...

Cap'n Cuttlefish's Quotes

Telephone? ...No response.

Marina's Quotes

There's gotta be a weapon around here somewhere!
Octoseeker! Don't get smooshed!
Maybe you can "encourage it" to break these boxes for you...
Go wherever the Inkrails take you!
After jumping, don't forget to turn back into an octopus again!
Woo! Let's GOOO!
Splat Bombs! Throw 'em with R!
Niiice. I guess just keep pressing on.
That's an Octohurler! Watch out for the Rolonium!
A canned weapon! Man, it would be nice to get your hands on that...
Baloney... yum? I think you mean Rolonium.
YES! An Octo Shot!
Don't worry about that - worry about the Octosniper!
I think we need to find an energy source...

Pearl's Quotes

That thing is so annoying!
There's the key, Eight! Open that vault!
Nice work!
Bleh! A dead end... Isn't there anything you can do?
Ah! A can!
That enemy is pretty fresh. What's it called?
Baloney... yum?
Eight! Watch out for the Baloney-yum!
Woo! Get inking, Eight!
I see a big ol' gate! Is that the exit?
Whoop whoop! Launchpad!



  • The developers revealed that if Agent 8 gets splatted during this phase, they will actually die, because they are not connected to a respawn platform. This means the game goes back in time every time the player gets splatted during the escapes.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ジュウモウ管理区
Jūmō kanri-ku
Villi control zone
Netherlands Dutch Door merg en been
Vind een wapen en ga door tot het eind!
Through marrow and bone[note 1]
Find a weapon and go through until the end!
CanadaFrance French Bastion intestinal
Trouve une arme pour continuer !
Intestinal bastion
Find a weapon to move onwards!
Germany German Zottenzone
Finde eine Waffe und arbeite dich vor!
Villi zone
Find a weapon and work your way up!
Italy Italian Padiglione Padellone Frying pan Pavilion
Russia Russian Кишечный корпус
Kishechnyy korpus
Intestinal corps
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Cuartel Hiel
Consigue un arma y avanza.
Bile Quarters
Find a weapon and move onwards.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Cuartel Blindado
Consigue un arma y avanza.
Armored Quarters
Find a weapon and move onwards.

Translation notes

  1. "Door merg en been gaan" is a Dutch expression meaning "it is chilling/harrowing".